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I'm not in material possessions.
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Full Name

Miles Theopholis Macklin


AWOL (second identity)
The Wing Wimp (KLVY)
Weird Beard (disguise)
DJ M-Cat (EnvyGram profile)
Lord Macklin
The funny one (by his aunt)
Woo-woo kid (by Glerp) Cupcake (by Chapa)
Honey (by Mika)
George Glass-es (disguise)



Date of Birth

12-13 (Season 1)
13-14 (Season 2)
14-15 (Season 3)

Resides in



Superhero sidekick/superhero in training (formerly)
Leader of the Community Of Like Minded Individuals (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (twin sister)
Herman Macklin (father)
Angela Macklin (mother)
Didi Walnut (aunt)


Gemma (on his side)
Fudge Girls (Mutual)
Candice (Mutual)
Stacey Leonard (kissed)
Simone (on his side)
Sissy Kranz (girlfriend)
Poopsie Willard (on her side)


Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Schwoz Schwartz
Henry Hart
Chest Monster
Tiny Ray
Monsieur Man
Finn and Quinn
Lay Lay
Sadie Alexander
Buddy Fudgers (Lil' Dynomite)
Blayne Kirkpatrick


Jack Frittleman
Drex Stinklebaum (formerly)
Dr. Minyak
Rick Twitler
Gas Clown
Big Beard
Derrick Face
Gas Clown
Jeff Bilsky
The Cell
Credenza Fudgers (formerly)
Comet Monster


SW.A.G. (formerly)
Swellview High School


Danger Force
Community Of Like Minded Individuals (formerly)

First Appearance

Escape Room

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Terrence Little Gardenhigh

Miles Theopholis Macklin, also known as the superhero AWOL, is a main character in Danger Force. He is portrayed by Terrence Little Gardenhigh.


The Fate of Danger, Part 2 (69)

Miles discovering his powers.

It all started when, Miles and his sister Mika teamed up with Captain Man and Kid Danger to get out of the escape room made by Jack Frittleman successfully. Miles and Mika helped Kid Danger bring back Captain Man with the help of Chapa De Silva and then went to the airport, where they joined Bose O'Brian in stopping Drex, but they failed. Due to the explosion of the Omega Weapon, Miles and his friends gained powers, he received the power to teleport.

Mime Games (248)

AWOL using his teleportation.

To learn how to be heroes and perfectly master their powers, Miles, Chapa, Bose and Mika were recruited by Ray and Schwoz at the Swellview Academy for the Gifted. Miles got the nickname "AWOL". As Miles and the now known Danger Force trained, they joined Ray on various dangerous missions to face villains like The Toddler, Jeff Bilsky, the Mimes, Frankini, Derrick Face, Gas Clown and many more. While fighting crime, Miles formed great friendships with his companions and used his laid-back attitude and wisdom to relax in the face of any threat.

Miles have a vision

Miles learning about his visions.

Miles also obtained the power to see visions of the future that would be useful to see what happens when something bad happens, although at first he believed that it was the work of The Time Jerker, but it was a second power acquired from the Omega Weapon. Although, Miles and the others would lose their powers due to Big Beard, the group would still fight crime, although later he would recover his teleport powers, he never did receive his vision powers. Eventually, his mother, Angela, discovered that Miles was AWOL, prohibiting him from fighting crime, but following the rise of The Cell, Miles returned to the Danger Force. After four years working as sidekicks and defeating the Comet Monster, Miles and the Danger Force became the new protectors of Swellview following Ray's retirement.

Description & Personality

Miles costume

Miles' alter-ego, AWOL

Miles is a cool, calm, slightly laid-back, loud, hyper and supremely confident individualist. He has a deep soul and believes he is destined for greatness. He is the calm in the storm. He sees the events in his life as steps along his destined path. Nothing surprises him and he never panics. He's also the brother of Mika and he thinks she tries too hard and needs to let the path guide her.

As AWOL, he wears a yellow and black suit with a logo on his chest that resembles a fist. On his face, he wears a black mask with a yellow line on top. He also wears black and yellow boots as well as black and yellow fingerless gloves.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: After the Omega Weapon explosion, Miles gained the ability to teleport to anywhere in the world. He can also teleport others with him as long as they are holding onto him, but he can leave them behind if he chooses, even if they are holding on. He activates his power by pumping his fist. Originally, Miles had trouble controlling his teleportation, causing him to teleport to random places at random times and making it hard for him to activate his powers when he wanted to, but he has since gained better control. Although Miles and the Danger Force would lose their powers due to the food served by Big Beard. However, he would regain his power thanks to his clone's DNA.

Former Powers

  • Conversion sneeze: When Miles was infected with the computer virus in the episode "A Cyborg Among Us", he had the ability to infect other people and turn them into viruses by sneezing on them.
  • Future Vision/Precognition: While his body can teleport through space, his mind can teleport through time, allowing him to see visions of the future. Originally, Miles could only see the future in his dreams and only remember them when they came true, but he later gains the ability to see the future while he is awake, though he cannot control when this power activates. He later lost this power and never got it back after the events to Attack of the Clones.


  • Skilled Fighter: After several months of training under and fighting crime alongside Captain Man, Miles has become a capable combatant. In A Danger Among Us, Miles and the other members of Danger Force were able to take on the indestructible elite fighter, Drex. Although, Drex had been neglecting his exercise routine due to being locked in a prison cell.


  • Forced Teleportation: It is revealed in Krampapalooza that is possible for teleportation to be activated without Miles' consent; for example, if someone grabs his arm and forces him to pump his fist.
  • Overexertion/Overexhaustion: Miles' powers can be overworked, as shown in Drive Hard. If he takes too many trips all at once, he will be unable to do another one until he gets some rest.

Rogues Gallery

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  • Miles was introduced in the Henry Danger episode, "Escape Room", along with his sister, Mika.
  • In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, It is revealed that Miles was born on the Swellview side of the Jandy bridge/river.
  • He's afraid of butterflies.
  • He's scared of ghosts.
  • He can speak Greek.
  • Miles' superhero name stands for 'Absent Without Official Leave'.
  • He is the only member of the Danger Force whose supersuit doesn't have a belt with the Danger Force logo on it.
    • He is also the only member who doesn't wear vambraces.
  • In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, Miles has trouble keeping people's secrets, much like his "snitch" sister Mika.
  • He's allergic to Spicy Pudding.
  • Miles is trying to limit his ice cream consumption.
  • Prior to his first appearance, Miles read a fortune saying that he is on the path to greatness, and now believes he must follow his path and the universe is on his side. Because of this, he does not worry about anything.
  • He usually has unnaturally good luck, for example in the episode "Twin It To Win It" when he won his contest with Mika by doing nothing and waiting for criminals to come to him. He caught 4 criminals who handed themselves over due to guilt and 30 criminals who came to S.W.A.G. to find a missing scoreboard.
  • In Miles Has Visions, Miles gets a new superpower.
  • In Captain Man Strikes Out, it is revealed that Miles's middle name is "Theopholis".
  • In SW.A.G is Haunted, it is revealed that he is afraid of ghosts.
  • Miles is the younger twin.
  • In Family Lies, it is shown that Miles's eyes turn yellow when he has a vision.
  • He hates zoos.
  • He faints forward.
  • When Miles starts his backswing, he can't stop.
  • In Unmasked, it is revealed that Miles's voice is a soprano, though his mom says that it's an alto.
  • As of The Force Returns, Part 1, Miles is shown to have already lost weight.


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