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[SWAG, Day. Ray, Mika, Miles, Chapa, and Bose are packing suitcases to go on a business trip to Paris]

Ray: C'mon! Let's go, s'go, s'go, s'go, s'go!

Mika: We're s'go, s'go, s'go, s'go, s'going!

Ray: Our Goober Lux is three minutes away and I'm not gonna lose my five-star rating for any of you!

Mika: You could help us.

Ray: I'm helping by yelling. Let's go! Let's go!

Mika drops her suitcase and runs off. Miles relaxes on his chair with his feet up on his desk, reading a Henry Danger comic book.

Miles: Relax, boss. I'm good to go.

Ray: [walks to him] We're going to Paris. You're not gonna pack anything?

Miles: Whatever I need, the universe will provide.

[Mika enters with Miles' suitcase all packed]

Mika: Ok, Miles, I packed all your stuff again.

Miles: Told 'ya. [turns a page as Ray walks to Mika]

Ray: Why do you do this for him?

Mika: The only way he'll learn is if I do it over and over for him again until he learns.

Ray: [is annoyed by it but shakes it off and looks for Bose] Bose! Bring the stuff outside.

[Bose is nowhere to be found, but we see who seems to be Bose, wearing a hoodie. We can't see his face as he is packing]

Bose: [speaking in a weird voice] You got it, Boss. Remember, I am Bose.

Ray: [sniffs] Wait a minute... [yanks hoodie off, revealing Schwoz impersonating Bose] I knew I smelled science in here! Schwoz, why are you dressed like Bose?

Schwoz: 'Cuz, I want to go to Paris! It's the city of love, and I want to fall in love.

Mika: Aw!

Miles: The heart seeks what it needs.

Ray: First of all, we're not going to Paris to fall in love. We're going to Paris because the French Captain Man is on strike. Second of all, everybody knows you're gonna die alone.

Schwoz: [gasps] Monsieur Man is on strike?!

Ray: Yes. [shows a video on the projector of various pictures of Monsieur Man posing in front of the Eiffel Tower]

Monsieur Man: I am Monsieur Man! Ha ha!

Ray: They need us to protect France's greatest national treasures until he agrees to go back to work.

Miles: Yeah, how long is that gonna take?

Ray: I don't know. Ask him when you get there.

Miles: I don't speak French.

Ray: Sure you do. French is just English, but with [speaks in a French accent] very ridiculous accents. Ha ha!

Mika: That's very ridiculously wrong.

[an alarm goes off and Chapa and Bose come down from the Man's nest, all packed]

Bose: Sorry I'm late. I, uh, couldn't find my hoodie. [notices Schwoz wearing it] Hey, I have that same hoodie, and that same hair!

Ray: [to Chapa] You pack all our traveling weapons?

Chapa: Yeah.

Ray: You got Lil' Sizzler?

Chapa: 'Course.

Ray: The Smoke Wagon?

Chapa: In there.

Ray: The Mean Wheel?

Chapa: Trick question. There is no weapon called The Mean Wheel.

Ray: Ooh, ok, Chapa.

Chapa: Alright.

Bose: I got a Mean Wheel right here. [it is actually a pinwheel of cutouts of Brainstorm making a sad face] You show it to the bad guy. and when he sees all the mean faces on it, he's like, [in a surfer-like voice] "Put that away, that's so mean!"[spins it]

Miles: Lemme holla at 'ya for a second.

Bose: Please do.

Miles: We're real superheroes.

Bose: Yeah.

Miles: We use real weapons.

Bose: Yeah. [points to the Mean Wheel]

Miles: Not things like The Mean Wheel, and Boo Boo Pew Pew.

Bose: Oh, I forgot my Boo Boo Pew Pew upstairs! [goes back to get it]

Mika: Hey, Ray?

Ray: What?

Mika: There's a Goober Lux SUV outside.

Ray: Oh, my stars. MY STARS!

Chapa: What?

Ray: I missed the alert, now my 5-star rating is going down! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, s'go, s'go, s'go!

[everyone continues packing and leaving quickly, not realizing that Bose is still in the Man's nest]

Ray: Chapa!

