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[The Man's Nest. Night. Mika, Miles, Bose, and Chapa enter, yelling over each other]

Miles: Alright, we gotta get our stories straight! [yelling continues] Listen! Listen to me! Let's tell him we were at church! [all talking at once]

Chapa: ..I'm gonna say, "Mind your business".

Miles: Mine's better-

[Ray and Schwoz come up the tubes, talking continues]

Ray: When I find out what happened, Schwoz, I swear to God, I'm gonna take that weapon [they run in, Schwoz talks over Ray] you tell me never to touch, and I'm gonna-

Schwoz: Deep breaths... don't do that...


Chapa: Hi.

Ray: [is startled] Gah! I don't suppose any of you know how my Man Truck ended up at the bottom of the Jandy River? [pulls out his phone which shows a picture of the situation]

Miles: Nooooo.

Chapa: Mind your business.

Bose: No idea.

[Mika looks from nearby, as if she's worried about something or is nervous]

Ray: Ok. Where you guys been all day?

Miles: Church.

Chapa: Mind your business.

Bose: I honestly don't know.

Ray: Alright, [to Miles] I'll start with you. You went to Church, huh?

Miles: Yep.

Ray: Which one?

Miles: Went to three.

Ray: Hmm, little church hopping?

Miles: Lotta church hopping.

Ray: You sing?

Miles: 'Cuppa times.

Ray: Which hymns?

Miles: Amazing Grace. How Great Thou Art, and a Kanye song.

Ray: Ok. [Miles runs off] [to Chapa] How 'bout you?

Chapa: Mind your business.

Ray: Ok. [Chapa runs off] [to Bose] How 'bout you, Dimples? Know anything about my truck being at the bottom of the river?

Bose: I don't know anything about anything.

Ray: Checks out. [Bose runs off] Well, I believe you all. And now simply to... leave the room. [they all head for the back door, except Mika, who is still nervous] One thing though, uh, MIKA! [walks toward her] Mika? I don't suppose... you know anything about... how my truck ended up... at the bottom of the river do you? [no response] Mika? I love that truck more than I love Schwoz.

Schwoz: Ouch!

Ray: [shows the picture on his phone] And now it's all wet!

[Miles facepalms, Chapa mouths "Don't"]

Mika: IT WAS US!

Chapa: Aw, come on!

Miles: No!

Ray: I knew it!

Mika: Ok, so you know how fast food always tastes better in a car?

Ray: Of course.

Mika: So, we ordered some Nacho Ball, from the close one, not the nice one, and we brought it back, but it didn't taste right, so we decided to teleport inside the Man Truck. but it still didn't taste right, so we blasted some music, and that seemed to do the trick...

Ray: Good call.

Mika: ..and the food was so good! And the song Proud Mary came on and the song talks about rollin' on a river, and then we looked up who Tina Turner is, and we found out she's still alive and living in France, and then Miles went [with her fist up] "Yes!", and we all teleported into the river!

Ray: Well! I am very disappointed...

Miles: [groans]

Bose: About what?

Ray: ..in Mika.

Mika: What?! [the rest of the Danger Force look happy]

Miles: Yes!

Bose: For what?

Mika: I told you the truth!

Ray: You did, and that's good. But you also snitched, and that's bad.

Mika: That makes no sense.

Ray: Lying is a very important part of being a superhero. That's why half the moms in this town think Ray Manchester is a fighter pilot. [Bose salutes him]

Miles: That just sounds like lying to impress women.

Ray: [clicks his tongue and points] Exactly. I need to be able to trust.. that you can lie.

Mika: [groans]

Chapa: Give her a letter.

Mika: No!

Miles: Yeah!

Ray: To the Snitch Board!

Schwoz: Way ahead of you... [on a projected screen reads, "DANGER FORCE - SNITCH BOARD" listed below are the four members, the letters in the word "SNITCH" are next to their names. The more letters are added, the more times they snitch. Bose has one letter, "S'. Miles and Chapa have no letters. Mika has the most letters with "SNIT"]

Mika: Come on!

Ray: Ooh, according to this, you've snitched one, two, three, four times already!

Miles: The ketchup stain I made on the couch...

Mika: But-

Chapa: The raccoon fight club I was running in the basement...

Mika: That was horrible!

Bose: That I import illegal hair products from China to maintain my luscious locks.

Ray: And that I do the same thing.

