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“Manlee Men”
Season 1, Episode 22
Manlee Men
Air Date

June 19, 2021

Prod. Code



Andrew Thomas
Michael D. Cohen


Michael D. Cohen

Episode Chronology

Captain Man Strikes Out


SW.A.G is Haunted

Manlee Men is the twenty second episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on June 19, 2021 to an audience of 0.36 million viewers.


Danger Force watches a movie in the Man's Nest when Schwoz enters carrying a very large rock. The kids ask why he's carrying a rock, and Schwoz explains that a beautiful flower will bloom from it. The kids doubt him, but Schwoz explains that he will be right after he waters it with thousands of gallons of water. Ray turns on the news, where Trent and Mary are reporting on the Swellview Fashion Show. They contact KLVY's newest and youngest reporters: twins Finn and Quinn, to interview Nana Winter, the best modeler in the world at the Swellview Fashion Show. Ray feels weird seeing Nana Winter on the TV, and the kids asked Ray why. Schwoz explains that Ray participated in the 1982 Swellview Fashion Show, which divulges into a flashback: Ray messes up on the runway walk, causing the whole show to be ruined. One of the lights ends up falling on another modeler's head, and Nana Winter is mad.

Captain Man decides it is time to return to the catwalk for a redemption show. He is welcomed back by his assistant Pierre. Ray also speaks with Chunk Manlee, Nana Winter's assistant. During pre-show time, Captain Man begins to behave self-centered as he is getting in the 'modeling mood'. Schwoz gets into the show by wearing sunglasses and pretending to be a manager. The Danger Force are then interviewed by Finn and Quinn, who all talk about modeling. Volt brags about how she was a modeling baby, so she got an early start in the industry. Bose asks Finn and Quinn about the differences between fraternal and identical twins, and Finn explains that he is transgender. Bose understands now. As the twins interview Winter, Finn becomes suspicious of Chunk Manlee. AWOL meets with Finn and Quinn while Volt trains ShoutOut and Brainstorm on how to model. AWOL, Finn, and Quinn interrupt them to tell them that they think that Chunk is planning something bad. They think he is going to sabotage Captain Man or the whole show itself. Danger Force enters Chunk's dressing room and finds the real Chunk trapped in the closet. He reveals that the fake Chunk is planning something bad for Captain Man. The kids realize they need to warn Ray before this bad thing happens.

Danger Force quickly try to get to Ray and warn him about Chunk's plan, but Ray ignores them and goes out to the runway. To make matters worse, Chunk sends henchmen to deal with the kids so that his plan can't be interrupted. While Captain Man is walking, the twins notice that a laser beam is being pointed towards him. Finn and Quinn realize that they're going to try and destroy the lights that are right above the runway. Finn uses a drone to take out the fake Chunk Manlee, and the rest of the henchmen are incapacitated. Winter and the judges thank Danger Force and Finn and Quinn for saving them. They remove fake-Chunk's beard disguise and realize it's actually Derrick Face, the very same model from the 1982 Swellview Fashion Show that got hit by the light (thanks to Captain Man). Captain Man and Nana Winter apologize. Pierre the assistant quits and goes off with his partner. Back at the Nest, Schwoz shows the kids his rock, which has started to bloom. The flower ended up being very beautiful. Then, Miles, Chapa, and the rest of the kids show off their modeling skills.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Sasha Cohen as Finn
  • Natalie Cohen as Quinn
  • Jake Millgard as Chunk Manlee/Derrick Face
  • Jessica Pohly as Nana Winter
  • Peter Jang as Boeuf
  • Ryan Christopher Lee as Pierre


  • This episode is historical for Nickelodeon, in that it has the network's first openly trans actor.
  • Sasha Cohen and Natalie Cohen have the same last name as Michael Cohen, who plays Schwoz, but they are not related.
  • Sasha's casting comes on the heels of Michael Cohen, who is a trans actor. He launched the Trans Youth Acting Challenge, an initiative that seeks to help aspiring, young trans and nonbinary actors get their foot in the door in the entertainment industry and Hollywood.
  • This is the first time Danger Force and Captain Man are seen with their masks instead of their full suits.
    • AWOL's suit is seen for a short whole.
  • This is the first episode to air on a holiday (in this case Juneteenth).

Series continuity[]

  • Tiny Ray from the episode Monsty returns.


  • Ray was somehow shown in the 1982 Swellview Fashion Show. But in Henry Danger, he was born in 1981, so he would be one year old during this time.


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