Chapa: What- [Ray throws a suitcase at her and she catches it perfectly]

[Schwoz opens a secret door on one of the posters on the wall, revealing a keypad next to a note which reads REMEMBER! CODE: 1701, ALSO: REMEMBER TO DESTROY THIS NOTE!!! - S. He types the code, which arms the security system.]

Security System Voice: Security System armed in three... two... one... [Schwoz leaves, making the classroom empty. Lasers appear everywhere in the classroom and the Man's nest, where Bose is. Bose has found Boo Boo Pew Pew, but a laser chops off it's head.]

Bose: Boo Boo Pew Pew, no!

[Man's Nest, night. Bose is in the same spot with Boo Boo Pew Pew. The lasers are still on.]

Bose: Chapa? Miles? Mika? Bose? Oh, wait, that's me. Uh, security lady?

Security System Voice: What can I help you with?

Bose: Can you turn these lasers off? It's been four hours, and I gotta pee.

Security System Voice: System Shutdown requires magic word.

Bose: I wish I were smart like Schwoz. Schwoz is smart, he'd know the magic word.

Security System Voice: "Schwoz is smart" is the magic word. [the lasers turn off]

Bose: Wait, that's three words. [the lasers turn back on] Ok, it's fine, it's fine. [the lasers turn back off. Bose gets on his knees] Well, Bose, they forgot us. We're all alone in the Man's Nest. [realizes the possibilities and gets excited] We're all alone in the Man's Nest! Mrs. Security System! Play some "alone in the Man's Nest" music.

Security System Voice: [giggles] Sounds good, and Bose, have a little fun.

[A montage follows. Bose runs with portable lasers, zapping everything in his path. He then gets a mohawk with Ray's hair products. After that, he jumps on a large bed...

Bose: I don't even know where this bed came from!

.. a variety of toppings for dessert foods are on a table. Bose has made some vanilla ice cream and is putting sprinkles on top. He reaches for some syrup, but then changes his mind and uses Ray's hair gel instead. We then see him sitting on a chair about to watch tv.]

Bose: Security system! Turn off the music. [the music stops] I'm about to watch an adults only show. [turns tv on]

C-SPAN Host: Welcome to C-SPAN. Tonight's topic: Healthcare policy in America... [says random business words at a fast pace] .. a bunch of boring stuff, The Pentagon. Our first caller is from Swellview. Go ahead, caller. [the caller is Bose]

Bose: Ha ha ha! I'm a kid, watching an adults only show!

C-SPAN Host: You shouldn't be watching an adults only show! Where are your parents, or other grown up co-workers?!

Bose: Uh, I wanna say... Italy?

[Paris, France. Day. Danger Force and Captain Man arrive at a French version of Hip Hop Puree, called Hip Hop Paris. Their uniforms are different; Ray has more of a jacket-like uniform that is mostly blue. The kids are wearing mostly black jackets. Each have the Danger Force logo.]

Captain Man: [opens the double doors] Alright, everybody, calm down. [Barely anyone is there. A French lady who was making sure the place looks nice for customers stops and looks at them] America's here. [takes jacket off, revealing actual uniform] Alright, first things first, I got a couple'a great jokes about French people, so let's dive right in. How many French people does it take to surrender to- [the Danger Force kids interrupt and talk over each other, and him, urging him to stop. The French lady looks shocked]

ShoutOut: [speaks French]

French Lady: I'm sorry, I do not understand.

ShoutOut: I was speaking French.

French Lady: But no! French is just English with a very ridiculous accent.

Captain Man: See? I'm right about everything.

Volt: This place kinda looks like Hip Hop Puree.

French Lady: But of course! We want you to feel at home while you guard our national treasures.

Captain Man: Well, I guess somebody has to, since [pointing] Monsieur Man over here is on strike.

Monsieur Man: [spins dramatically in a chair as French music plays, revealing himself] That is correct! [sips a cup of tea] I will not fight crime until someone buys me a pretty pink motorcycle. I'm sick of taking ze subway. I want to drive around, say "beep beep beep, out of my way! I am Monsieur Man!" Ha ha! [everyone stares at him silently]

Volt: Ok. What are we guarding here?