Mika: Those were both literally crimes!

Ray: Mika! Last name?

Schwoz: Macklin.

Ray: Mika Macklin! For snitching a fifth time, you receive... another letter! [C is added to the board, making "SNITC"]

Miles: Ha! You hate to see it.

Ray: Ooh, one more snitch and you get an E.

Schwoz: H.

Ray: H, and then...

Chapa: The shoes of shame!

Schwoz: You have to wear the ugliest shoes known to man for an entire week.

[Miles opens a shoebox. A pair of white sneakers are inside]

Mika: NO! Those are hideous! They're so plain and white!

Ray: [Miles throws the shoes at Schwoz, then Ray] Yeah, then don't snitch. [puts the shoes closer to her face for a second]

Mika: OK! Well, I don't want to be a snitch or anything, but there's a kid looking at us through the glass doors. [a kid, holding a can, looks through the doors. He appears to be freezing cold. They turn to look at him and are startled]

Miles: Where'd he come from?

Ray: I don't know. Let's punch first, and ask questions later!

Chapa: Exactly!

Schwoz: No, no, no, no, no, it's my nephew, Zed. [opens the door and lets him in] What are you doing here?! You could catch a cold out there, you don't have your baby beard anymore.

Chapa: Baby beard?

Ray: Schwoz's family. Total freaks.

Schwoz: He brought me a message can, from Mama! This is either really good news, or really bad. [opens the can and a voice is heard from it]

Mama Schwoz's Voice: It's really bad! [Zed leaves] Schwoz! It's Mama. I don't want you to worry for me...

Ray: Sick turn coming.

Mama Schwoz's Voice: ..but I'm sick!

Ray: Told 'ya.

Mama Schwoz's Voice: My doctor says I have melty bones.

Schwoz: [gasps] Melty bones runs in my family!

Mama Schwoz's Voice: Yes, you should get checked. Please come home to Mama. I need youuuuuu...... Okay, how do I hang this thing up? It's probably this big button that says "hang up". Ugh, how did I miss it- [Ray steps on the can, smashing it]

Mika: Schwoz, I'm so sorry.

Ray: Yeah, I'm sorry too, pal.. that you can't go visit her. [picks the can up]

Mika: What?

Chapa: He can't go?


Ray: He already used up all his vacation days, when he just had to get his appendix out! Couldn't wait 'til Thanksgiving! [throws the can in the trash]

Mika: But it's his mom, and she's got melty bones!

Ray: Oh- she always does this. She always calls him home because she's sick, and when he gets there, she comes up with fifty reasons on why he can't leave. And then, I've got no Schwoz, for, like, two, maybe one whole day!

Chapa: I'm the most heartless one here, but that's pretty cold, my dude.

Ray: Ok, you can either go home now, or for her tasteful memorial service. Your choice. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go DRY MY TRUCK OUT!

Bose: That dude really gives no hecks.

[Schwoz sobs on the floor]

Mika: Schwoz?

Schwoz: [stops sobbing] Yeah, Snitch?

Mika: I was just gonna say, we will do anything to help you see your mama. [hugs him, urges the others to do so as well]

Miles: Yeah, yeah, we love you, Schwoz.

Bose: Help your mom, Schwoz. [they all hug Schwoz]

Ray: [peeks through the back door] SCHWOZ! Quit huggin' The Snitch and come help me! [they all stop hugging him as he runs to Ray]

Mika: Poor little Schwoz.

Chapa: We gotta do something.

Miles: Yeah, but how? She's so far away.

Mika: I'm sure if we put our heads together, we can think of something.

Bose: Ooh, good idea! [he pushes their heads together]

Miles: Too literal!

Bose: I think it's working!

Chapa: I doubt it.

Voice from the Can: This can will self-destruct in two seconds.

Miles: Wow, that can really doesn't give you any-

BOOM! The can explodes. Sparks fly everywhere. The team is shocked by the explosion, all but Chapa fall to the ground.

Mika: Ah!

Chapa: [gets closer to the debris and giggles] You guys are weak.


