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That's my biggest fear!
— Mandy about boys


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Nacho Ball Worker
Power Plant Worker (Lil' Dynomite)

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Sandy (sister)


Kimberly Cross
Schwoz Schwartz


Jeff Bilsky
Mr Nice Guy

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Thumb War

Portrayed By

Tori Keeth

Mandy is a minor character in Henry Danger and a recurring character in Danger Force. She works at the close Nacho Ball. She is very sensitive and almost seen crying in every scene she's in.

She is portrayed by Tori Keeth.


In Thumb War, Mandy is seen being interviewed by Kimberly Cross, because Jeff accidentally gave her an expired Nacho Ball coupon, and she assumed he was trying to rob them, and set off the alarm. Causing Jeff to be "stopped" by the Thumb Buddies.

In Mr. Nice Guy, Mandy was littering and Mr. Wallabee came and glued her trash to her body. She is crying, and telling Captain Man and Kid Danger her story in the hospital.

In Chapa's Crush, Mandy is crying as Take-Out is robbing them, and following his orders, and exclaiming "Oh, this day is the worst!".

In Lil' Dynomite, the nuclear reactor was melting at the power plant Mandy was working at. Mandy is panicking. ShoutOut and Volt are there, they ask Mandy how she got the job there, to which she claimed she crushed the interview. AWOL, Brainstorm and Lil' Dynomite come, Brainstorm telling them to have no fear because the boys are here, but Mandy reveals that is her biggest fear.

In Drive Hard, When he got off work, Mandy got stuck on a mountain and tried to ask the Danger Force for help, but they were busy. While on the mountain, Mandy had a conversation with Schwoz and they became great friends as they talked. After the Danger Force completed their mission, they saved Mandy and took her and Schwoz to see The Fight Attendant 2: Fasten Your Beat Belts. Before the movie began, Mandy tried to start a relationship with Schwoz, but he rejected her making Mandy cry.

In Krampapalooza, Mandy went to the Man's Nest for Court and Courtney's music festival, but came in wet, until ShoutOut used her mighty shout to dry her off.


Henry Danger

Danger Force


  • Her biggest fear is boys.
  • She is currently the only minor character on Henry Danger that goes on to be recurring in Danger Force.