French Lady: Only ze most important treasures in all of France. [the treasures lie on the counter. She shows each of them to the team] Napoleon's pants, [fancy shorts on a plaque] ze first French bread ever baked, [very old and moldy French bread] and finally, the original Elvis of music superstar, The Daft Punk! [masks that look like Power Rangers masks]

Captain Man: Ah, I definitely know who Daft Punk is, 'cause I'm cool, and I know cool things.

ShoutOut: Name any of their songs.

Captain Man: There's no time. Volt! Let's get into these weapons before these cheese-eaters try to steal... my favorite band's helmets or whatever.

Volt: Uh, we've got a problem, Cap. [pulls out The Mean Wheel from the bag] We took the wrong weapons bag.

Captain Man: Aw, what? [quickly looks inside the bag and takes out many colorful Slinkies which are tangled together. He walks to Schwoz, thinking he's Brainstorm] Care to explain this, buddy?

Schwoz: [trying to speak like Bose] I can't because I am the dumb one.

Captain Man: [throws away the Slinkies and sniffs] Ugh, did somebody Science in here? [ShoutOut puts her hands up] Wait a minute. [He yanks off the hoodie, revealing Schwoz] SCHWOZ! Dang it, I thought I told you to stay home, you little nerd.

Schwoz: I want to find love! [runs out]

ShoutOut: Wait, if that was Schwoz, then where's...

Captain Man: [gasps] KEVIN! I mean... BOSE! I mean... BRAINSTORM!


[Hip Hop Paris, Day. Captain Man and Danger Force minus Brainstorm continue their mission]

Volt: You guys, what happened to Bose? Did we leave him at home?

AWOL: Alone?

Captain Man: Yes! He's my favorite one.

ShoutOut: Wow.

AWOL: Woah!

Volt: The same!

Captain Man: He's probably scared, and cold, and hungry, and tired...

[Man's Nest, Night. Bose is wearing a cowboy outfit]

Bose: Well, I am happy, and sweaty, and well fed, and ready to dance! [a country music video made by Captain Man plays on the tv and Bose dances to it. MTV style credits appear at the beginning of the music video, which read Captain Man / "Yee Haw" / I Saw A Captain / Ziki Records / Dir. Ru$$el $urf]

Captain Man: [wearing a cowboy outfit with his uniform and singing] Time for you to have the time of your life! When I say yee, you say haw! Yee!

Bose: Haw!

Captain Man: Yee!

Bose: Yee! I mean Haw.

Captain Man: When I say yee, you say haw! Yee!

Bose: Yee haw!

Captain Man: Yee!

Bose: Haw haw!

Captain Man: Shuffle to the right, gonna jam to the left... [The Toddler and Goomer are just outside the door using binoculars to spy on the Man's Nest. Goomer is carrying the Toddler on his shoulders.]

The Toddler: Who's this little cowboy? The Man's Nest is supposed to be empty.

Goomer: I don't know, but he's got some sweet moves! [giggles as The Toddler falls off his shoulders and lands on his hands as though he is rocking him]

The Toddler: Let me down! [Goomer does so] I checked Captain Man's EnvyGram feed. Huh. He's definitely in Paris.

Goomer: Wanna give up and go down to the Pickle Barn?

The Toddler: No! [looks through binoculars] It's just one kid, we can take him. And then the Man's Nest is ours!

Goomer: Okay, but first I gotta make a quick little viddy. [pulls out his phone] Hey, Frankini! Look at me, I'm with another guy [points phone at Toddler] and we're about to do a hot crime! [giggles]

Toddler: What the heck are you doing?

Goomer: Making Frankini jealous so he'll take me back.

Toddler: No, no. Gimme that phone! [repeats saying "Gimme the phone" as he tries to take Goomer's phone as Bose continues dancing in the Man's Nest]

Captain Man: To do the Captain Man, 'ya gotta blow bubbles, 'ya gotta fight crime! Find a hot mom so you can have the time of your life- [Bose notices The Toddler and Goomer behind him]

Bose: Bad guys? That's bad! [gets a gumball and transforms into Brainstorm] These two are about to get a taste of The Mean Wheel! [reaches into bag to get it but it's the bag of real weapons. Bose holds a Plasma Blaster] A Plasma Blaster? What am I supposed to do with this? [the blaster goes off. A shot hits a door, then Bose's cowboy hat which makes it fall off his head, scaring him. He carefully puts the blaster back in the bag]

[Paris, France. Hip Hop Paris. Day.]