[Man's Nest. Day. Ray and Schwoz come up the tubes]

Ray: [to Schwoz] I need you to take my toenail clippings, scatter them all over town so my enemies can't use them to curse me. But make sure you save one in case I ever turn-

Schwoz: Mama! [Schwoz's mom is lying in her bed in the Man's Nest. Mika, Miles, Chapa and Bose surround her. Schwoz and his mom smile at each other]

Mama Schwoz: Schwozzie! [they do a foreign handshake, then Schwoz hops into her bed so his mom can give her back scratches. Ray mouths "Get over here!" to the Danger Force]

Ray: [whispering] Who's responsible for this?! Huh? Hmm? Mika? You feelin' a little snitchy?

Mika: [whispering] Oh, I think you know that I am!

Miles: I'll tell you who brought her here. Me! Miles Macklin.

Mika: Oh! Oh! He snitched on himself! Give him an S.

Bose: [while attempting a cheer pose] S!

Ray: Doesn't count if you snitch on yourself.

Mika: [whispering] Who makes up these rules?!

Miles: Look, after a number of unsuccessful attempts of trying to teleport to Schwoz's home country...

Chapa: Eighty-three.

Miles: Not important. I made it there, and I brought her and her melty bones back here so she could see her son, because we love Schwoz. And, yeah, she screamed a lot when I grabbed her. And, yeah, she tried to scratch me with one of her little melty arms, and where was I goin' with this? [Mika mouths "I don't know"]

Chapa: She's a normal, sweet mom who just wants to see her son.

Miles: [whispers] Exactly.

Ray: She is rubbing his belly like a dog. [Schwoz's mom rubs Schwoz's stomach intensely. Schwoz treats the experience like a dog would]

Miles: Yeah, that's a little weird.

Ray: It's a lotta weird. I can't stand that lady. She's always trying to find ways to body shame me, or throw food at me-

Mama Schwoz: Ray!

Ray: Mama Schwoz!

Mama Schwoz: Ohhh, have you gained weight?

Ray: [angry laugh] I've gained muscle, actually, and that weighs more than fat, so...

Mama Schwoz: Maybe.

Ray: Well, this has all been terribly fun, but, uh, I'm having a bad time, and these kids have a lot of work to do down at superhero school, so, Mama Schwoz, if you don't mind... [gestures towards the tubes]

Mama Schwoz: I don't mind. [rubs Schwoz's stomach. Schwoz giggles. Danger Force goes to class as Ray angrily stares at Schwoz and his mom]

[Later, in the SWAG classroom, Ray and Chapa demonstrate a fighting technique. Chapa aims a weapon at Ray]

Ray: ..and then, when the villain says "Which arm?", you say "Dis-arm!" [he yanks the weapon from Chapa's hands, which makes her fall onto a yoga mat. Schwoz's mom, who is still in bed, is also in the classroom with Schwoz next to her]

Mama Schwoz: Ehhhhh... [gives the "so/so" sign, Schwoz feeds her blue medicine in a small tube]

Ray: What's that "Ehhhh"?

Mama Schwoz: Well, it's not how I would disarm someone, but...

Ray: Ok, why don't you come on up here and show us how it's done?

Mama Schwoz: Can't. Bones are meltin'.

Bose: Pretty well established at this point, sir.

Mama Schwoz: But, if they weren't, I would just kick you in the zipper.

Ray: Pfft, that's never gonna-

Chapa: ZIPPER KICK! HA! [kicks Ray in the groin]

Ray: Ohhhh! [falls down, the others want to kick Ray in the groin]

Mika: My turn! My turn! My turn! [everyone talks over each other]

Ray: BACK OFF! No one's kicking me in the zipper! And from now on, I would thank you if you stay out of mah business!

Chapa: No! Let her teach us more stuff!

Miles: Yeah!

Mika: Yeah!

[The emergency alarm goes off]

Miles: Oh, come on!

Ray: Oh, thank God there's crime! Alright, I'll see everybody upstairs... mostly everybody. [at the door, whispers] Mostly. [leaves, Danger Force goes to the Man's Nest]

Mama Schwoz: Kick someone in the zipper for me... [gets a tv remote and plays hip-hop music, gets out of bed and dances. Mika suddenly appears to her surprise]

Mika: Forgot my gum.

Mama Schwoz: Ok.. so you caught me.

Mika: Your bones aren't melty at all.

Mama Schwoz: No. Question is, what are you gonna do? You're not gonna tell on me, are 'ya? You're not some kind of a snitch... are 'ya?

Mika: Not yet, but I'm one letter away.

Mama Schwoz: What?

Ray: [from the Man's Nest] MIKA! [Mama Schwoz cartwheels into bed, Ray enters] Mika, what's going on?

