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Get wrecked, suckers!
— Mama Schwartz to Mika, Miles, Chapa, and Bose
Mama Schwartz
Mama Schwartz
Full Name

Mama Schwartz


Mama Schwoz
Granny DeVito (by Ray)



Eye Color


Hair Color



Schwoz Schwartz (son)
Winnie Schwartz (daughter)


Ray Manchester
Mika Macklin

First Appearance

Mika in the Middle

Last Appearance

Mika in the Middle

Portrayed By

Lisa Schurga

Mama Schwartz is a minor character on Danger Force. She is an elderly woman who is Schwoz's mother. She appeared in Mika in the Middle.

She is portrayed by Lisa Schurga.

Description & Personality[]

Mama Schwartz is an elderly woman who has brown eyes and grey hair. In Mika in the Middle, she can be seen wearing a dress with a branch in her hair and seems not to wear shoes. Like Schwoz, she is an awkward person. She also seems to be a good liar and takes advantage of situations because she acted like she was nice and helpless to get what she wanted. Although she is loving with her son, she treats him badly sometimes. She also mistreats others for no apparent reason, and seems to have a particular disdain towards Ray.


In Mika in the Middle, Mama Schwartz fakes melting bones to get Schwoz and the Danger Force to take care of her in the Man's Nest. There, she makes them fulfill her whims, until Mika finds her dancing and finds out the lie. Mika at first refuses to tell the truth, but later reveals Schwoz's mother's secret to everyone. Mama Schwartz then explains that she made it up to spend time with his son and pretends that Schwoz will return to live with her, which Ray refuses to allow and fights against. However, Schwoz agrees to move in with his mother. After they leave, it is revealed that Schwoz's clone is the one who left.


  • Despite her age, she has incredible fighting and athletic skills.
  • Her portrayer, Lisa Schurga, played Mrs. Dover in the Game Shakers episode Subway Girl.
  • She was mentioned by Ray in the Henry Danger episode, The Beat Goes On.