Captain Man: Somebody call my baby Bose!

ShoutOut: Relax, ok? I'm calling him.

Monsieur Man: [laughs] It won't work.

French Operator: Ze cell service you are using ATandOui, is on strike.

Monsieur Man: The whole country is now on strike! They all strike for Monsieur Man! Ha ha!

AWOL: [sarcastically] If only we had someone who could teleport back home. Au revivor, Frenchies. [teleports]

Captain Man: Nice! Finally, one of your superpowers actually worked! Lookin' at you, ShoutOut.

ShoutOut: Wow, you're really gonna go there?

[Miles has accidentally teleported in the ladies' bathroom nearby]

French Woman #1: [offscreen] What are you doing?!

French Woman #2: [offscreen] Get out of here!

[AWOL does so while covering his eyes]

AWOL: Ok, if anyone else is curious, that is the ladies' room.

ShoutOut: Ewww.

Volt: [sarcastically] Wow, mission accomplished, friend.

Captain Man: Anybody else got any ideas?!

Monsieur Man: I've got an idea. Why don't you stop that mime from stealing the baguette?

Captain Man: Mime?

ShoutOut: Baguette?

AWOL: Stealing?

Volt: From?

[they all look and notice a mime stealing a large baguette]

Captain Man: FREEZE!

[the mime does so and pretends to be cold by shaking]

Captain Man: Oh, freeze, like he's cold! [to the mime] Alright, take the bread, you've earned it.

ShoutOut: No!

AWOL: That's stealing.

ShoutOut: He's getting away!

[before he can leave, Volt stops him by showing him The Mean Wheel. He appears frightened.]

Volt: I guess it works!

Captain Man: [grabs the mime, using his hoodie as a handle] Well, sometimes you just, y'know, get lucky.

AWOL: That's a Daft Punk song.

Captain Man: [laughs] I know it is, thank you.

Volt: Then sing it.

Captain Man: Too expensive.

[Man's Nest, night. Goomer and The Toddler are trying to break into the Man's Nest]

Toddler: C'mon, Goomer! Smash it already!

Goomer: You gotta film me! I wanna make a Goomerang and send it to Frankini!

Toddler: [stammering] Just smash the dang doors!

Goomer: Fine, I'll Goomerang myself.

Toddler: Just do it already, alright?! Hey, where'd you get that outfit? The Liam Neeson Collection? [Inside, Brainstorm tries to lift one of the rocks outside with his superpower] Just smash it!

Brainstorm: C'mon.... rock...

Toddler: Y'know, I've made soiled diapers smarter than you. Swing it already!


Toddler: THANK YOU!

Brainstorm: Those are nice doors. Oh, wait, don't think about the doors- [he accidentally opens the doors with his telekinesis. Goomer runs in happily with his hammer, then falls] Dang it! [runs to his locker seat to go to the SWAG classroom. The Toddler walks inside holding a baby cellphone]

Toddler: I got that on video.

Goomer: Erase!

Toddler: Woah, want me to send it to Frankini?

Goomer: No! [Toddler plays "keep-away" with Goomer's phone as Goomer tries to get it from him]

[Hip Hop Paris, Day. The mime is all tied up with Danger Force surrounding him]

Captain Man: Talk. I said talk! Tell me where your friends are!

ShoutOut: He's a mime, they don't talk.

AWOL: They also don't have friends.

[the mime has a sad look on his face]

Captain Man: Oh, he's got friends. He's a mime. They live in hives, so when you see one, you know there's gotta be a mime hive nearby somewhere.

Volt: Are you thinking of bees?

Captain Man: No. Mimes work together, they live in hives, and they protect their mime queen at all costs! Trust me!

AWOL: I do not trust you.

Captain Man: TALK! Tell me where your hive is!

ShoutOut: He's not going to talk!