Mika: I... forgot my gum.

Ray: Why is there music playing?

Mama Schwoz: I'm so sick! I'm so definitely, actually sick!

Mika: I was just getting pumped up! You know, a little pre-crime dancing. [dances] Drop it low, and bring it high, and side to side...

Ray: That's stupid. This is a much better pump up song. [plays it on his phone, a country tune] Come on, get in here! (Flex your muscles to the left! Flex your muscles to the right!) Now lasso. [they pretend to lasso] (Ready for a fight) Smile. [Mika fake laughs] Come on, you gotta own it.

[Later, in the Man's Nest. Captain Man comes up the tubes. He sees Schwoz doing his mom's hair while she eats yogurt]

Captain Man: Gross. Danger Force, ASSEMBLE! [no response] I said Danger Force assemble!

Mama Schwoz: They're not here, stupid.

Captain Man: Where are they?

Schwoz: Mama sent them on a mission!

Captain Man: Mama doesn't get to send them on missions! Only I get to send them on missions, and I have a very important mission that I need to send them on right now.

Schwoz: Oh, I'm so sorry. What is your important mission?

Captain Man: [holds a DVD of "Addams Family Values"] I need them to return this copy of "Addams Family Values". It's absurdly overdue.

Mama Schwoz: They'll be back soon.

Captain Man: Where are they?

Mama Schwoz: I just needed them to pick up a few elderly items. I would have gone myself, but, y'know, melty bones.

Captain Man: Look, I'm very honored that you chose to come here to my Man's Nest to melt all over everything. [yogurt is thrown at him]

Mama Schwoz: Oops. 'Gurted you.

[Meanwhile, at Hip Hop Puree, Courtney puts three heavy bags on the counter. Mika and Miles watch.]

Mika: Is that all for Mama Schwoz?

Miles: For a lady with melty bones, Mama Schwoz sure does have an appetite. Is that weird?

Mika: I don't know! Don't ask me! Never question how much a woman eats, or tell her to smile more, or-

Miles: Geez! Ok, what's wrong with you?

Mika: I'll tell you what's not wrong with me: I'm not a snitch! I'll tell you that! I'll tell you that! I'll tell you-

Courtney: Uh, that'll be 239 dollars.

Miles: Y'owch. [pulls his phone out] Well, it's for a good cause. [shows the screen to Courtney]

Mika: You're paying for that yourself?!

Miles: Mama Schwoz has melty bones. It's the least I can do.

Mika: But you've been saving that money for yoga pants... the good ones.

Miles: She needs it more than me. I guess I'll just have to continue doin' yoga without pants.

Mika: [grossed out] Noooo.

[Chapa and Bose enter]

Chapa: Hey, we ready to head back? I just bet my entire piggy bank on a horse race for Mama Schwoz.

Mika: She made you bet with your own money?!

Chapa: She actually made me borrow some so I could bet more. If Three Legged Dreamer doesn't win the fourth race at Swellview Downs, I'm in real trouble.

Mika: Oh, God!

Bose: Alright, let's roll. Mama Schwoz wants to see her new golf clubs like yesterday, and it's today. So I'm late!

Mika: How's she gonna play golf if she's got melty bones?!

Bose: She said she just wanted to feel the weight of the clubs in her hands before her hand bones melt.

Miles: Oh, God bless that woman.

Chapa: Don't make me cry.

Mika: [groans]

Bose: You ok?

Mika: [mumbles angrily as she leaves] Stupid... [she superscreams, car alarms go off. A tire rolls down the stairs that lead to the front doors]

Miles: Huh. Why?

[Later that day, in the Man's Nest, Schwoz's mom is still in bed. Miles gives Schwoz's mom a pedicure while Bose fans her. Schwoz has some water with a straw for her to drink.]

Schwoz's Mom: Miles, thank you for teleporting to that gator pond and [flexes her wrist] getting me this palm frond.

Miles: [laughs] Did you all know that alligators can climb up palm trees? [Chapa gives Mama Schwoz a golf club] Because I did not. [Miles's hand appears to be injured, as he is wearing a cast]

Bose: I did not know that. [talking over each other]

Schwoz: You learn something new every day.

Ray: [drinking puree next to Mika on the stairs leading to the glass doors] You know, if she weren't all melty, I'd pick that old bag up by the hair on her feet, and toss her on outta here.

