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Marla man fans


Resides in



Member of the Man Fans

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light Brown


Piper Hart (Close Friend)


Swellview Junior High (Possibly)


Man Fans

First Appearance

A Fiñata Full Of Death Bugs

Last Appearance

The Trouble With Frittles

Portrayed By

Saylor Curda

Marla is Piper Hart's close friend who has been seen and mentioned multiple times. She is also a member of the Man Fans.

She is portrayed by Saylor Curda.


Marla has light brown/blonde hair, similar to her friend Piper, and brown eyes. She may be the unofficial "Vice President" of the Man Fans as she has shown to be capable of giving instructions to the other Man Fans about Captain Man and Kid Danger's decision on which frittles they will vote for. She likes to chew gum in her mouth.


In A Fiñata Full Of Death Bugs, Marla walks into the Junk N' Stuff store with Piper and happens to spot a fiñata. She picks it up and shows Piper. The girls decide to bring the fiñata to their friend Gabby's birthday party.

Marla is later seen whacking the fiñata at the party, unaware of the Zom-Bees inside it. She is upset of being unable to break it open. Schmutz the Clown (Henry Hart in disguise) gets her and everyone's attention to whack Burples (Ray Manchester), distracting her from hitting the fiñata any further.

The real clowns show up when Schmutz accidentally breaks the fiñata and lets the Zom-Bees loose. The bees attack the clowns while everyone else (Marla included) cover their ears.

Marla sticks around afterward to watch Burples and Schmutz blow up some balloons of different shapes to entertain them.

In The Trouble With Frittles, at a Man Fan meeting at Piper's house, Marla reminded everyone the reason they're all present was who would vote for their favorite flavor of Frittles. She asks Oliver Pook why he is even friends with Sidney Birnbaum, after the latter proposed having a caucus instead of relying on the decision of Captain Man and Kid Danger, much to the disappointment of her and the other Man Fans.

She later appears at the Frittle Factory in Swellview with the Man Fans, who announce their presence to the heroes there. Jack Frittleman asks if the Man Fans are here to see the Frittle Blimp, which Marla quickly denounces that kids hate blimps. When they ask which Frittle flavor they should vote for, they unfortunately witness the heroes get into a fight over their favorite flavor. Due to the heroes' fight, Marla, Piper, and the Man Fans flee the factory before it explodes.



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