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“Miles Sells His Soul”
Season 3, Episode 5
Miles Sells His Soul
Air Date

May 18, 2023

Prod. Code



Shamar Michael Curry


Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Episode Chronology

Guardians of the Ponytail



Miles Sells His Soul is the fifth episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on May 18, 2023 to an audience of 0.15 viewers.


Mika hides out with a space blanket until Ray demands to know what's going on, to which Miles tells him that Mika was embarrassed about losing the gold 12-tone Pythagorean microphone to her rival, Sissy Kranz. To answer Ray that it was a riff-off, Miles remembers how Bose told Chapa his meaning of how it was in the confrontation of two nemeses. During the musical duel, Sissy gave the biggest scream, but since Mika was worried about not showing her powers or deciding to beat Sissy, Mika's scream went terribly wrong, embarrassing herself in front of everyone. Returned to the present, Mika continues to deal with her embarrassment while enduring gas from Ray, who asked Miles to throw the trash into the abyss portal. In the abyss room, Schwoz tries on a gold jacket, before being visited by Miles, who encounters a demon, who introduces himself as Ricardo. To manipulate Miles, Ricardo makes him a few offers, though Miles doesn't require any temptation until he mentions his concern for Mika's failure and his desire for her to win over Sissy. Ricardo threw the trash to start singing, offering his support for Mika and thus earning another riff-off, at the cost of Miles's soul. Miles finally agrees, signing a contract to give Ricardo his soul. Mika arrives with several books at school, where she continues to be teased by Sissy. Also arriving at the school, Miles convinces Mika to have a rematch, giving her motivation to do so. Thanks to Miles, Mika was able to scream louder than Sissy's, humiliating her rival and celebrating with her friends. When taking a group photo, Miles was confused when he didn't appear in the photo while Ricardo was making fun of Miles.

Ray becomes jealous when he sees Schwoz in his gold jacket, chasing after him to get it while Bose and Chapa praise Mika for her triumph and as a gift, Schwoz gives his jacket to Mika. Tired, Miles arrives at the Man's Nest to congratulate Mika and fainting at the loss of his soul, confusing his friends. In front of Chapa and Bose, Miles reveals that he gave his soul to Ricardo to help Mika, revealing that Schwoz also sold his soul for the golden jacket and they started arguing over Miles' recklessness, so Chapa and Bose decided to retrieve Miles's soul, however, Ricardo manipulates them into giving them the golden jackets, taking both of their souls. As a consequence, Chapa and Bose also fall to the ground before receiving an alert at Hip Hop Puree and before long, the trio put on their uniforms to go to the rescue, confronting a Tooth Fairy. Captain Man arrives in his golden jacket as he watches the Danger Force be defeated by the Tooth Fairy and defeats the villain with a lazer. Frustrated, Ray asks to know why they were tired and the boys make fun of his jacket, but they ended up revealing that they sold their souls to Ricardo, surprising Ray, who decides to go after the demon, however, he ended up falling for the devil's tricks for another golden jacket, but was stopped by the Danger Force. Ricardo challenged Ray to a ukulele contest, in which if Ray won, he would return their souls, but if Ray lost, he would take his soul, a challenge that Ray accepted.

After discussing the defeat of the Tooth Fairy, Mary and Trent talk to their young journalist Lil' Bobby to show the ukulele duel between Captain Man and Ricardo, who salutes Mary for getting her job, hinting that she sold her soul. With an epic entrance, Ray arrives on stage to face Ricardo in their duel, showing off his talents with the instrument as the Danger Force and Lil' Bobby look on before Mika arrives in her uniform, being informed of the situation with the demon. Ricardo was able to outmaneuver Ray, using three legs, causing him to nearly fall into the underworld. Inspired, Mika began to sing the song "Ave Maria" during the duel, causing Ricardo to lose his powers and be dragged into his world by other demons, managing to return the souls of Miles, Chapa, and Bose while Ray got his jacket. After winning, the Danger Force celebrates with pizza rolls, taking a group photo, where they see that everything is back to normal. Chapa asks how Ray got so good at the ukulele and he confesses that he sold his soul to another abyss demon, however, the demon would take his soul when he died, which would not happen when he was indestructible. Miles toasts his friends as they start to scream because the pizza rolls were too hot.


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  • When Mika hides under the space blanket it's similar to what the character Chuck McGill did in Better Call Saul.
  • It is revealed that Ray sold his soul to another demon, swearing to give it to them when he passes away.
  • When Mary recognizes the demon Ricardo, it can be hinted that she sold her soul to the demon to get her job as a reporter.
  • A running gag is this episode is Bose saying "riff-off law" whenever someone else says it.
  • The title of this episode is the same as an episode of "The Simpsons" "Bart sells his soul" when Bart erroneously sold his soul to Milhouse.


Series continuity[]

  • Karayodelyheehoo was mentioned from the Henry Danger episode Henry Danger: The Musical.
    • When Mika said “Don’t look at me!“ in the school courtyard, it was a reference to when Ray said "Don’t look at me!“ in the Fight Song from Henry Danger: The Musical.
  • Chapa and Bose say "What's Up" is similar to Henry, Jasper, Charlotte, Schwoz, and Ray saying it in The Great Cactus Con.

International Premieres[]

  • May 29, 2023 (Latin America and Brazil)


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