Mika: Mmm.

Ray: But there's no point in wishing. She's obviously melting away.

Mika: Obviously.

Ray: I mean, it's not like she's lying or anything.

Mika: Eh.

Schwoz: [walks over with a large straw] Mama Schwoz would like a little sip of your puree. [sticks the straw in the cup]

Ray: Of course she would.

[Mama Schwoz drinks Ray's puree. We see the drink go from Ray's cup to Mama Schwoz's mouth. Ray gets angry]

Ray: [yanks the straw from the cup] Alright, that's enough! I thought we were going to listen to your dang horse race.

Schwoz: Ooh! Ooh, it starts right now! [runs to the bed and turns on the monitor, horse race begins]

Announcer: Here in the fourth race at Swellview Downs, where everyone's talking about Three-Legged Dreamer... [Everyone gathers around to watch except an angry Mika]

Mama Schwoz: Ooh! Three-Legged Dreamer! That's my boy!

Schwoz: I thought I was your boy. [Mama Schwoz playfully hits him, making him fall off the bed] [the horse race bell goes off from the monitor, signaling the beginning of the race]

Announcer: And they're off! [Mika rolls her eyes] It's Three-Legged Dreamer moving quickly on the outside rail. Reporting For Booty is making a strong move inside [Ray looks mad too. He sits on a chair with his fist laying on his face] but Three-Legged Dreamer is still in the lead!

Miles: Yeah!

Announcer: Three-Legged Dreamer going way out ahead now, and as we round the first turn, [pan towards Mika] and go into Mika's conscience. Will Mika Be A Snitch, or will she Remain Silent? [she is deep in thought] Remain Silent is in the lead, but here comes Be A Snitch! It's neck-and-neck with Tell The Truth, and Do The Right Thing is making a strong push on the outside... but here comes Guilty Conscience! He's followed by Always Tell The Truth, and Do The Right Thing in third, but it's Tell The Truth in the lead, followed by Mika Can't Take It Anymore!

Mika: [finally snaps] I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Announcer: But Three-Legged Dreamer is still in the lead- [Mika turns off the monitor]

Chapa: Woah! We were listenin' to that!

Miles: Hey! Whadja do that for? [talking over each other]

Mika: I'm sorry, but you guys need to know something about Mama Schwoz.

Mama Schwoz: [makes clicking sound as if she's talking to a horse] Easy now.

Mika: Mama Schwoz is not sick! She's faking! [Chapa, Bose, Miles, and Schwoz gasp]

Mama Schwoz: Don't listen to her!

Chapa: What are you talking about?

Mika: Her bones aren't melting. I caught her dancing yesterday, she's getting everyone to do her errands, and... you know what?! I don't care if you all call me a snitch. She's. Faking.

Mama Schwoz: [slow claps]

Schwoz: Mama?

Miles: She's slow clapping!

Chapa: That means Mika's right!

Bose: She's faking! I think.

Schwoz: Mama?

Mama Schwoz: Ok, fine. I don't have melty bones. [gets out of bed] I'm as healthy as a three-legged horse.

Ray: I knew it!

Mama Schwoz: No, you didn't.

Ray: Yeah, I know.

Mama Schwoz: And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for this meddling snitch!

Mika: Don't make this about me! You were lying the whole time!

Mama Schwoz: Well... [in tears] I had to! [pointing to Ray] He never lets my boy come see me.

Ray: [offended] I give him one vacation day every ten years!

Mama Schwoz: That's it. I'm going home. Schwoz, you're coming with me.

Ray: He's not going anywhere! [Ray and Mama Schwoz both grab onto his arms]

Mama Schwoz: You don't even appreciate him!

Ray: I don't appreci- I don't appreciate him?! [yanks him away from Mama Schwoz] Schwoz, cover your ears! [Schwoz does so, Ray places his hands on Schwoz's] I love this man, with all of my heart, and there's a reason I don't give him any days off work. 'Cause I can't live a day without him! He is my rock. He is my shoulder to cry on. But if I tell him that, I'm afraid he might gain the self-confidence to leave me for somebody who might treat him the way he deserves to be treated. You know, like a human.

Miles: Ray, you are a complicated man.

Chapa: You're straight up toxic, my dude.

[Ray uncovers Schwoz's hands, letting Schwoz be able to uncover his ears]

Schwoz: Well, what did you say?

