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“Mika's Musical”
Season 2, Episode 6
Mika's Musical
Air Date

January 6, 2022

Prod. Code



Shukri R. Abdi


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology



Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?

Mika's Musical is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on January 6, 2022 to an audience of 0.46 million viewers.


AWOL teleports himself and the Danger Force into his sister's bedroom at their house, after they just got finished fighting and stopping a crime. While they're talking about the fun time they had, Mika and Miles' dad, Herman, knocks on the bedroom door, causing them to panic and scramble to get Volt and Brainstorm to escape out of the window. Mika and Miles then blow their special bubblegum to transform back into their regular selves and undress out of their superhero uniforms when their dad comes in, seeing them in their pajamas and with them pretending that they were in the room the whole time getting ready for bed and eating some food and snacks.

Their dad comes in and talks to them about how their neighbor told him about how her daughter got accepted into the prestigious academy Harberd in Bostum. While talking to them about their neighbor and her daughter, he tells the twins that the reason why she got accepted into Harberd was because of her outstanding participation in extracurriculars, and their dad then tries to convince Mika and Miles to leave their S.W.A.G. school so he can start homeschooling them himself with his own unique extracurriculars.

When the kids try to tell their dad that their mom would never agree to something like that, he tells them he already talked to their mom and even brought their aunt, Officer Walnut, as backup to help convince them to agree to the homeschooling. Miles and Mika then panic and try to convince their dad and aunt that their S.W.A.G. school in fact does have some good extracurriculars they can join, and Miles blurts out that they have a theater program and that they're involved in a school play that premieres later that week. After persuading their dad and aunt to let them stay in S.W.A.G., their dad and aunt then tell them they want to come see them in the school play. Mika and Miles then panic as they realize they have to actually put on a fake play to convince their parents and the other Danger Force parents that they actually have a theater program at the S.W.A.G. school.

The next day at the S.W.A.G. and Man's Nest headquarters, Mika is scrambling to write a quick stage play script while Bose and Chapa question her and Miles about why and how they're going to put on a stage play. Chapa tries to convince Mika to make it a musical so she can sing in the play and showcase her theatrical and musical singing talents, but Mika tells her no because she fears they won't have enough time and resources to do so.

Ray then comes in the room and reveals that he was eavesdropping on their entire conversation and talks with Miles and Mika about how they're going to put on a stage play so quickly and make it seem believable. Ray agrees that he and Schwoz will take care of advertising and selling tickets for the play while the kids can work on the script, the stage set, and the costumes.

Meanwhile on the local news with Trent Overunder and Mary Gaperman, Frankini is doing an interview about how he went to see the musical "Cats", but he gets interrupted by a "better theater critic", who is actually Schwoz in disguise, who uses his surprise interview with Trent and Mary to advertise to the city of Swellview Danger Force's school play about the history of Swellview. Back at the Man Cave and S.W.A.G. school campus, the kids are hard at work rushing to prepare for the play and put it together when Vice Mayor Willard calls the Man Cave on the emergency video chat line. Vice Mayor Willard and his wife, Bose's mom, are on the screen, and they ask Captain Man and the Danger Force to provide security for them as they will be attending the S.W.A.G. school play, as Bose's Mom fears Vice Mayor Willard will be kidnapped again, because of his recurring kidnapping problem from different Swellview criminals and villains.

The next day, the kids are in their costumes preparing their last dress rehearsal and run through before the play is about to begin later that evening, and they go over their plan with Ray on how they're gonna switch and alternate between each other to participate in the play and provide security for Vice Mayor Willard at the same time. Later on, Ray pretends to be the director of the play as he prepares them for their roles and as the parents and citizens of Swellview gather in the auditorium to take their seats.

As the play starts, Miles and Chapa start off the play acting through the first scene as the audience looks on slightly confused by the awkwardness and weirdness of the whole thing. Miles and Mika's aunt even jokingly complains to their dad that she wants to arrest all of them for wasting her time with their weird play and bad acting. Meanwhile, Mika and Bose are in their superhero uniforms as ShoutOut and Brainstorm protecting and being bodyguards for Vice Mayor Willard and Bose's mom in their personal booth. In the crowd, they spot Frankini who is in disguise and they realize he's trying to concoct a plan to kidnap Vice Mayor Willard. Bose and Mika switch out with Miles and Chapa backstage, so they can do the next scene of the play, and Miles and Chapa can attempt to stop Frankini.

Bose also gets stage fright as he struggles with remembering the lines for the play, but Mika convinces him that she'll help him to remember his lines and sternly tells the other kids they're going to get through their play one way or the other because she refuses to be homeschooled by her dad.

AWOL and Volt follow Vice Mayor Willard to the restroom, where they find Frankini in his disguise trying to kidnap the Vice Mayor. Volt and AWOL fight with Frankini using their superpowers and when they're almost ready to defeat him and take him away, he then surprisingly reveals to them that the Vice Mayor hired him to stage the "kidnapping" to get him out of the play. He then reveals that the Vice Mayor was the one hiring him to stage all the other past "kidnappings" that his wife was worried about just because he was using the kidnappings to get out of the activities his wife wanted him to participate in.

Upon realizing this, AWOL and Volt apologize to Frankini for fighting him and threaten Vice Mayor Willard to tell his wife and Bose the truth unless he agrees to sit through the rest of the play to support his stepson Bose. He reluctantly agrees and goes back into the auditorium and the rest of the kids go back into the auditorium to finish the play. They then ask Frankini to help them out with the rest of the play by helping them to sing and perform a big musical number at the finale, to help impress Miles and Mika's dad and aunt so they'll let them stay in the Sw.A.G. school. Frankini and the Danger Force kids do such a good job singing and performing that they get a standing ovation. Miles and Mika's dad and aunt then agree to let them stay in Sw.A.G and Schwoz, still in his disguise as the movie critic from the news interview, gives the Danger Force kids an award for "The Best Play I Ever Done Seen." The episode ends as the stage set accidentally falls on top of Frankini, and the Danger Force try to lift it up off of him to help him.


Main Cast[]

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  • This is the second episode in the Henry Danger franchise to revolve around musicals, the first one being Henry Danger: The Musical.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2022.
    • This is also the first episode to air on a Thursday.
  • This is the second time hearing the voice of Mrs. OffSkrin. The first time was in Twin It to Win It.
  • There is a poster for Samuel Beckett's famous 1949 play Waiting for Godot in the bathroom.
  • This is the first episode to air on a Thursday. In fact, starting with this episode, Danger Force will now air new episodes on Thursdays at 7p/6c.
  • Burning Ma'am is a parody of Burning Man.
  • The Harberd school in Bostum that Herman Macklin, the twins' dad talks about in the episode is a parody of Harvard University and Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Miles revealed that Officer Walnut's first name is "Didi" in this episode.

Series continuity[]

  • Officer Walnut from Henry Danger returns in this episode.
  • Mika mentions the events of the Henry Danger series finale.
  • Arson Boy is mentioned again.
  • Their neighbor named Offskrin (a pun on "offscreen") appears again in this episode.
  • Ray still has a crush on Bose's mom and Vice Mayor Willard's wife (Celia), as he tries to flirt with her while they're on the video chat call with him and the Danger Force.


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