Meghan Lily "Pearl" Black (born June 1, 1983[1]) is a half-blood witch, only born cub of the Pack, girlfriend of Neville Longbottom and Blood Heir of Ravenclaw.


Living with DangerEdit

Meghan was born to Sirius Black and Aletha Freeman-Black on June 1, 1983 at 4:13pm[1]. Remus Lupin and Danger Granger-Lupin are her godparents, and she has sometimes stated that she cannot imagine living in any way other than that of the Pack. She calls her father "Dadfoot", after the other cubs' "Padfoot", and her mother "Mama Letha".

Vital statisticsEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Meghan has skin a tone lighter than her mother's, about the shade of light brown sugar, but otherwise resembles her strongly, except for having her father's silver-gray eyes. She wears her black hair in braids, usually beaded in bright colors. Though both her parents are fairly tall and broadly-built, Meghan is small and seems delicate, but has spent her life trying to keep up with children three years her senior, and usually succeeding. She is far stronger and faster than she appears, exceptionally limber, and has the reflexes of the dancer she is.

Magical abilitiesEdit

Meghan's Animagus form (she is, as far as the Pack has been able to find out, the youngest person ever to achieve this level of magic) is a doe deer, with the same delicate build she displays in her human form. Her natural Healing abilities, which descend from Rowena Ravenclaw through her daughter Margaret, were discovered rather dramatically at a Quidditch match during Harry's second year at Hogwarts, and Meghan has been working to refine her techniques ever since. She can draw on the stored magic of Hogwarts for her Healing when she is at the school.

Meghan's wand is made from a springy piece of ebony, eight and a half inches long, and contains a tail hair from the same unicorn which supplied the core for Neville Longbottom's wand. She is a fairly skilled witch, but sometimes gets frustrated with wandwork, though she has inherited her mother's abilities with a cauldron.

Other abilitiesEdit

Meghan, like her Pack-siblings, received a basic musical education while growing up, and took up the guitar shortly before coming to Hogwarts. She often plays and sings with Neville. Harry will sometimes allow her to help him in the kitchen, and she enjoys gardening, especially if there might be worms involved.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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