Captain Man: We'll see about that. [shoots a laser at the mime] TALK! [continues shooting and repeating "talk"] Ok, this guy's good. He's gotten me twice so far, I say we just let him have the bread, you guys.

ShoutOut: Nooooo!

Volt: Stop!


Captain Man: But he wants it! Look, he's hungry! [the mime does various "hungry" poses, including rubbing his stomach, pretending to eat, setting up a bib] Oh, look, he's got a little bib going... [ShoutOut tries to get his attention by repeating "Cap" but it doesn't work]


Captain Man: WHAAAAAAAT?

ShoutOut: Let's try something else.

Captain Man: Like what?

ShoutOut: What if we just play along? Let's let him do his mime games, and maybe he'll like us and tell us something.

AWOL: Yeah, if he won't speak our language, let's try speaking his.

ShoutOut: [sarcastically] Oh, no! I sure hope no one throws an imaginary rope around me!

Volt and Captain Man in unison: What?

ShoutOut: Because then, I would have no choice but to get pulled in.

[the mime gets up from his chair and does his rope trick. ShoutOut pretends to run away by walking in place slowly]

ShoutOut: Oh, no, I'm running away! [the "rope" catches ShoutOut] Oh- ah! He's got me!

Captain Man: He's got you! He's totally got you! Do me next, rope me, rope me, rope me!

[Man's Nest, night. Goomer jumps on the bed from the montage as The Toddler watches angrily with his phone in his hand]

Goomer: [giggles] Frankini never lets me jump on the bed!

Toddler: Hey, shut up, will 'ya?! I'm trying to call the news!

Goomer: Frankini always said I'd break the bed, but he's wrong! [the bed breaks. He falls on the comforter] He was right!

[Bose watches the two on the projector in the SWAG classroom]

Toddler: Would you get up off of this bed?

Brainstorm: Ok, think, Bose, think. There's gotta be some way you can beat those guys.

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: I've got an idea.

Brainstorm: [looks and notices half of Boo-Boo Pew-Pew on a chair] Boo-Boo Pew-Pew?! You can talk?!

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: No, this is all in your imagination. Your heightened sense of survival is creating my voice in your head.

Brainstorm: Woah!

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: Right? Plus, you ate a looooota hair gel, so you're getting sick.

Brainstorm: It was so tasty.

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: Yeah, yeah, f'sure, f'sure. But for real though, I have an idea about how you're gonna beat these guys.

Brainstorm: Hit me, Boo-Boo.

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: Why don't you turn on the security system?

Brainstorm: The security system?

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: Yeah, that's what lasered me right in half!

Brainstorm: That's a great idea! [notices a cup of pencils near other school-related items on a tray] And I can use my powers to float that pencil over to the keypad and turn it on! [does so]

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: No, no, no, no buddy. Just stroll on over and use your fingers to-

Brainstorm: Shut up, Boo-Boo Pew-Pew! I'm using my powers!

[Hip Hop Paris, Day. The mime has tied up most of Danger Force with his imaginary rope trick as they talk over each other.]

AWOL: Uh oh!

ShoutOut: We're tied up!

[Volt isn't playing along. She stares at the rest of the team angrily]

Captain Man: [to the mime] Now you gotta do Volt next!

ShoutOut: Yeah, tie up Volt!

Captain Man: Yeah, do Volt!

AWOL: C'mon, Volt, play along!

Volt: Nope, not doing it.

Captain Man: C'mon.

AWOL: You're in Paris. Give in to the whimsy.

ShoutOut and AWOL in unison: Whimsy! Whimsy! Whimsy! [the mime starts to do his imaginary rope trick on Volt. She starts to want to play along as she moves closer and closer to the team, eventually getting tied up with them]

Captain Man: She's moving! She's playing along! Man, I told you this guy was good! That's it, case closed, he's getting the bread.

ShoutOut: He's not gonna get the bread.

AWOL: It's not our bread to decide what to-

[they all start to talk over each other until they realize that the mime has a large Slinky]

AWOL: Hold up, what's happening?

[the mime ties the team with his Slinky. This time, they are actually tied up]

ShoutOut: Is this still part of his act?

Captain Man: Yeah, let him do it!

