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β€œ Get on his back, and let's go attack! ”
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Full Name

Mika Eureka Macklin


ShoutOut (second identity)
Oopsie-Girl (KLVY)
The Mangler (disguise)
The smart one (by her aunt and Ray)
The nice one (by Drex)
Honey (by Bose)
Darling (by Bose)
Kiddo (by Ray)



Date of Birth

12-13 (Season 1)
13-14 (Season 2)
14-15 (Season 3)

Resides in



Superhero sidekick/superhero in training (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Miles Macklin (AWOL) (twin brother)
Herman Macklin (father)
Angela Macklin (mother)
Didi Walnut (aunt)


Creston Chestwell (on her side)
Micah (former crush)
Duke Wellington (on his side)
Jordan Perez-Worthington (kissed)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
(love interest)


Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Schwoz Schwartz
Henry Hart
Monsty (creation)
Chest Monster
Monsieur Man
Tiny Ray (creation)
Deuce Van Nuys (frenemy)
Finn and Quinn
Mitch Bilsky (frenemy)
Lay Lay
Sadie Alexander
Buddy Fudgers (Lil' Dynomite)
Sissy Kranz (best friend)
Blayne Kirkpatrick


Jack Frittleman
Drex Stinklebaum (formerly)
Dr. Minyak
Rick Twitler
Big Beard
Mama Schwartz
Archduke Fernando
Derrick Face
Jeff Bilsky
Gas Clown
Sissy Kranz (former rival)
The Cell
Credenza Fudgers (formerly)
Comet Monster


SW.A.G. (formerly)
Swellview High School


Danger Force

First Appearance

Escape Room

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Dana Heath

Mika Eureka Macklin, also known as the superhero ShoutOut, is a main character in Danger Force. She is portrayed by Dana Heath.


It all started when, Mika and her brother Miles teamed up with Captain Man and Kid Danger to get out of the escape room made by Jack Frittleman successfully and since then, Mika wanted to have more adventures with the duo of heroes. Since then, Mika sent numerous messages to the Man Cave, offering her help for super-heroic missions, although Charlotte only saw them and reported to Captain Man and Kid Danger, but they did not take Mika's messages as important for her insistence.

Mika using powers for the first time

Mika discovering her powers.

Mika and Miles helped Kid Danger bring back Captain Man with the help of Chapa De Silva and then went to the airport, where they joined Bose O'Brian in stopping Drex, but they failed. Due to the explosion of the Omega Weapon, Mika and her friends gained powers, but she hadn't discovered hers. To learn how to be heroes, Mika, Miles, Bose and Chapa were recruited by Ray and Schwoz at the Swellview Academy for the Gifted. After discovering her mighty shout power, Mika gained the nickname ShoutOut and she and the others became the Danger Force.

Return of the Kid (519)

ShoutOut fighting crime.

Since then, the team has faced various criminals such as Toddler, Rick Twitler, Take-Out, Jeff Bilsky and many more. Spending time with her new friends, Mika regularly acted as the voice of reason whenever they tried to do something irresponsible, although everyone mostly ignored her for her boring plans. However, after several months, Mika and the Danger Force would lose their powers, but would continue to fight crime as usual, although she and the rest of her friends regained their powers later. Eventually, her mother, Angela, discovered that Mika was ShoutOut, forbidding her to fight crime, but following the rise of The Cell, Mika returned to the Danger Force. After her rival Sissy Kranz turned leaf, Mika forgave her and they became friends. After four years working as sidekicks and defeating the Comet Monster, Mika and the Danger Force became the new protectors of Swellview following Ray's retirement.

Description & Personality

Mika costume

Mika's alter-ego, ShoutOut

Mika is fun, optimistic, charismatic and upbeat. She thinks out loud and is relentless with her honesty. She's the team captain, the project manager and the most likely to succeed. She's also the sister of Miles and loves him, but thinks he is an insecure phony.

As ShoutOut, she wears a silver and black suit with a logo on her chest resembling a person screaming. She also has a logo on her belt resembling a hurricane, tilted. On her face, she wears a black mask with a silver line on top. She also wears black and silver boots.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mighty Shout: After the Omega Weapon explosion, Mika gained the ability to generate a sonic scream that is powerful enough to break through concrete. Her scream can also kill living things, as in Twin It to Win It, her shout kills a pigeon outside the school, although she does have enough control to use it as a harmless blow dryer, as seen in Krampapalooza. Unlike the other powers, it showed up late. In A Cyborg Among Us, her scream was powerful enough to propel the Man's Nest through space at "elevendy brazillion miles per hour". But later, she would lose her powers due to Big Beard's food. However, Mika would regain her power thanks to her clone's DNA.

Former Powers

  • Conversion sneeze: Like the other viruses, Mika gained the ability to infect people by sneezing the radioactive computer virus snot onto them. This ability was taken from her after she got cured by Chapa.


  • High Intelligence: Mika is the smartest member of Danger Force; she often finds a simple and efficient solution to save the day. In Escape Room, Mika was the one who solved every riddle of Jack Frittleman in the escape game.
  • Skilled Fighter: After several months of training under and fighting crime alongside Captain Man, Mika has become a capable combatant. In A Danger Among Us, Mika and the other members of Danger Force were able to take on the indestructible elite fighter, Drex. Although Drex had been neglecting his exercise routine due to being locked in a prison cell.
  • Expert Prankster: Since she was little, Mika was an expert at pulling pranks on people, as shown when she pranks her friends, Archduke Fernando, and some other people. She is also able to see any prank coming from a mile away with only a brief glance.
  • Singing: Thanks to Miles making a pact with the demon Ricardo in Miles Sells His Soul, Mika became a talented singer, being able to sing Ave Maria perfectly.
  • Bilingualism: In Power Problems, Part 1, because of the gases from Gas Clown, Mika was able to speak Spanish briefly.


  • Muting: In several episodes it shown if Mika's mouths is shut (i.e.) someone tapes her mouth or somehow get something lodge in, Mika is unable to produce her Mighty Shout. This was shown in the first appearance of Take-Out and during a battle with Krampus.

Rogues Gallery

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  • Mika was introduced in the Henry Danger episode, Escape Room, along with her brother, Miles.
  • Mika's superhero name was originally going to be Syren.
  • She can speak French.
  • Off screen, she suffered a cardiac arrest after being zapped by Volt in water, mentioned in Return of the Kid.
  • As of Mika in the Middle, Mika is a snitcher as she revealed all secrets.
  • She was born in Rivalton.
  • She is amazing at pranks and can sense when someone is about to prank her or someone else.
  • Mika can also generate her mighty shout when she yawns (Ray Goes Cray) or burps (Vidja Games). The longest she generated it was with her showdown with Lil Dynomite.
  • It is revealed in Vidja Games that Mika is extremely competitive and whenever Miles says fish sticks, she says it as well.
  • Mika is the older twin.
  • Mika does not like it when other people touch her hair.
  • Mika is shown to be fluent in Spanish in Power Problems, Part 1.
  • Her favorite yogurt is strawberry.
  • Her middle name is revealed to be Eureka in Unmasked.
  • In Uncle Hambone, it is revealed that she pays the Nest's electric bill.


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