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“Miles Has Visions”
Season 1, Episode 20
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Air Date

March 13, 2021

Prod. Code



Sam Becker


Adam Weissman

Episode Chronology

Radioactive Cat


Captain Man Strikes Out

Miles Has Visions is the twentieth episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on March 13, 2021 to an audience of 0.57 million viewers.


In the Man's Nest, Danger Force and Ray see Schwoz sleeping on the table and Ray said he has a theory about why geniuses sleep and that is that they write things before they sleep. Chapa wants to tattoo Schwoz's face while he was sleeping, but Mika says no and she has a better idea. Mika mentions that Bose learned to play the flute during his quarantine. Ray, Mika, Miles and Chapa dress in Renaissance clothes and begin to dance when Miles says he feels something strange and they dance again. Later, they question a guy dressed as a chicken named Chicken Man, and Captain Man asks him where hostages are. AWOL still feels weird and the others tell him to forget it, but AWOL tells them that it's important and tells them that he had a kind of vision. Captain Man shuts up Chicken Man and tells AWOL that he is experiencing Deja vu, but AWOL shows them that if it is true predicts that a bird will crash in the window. Brainstorm spilled sauce on Volt's suit and that Captain Man called Kim Danvers and they saw that everything was fulfilled the bird crashed in the window, Brainstorm spills sauce on Volt's suit and they become scared, Captain Man says not to call Kim Danvers but he called her again by accident and destroys the phone before talking to her, and they see that AWOL predicted everything that would happen and they become scared of AWOL, walking away from him slowly.

Everyone is chasing AWOL knowing that it is dangerous if he continues to see the future. Chicken Man still wants to say where the hostages were, but no one wanted him to talk and Volt believes this was an act of witchcraft and Captain Man believes that it is a consequence of the criminal of temporary crimes, the Time Jerker. ShoutOut says that he is working in an electronics store called Hooked Tronics and they decide to go after him. Captain Man says that the Time Jerker would be using his time control and they go through the tube to find him , leaving the Chicken Man alone in the nest. Un Hooked Tronics the Time Jerker is speaking on the phone with one of his clients named Jimmy telling him that he is preparing his delivery when he welcomes the Danger Force. They don't listen and say he's to blame for AWOL seeing the future. The Time Jerker reveals his name is Tim Jerkowski and he did nothing wrong with AWOL. Tim said he stopped being a criminal and is now a good person and he has his job at Hooked Tronics. They still don't trust him and destroy the store, Chapa shooting Tim. Tim remains sad for the destruction of the store and the Danger Force goes for victory pretzels, Jimmy sees everything destroyed and Tim apologizes to him. Later in the nest they are eating Nuggets that he had given his new friend Chicken Man and letters arrive. AWOL has another vision where the Chicken Man would do something driving and Schwoz arrives with his new invention. Everyone is upset because AWOL had visions again and Captain Man still says the Time Jerker was responsible. They decide to go back to his store and Schwoz says he discovered that when Miles slept his dreams of having a new power came true and AWOL celebrated because he now has two powers and saw that the Time Jerker was not responsible and they decide to apologize. Later in Hooked Tronics Captain Man has an apology letter apologizing to Tim, who was still upset that they had destroyed his store for false theories and ShoutOut said they would help him repair it.

At the KLVY Trent is with a stand in because Mary was not announcing that the redeemed criminal Tim Jerkowski with the help of the Danger Force would reopen the Hooked Tronics store and Trent does not want to miss it and goes to see him in person. There are many people who also want to go, while in Hooked Tronics Captain Man starts the reopening and Tim thanks everyone for helping him and now they are friends. AWOL has another vision where they face three known criminals and they destroy the store again. The three criminals are Kyle, Take-Out, and Mr. Nice Guy and they say they are angry because Tim is not a villain anymore. The Danger Force fights them, destroying almost the entire store and Trent enters seeing that they are still fighting. ShoutOut uses her Mighty Shout on Trent and the Danger Force manages to beat the three villains, but they destroy the store in the process and Trent saw that everything failed and left. Tim becomes a bad guy again while Danger Force, Kyle, Take-Out, and Mr. Nice Guy go for victory pretzels.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


Okay Schwoz, since you're so quote-unquote "smart", then how come AWOL can suddenly see into the quote-unquote "future" before it quote-unquote happens?
— Captain Man to Schwoz
I feel like you're gonna go back to being a bad guy again...
— ShoutOut to the Time Jerker
You guys gettin' soft pretzels?!
— Take-Out, Mr. Nice Guy and Dead Bull


  • Schwoz has a minor role in this episode.
  • This episode aired at 7:00 pm instead of 8:00 pm due to the 2021 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.
  • This is the first episode where Trent Overunder appears without Mary Gaperman.
  • The Time Jerker's real name is revealed to be Tim Jerkowski.
  • Miles gets a new power: the ability to see the future.
  • In the opening scene when Schwoz was snoring, the water shaking is similar to the T-Rex scene in the 1993 film Jurassic Park.
  • This is the fourth episode to feature a character's name, the first being Ray Goes Cray, the second being Chapa's Crush and the third being Mika in the Middle.

Series continuity[]

  • Captain Man accidentally calling "Kim Danvers" was previously seen on Henry Danger episode Game of Phones.
  • Mr. Wallabee/Mr. Nice Guy from the Henry Danger episode Mr. Nice Guy returns.
  • Kyle from the Henry Danger episode Rumblr returns.
  • Mika mentions on how Bose learned to play the flute during quarantine, which is a reference to Quaran-kini.


  • Chicken Man's apartment was revealed on the KLVY news ticker to be a part of the Crapi Appartments, a play on crappy apartments.


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