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You just entered a Man's Nest, where we fight like man.
Man's Nest
Man% 27s Nest
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The Danger Force Awakens

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The Battle for Swellview

The Man's Nest is Captain Man and Schwoz's secret headquarters for them and the Danger Force. It is used to patrol the villains around Swellview and as a meeting/storage spot for the force and their materials. It is located on top of Mount Swellview and above the Swellview Academy for the Gifted.


Unlike the Man Cave, The Man's Nest is located on top of Mt. Swellview and it has a helicopter pad with lights and is surrounded by rocks. Its symbol is a hurricane with four colors representing the Danger Force. According to Schwoz he had built the Man's Nest for Ray's birthday but didn't give it to him until after the events of The Fate of Danger: Part 2.

To get into the Man's Nest, the Danger Force can either use their chairs to get them there or they can use a tube to get them up there faster. The Nest also has a giant sofa to rest on, a giant screen to watch television or make video calls, and many technological instruments.


  • Tube - Tube that can take Ray and the Danger Force downstairs to the academy.
  • Man's Nest Computer - A highly advanced computer used mainly to keep track of villains in Swellview and gain information.
    • Computer Desk - A desk with two screens on it and buttons. This desk is portable and can be used to control the Man's Nest Computer as seen in the episode Mime Games.
  • Spinning Couch - Like the one seen in the Man Cave it is an couch that can spin and has the Danger Force logo on top of the table. There are two power boxes that can be seen on both sides of the couch with the Danger Force logo on it.
  • TV - Seen in the episode Villains' Night, when "Book Thevin' Steven" was captured by Captain Man and Danger Force.
  • Advanced Security System - A security system built by Schwoz to protect the Man's Nest and SW.A.Gin case Danger Force and Captain Man have to go somewhere. Its also known that the security system can talk and understand human speech.
    • Lasers - When the security system is activated, lasers are activated to prevent villains from breaking into the Man's Nest.
  • Garage - In the episode Quaran-kini, Captain Man is stuck here while Schwoz is in Canada. In Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?, the garage is the place where there are several vehicles and gadgets used by Captain Man and the Danger Force in their missions.
  • Ax Throwing Room - Room yet to be seen, although proven to exist as it was revealed by Ray in the episode Return of the Kid.
  • P.A.N.T.S - In Down Goes Santa: Part 1, it stands for Protective Aerial Neutralizing Threat System. Schwoz deactivated it so Santa can come without being shot down. However Ray and Chapa reactivated it and Chapa blasted Santa out of the sky.
  • Cell room - In An Imposter Among Us, it is revealed that the Nest has a mini-prison with several cells in which it kept Drex Stinklebaum, Chest Monster, and Tiny Ray. In Krampapalooza, the cell room served as Krampus's room during the Swellview music festival



  • The set for the Man's Nest is built in the same studio where the Hart House in Henry Danger once was.
  • The couch from Henry Danger is seen in the Man's Nest.


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