Ray: I said you're- I said you're staying here. And if anything, I overpay you.

Mama Schwoz: If you want my Schwozzie to stay, you have to fight me for him. [does a cartwheel towards Ray, who has his back turned]

Ray: Lady, I don't know if you have melty eyes, but I am built like a three-legged horse- [he is kicked in the groin by Mama Schwoz] Oh! Sick quip. [she does another cartwheel above Ray. Just when Ray gets back up, Mama Schwoz kicks him from behind, knocking him down again]

Miles: Oh, wow!

[Mama Schwoz spins and kicks in place quickly]

Ray: Alright, Granny DeVito. It's on! [tries to punch her in the face, but misses as she was going to punch him in the face. Mama Schwoz ducks, avoiding another punch]

Bose: [to Schwoz, excitedly] Dude, they're fighting over you.

Schwoz: I know!

Chapa: If I had any money left, I'd bet on your mom.

[Schwoz's mom kicks Ray in the groin again]

Mika: You want us to stop them?

Schwoz: Eh, not yet.

Ray: Where did she go?! [Mama Schwoz hisses. She is hanging on the boulders] Well, how'd she get up there?

Miles: That is terrifying.

[She jumps down, landing on Ray.]

Everyone: Ooohh! [Mama Schwoz slaps Ray in the face repeatedly. Danger Force separates the two, concluding the fight. Ray headbutts his face onto Mama Schwoz's upon getting back up.]

Mama Schwoz: Cheater! You're a cheater!

Mika: Wow!

Schwoz: Ray! I love you...

Ray: Yes! I win! Bye bye! Bye bye now!

Schwoz: ..but I think it's time for me to go home.

Mama Schwoz: Ha!

Ray: So what? You're just gonna- you're just gonna leave me?

Schwoz: It's time. I need to go home and be with mama.

Mama Schwoz: Haaa! [dances] Go mama, go mama, go mama!

Ray: It's great. Jasper, Charlotte, Henry, and now you, too. It's fine. [walks around in tears]

Mika: Is this really goodbye?

Schwoz: Yes. It's like I always say, "Family First."

Mama Schwoz: Get wrecked, suckers!

Miles: We're gonna miss you, Schwoz.

Bose: Bye.

Chapa: Adios.

Mama Schwoz: How are we getting home?

Schwoz: We'll take the helicopter to my rocket to my space port, then over to La Cienega where it hits the junior high... [continues talking as he leaves with Mama Schwoz]

Ray: [sits on Mama Schwoz's bed] Do any of you guys know how to make science devices?

Mika: I can learn.

Ray: Do any of you guys know how to scratch my back just the way I like it?

Schwoz: You mean like this? [scratches Ray's back]

Ray: Ahh, that's perfect actually. [the rest of the team is confused as they thought they saw Schwoz leaving with his mother. Ray then notices Schwoz] Schwoz?!

Mika: We thought you were leaving with your mom!

Schwoz: I did!

Chapa: But you're here!

Schwoz: I know!

Miles: I'm so confused!

Bose: I just figured it out! The real Schwoz has been inside of us the whole time.

Schwoz: No, the Schwoz that just left with my mama was my clone!

Bose: That makes more sense.

Mika: You had a clone?

Schwoz: I used to.

Ray: You mean you picked us over [in a Schwoz impression] your own mama?

Schwoz: It's like I always say. "Family Second".

Danger Force in unison: Awww! [they run to hug Schwoz but Ray stops them]

Ray: Not so fast! We still have one little thing to take care of first. Schwoz, pull up the Snitch board.

Mika: What?!

Miles, Chapa, and Bose: Yes!

Ray: 'Ya snitched.

Mika: Because she was taking advantage of my friends! I snitched for you guys!

Ray: And we appreciate that.

Miles: Much appreciated!

Bose: You're a good friend.

Ray: But the rules is the rules. [Schwoz stands next to him with the box of the shoes of shame] You snitch, you wear the shoes of shame.

Chapa: Shame!

Miles: For shame!

[Ray gives the shoes to Mika]

Mika: Fine! I don't care what you guys think, I did the right thing! [takes her shoes off to put the other shoes on. Everyone surrounds her chanting "Shoes of shame!" repeatedly] Y'know what? These shoes aren't that bad! I love how white they are! [chanting continues as she walks around in the shoes] I know some really cool dads who wear these exact shoes!