Volt: I thought the whole thing with mimes is that they only pretend to do real things.

Captain Man: No, the thing about mimes is they make invisible honey.

ShoutOut: Again, bees.

AWOL: I'm worried about you.

[Monsieur Man laughs nearby]

Captain Man: What're you laughing at, man?

[Monsieur Man takes a sip of his tea. The Danger Force all turn around to look behind them and notice more mimes have appeared]

AWOL: It's more mimes!

Captain Man: They've come from their hive!

ShoutOut: Is that a mime queen?!

Volt: And is she squirting invisible honey on a piece of toast?

Captain Man: Of course she is! I told you, I'm right about everything!

[the mimes all make laugh poses at Danger Force]

ShoutOut: Oh, how dare you!

[they all talk over each other ranting the mimes. Monsieur Man laughs at them]

Volt: We gotta stop these mimes!

AWOL: I'm trying, I'm just stuck!

Captain Man: I can't believe this stupid thing actually works... [notices Monsieur Man laughing] and stop laughing!

Monsieur Man: Stop being funny!

[ShoutOut super-screams at the mimes, which startles them as they fall to the ground. The blast from the scream also slams the door shut behind them]

ShoutOut: It worked!

AWOL: Nice!

Captain Man: About time.

[AWOL teleports out of the trap, which sets the rest of Danger Force free]

Captain Man: Hey, hey! Nice job, AWOL!

Volt: Where'd he go?

[One of the mimes makes a fight pose with her fists, meaning she wants to fight Captain Man and Danger Force]

Captain Man: Who cares? It's queen-punchin' time. [him, ShoutOut and Volt make fight poses at the mime. Captain Man yells a battle cry. Right before they start to go at each other, the scene cuts to the SWAG classroom as AWOL teleports there. Brainstorm is still trying to lift the pencil and activate the keypad]

AWOL: Oh. Hey, Bose.

Brainstorm: Can't.... talk.... right... now.

AWOL: Yeah, I gotta get back to France. You wanna roll with me?

Brainstorm: Can't.... little.... busy...

AWOL: Alright. [starts to teleport, then stops] Hey, did you know that mimes live in hives?

Brainstorm: Everyone knows that.

[AWOL teleports back to France]

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: My guy? You still got two un-lasered legs. Be an honor to watch you walk over and-

Brainstorm: Shut up, Boo-Boo Pew-Pew!

[The Toddler and Goomer's antics are still on the projector]

Toddler: You can access it from the file menu. Now is it the edit screen?

Goomer: You're probably wrong.

[they are trying to video call KLVY news. They turn on the news on the TV as they video call the news at the same time.]

Mary: [talking as though she's on a phone call] Hello? It's Mary Gaperman. [she looks at a large phone screen, similar to an iPad]

Toddler: No, no. Yes, I can see you. Can you see me?

Mary: Can you hear me?

Toddler: Just hit "accept video chat", Gaperman!

Mary: I'm pressing the button. [Trent tries to help her] Stop it! I'm doing this!

Goomer: This is fun! [tries to press one of the buttons on the machine they are using to video call]

Toddler: Stop it! Don't press the button. Don't press the- gimme the remote. [Goomer is holding a remote]

Goomer: No, it's my remote! You had the buttons, I got the remote!

Toddler: [tries to get the remote from Goomer] Give me- Gimme the- Gimme it to me! [Goomer presses a button and the "Yee Haw" song from earlier plays on the tv.]

Captain Man: .. [singing] and you can have the time of your life! When I say yee, you say haw! Yee!

Goomer: Huh?

Captain Man: Yee!

Goomer: Huh?

Toddler: What the Florida-Georgia Line is this?

[Meanwhile, in Paris, the fight continues. Monsieur Man continues laughing at the team]

ShoutOut: [tries to super-scream] Ok, this just worked a few minutes ago. [Monsieur Man continues laughing]

Captain Man: Get over here and help me with the queen!

ShoutOut: We have to secure the treasures!

Captain Man: Who cares about the treasures?! We gotta take out this queen before she lays any more eggs!

Volt: Eggs?!

[The queen mime dodges Captain Man's punches. Captain Man fails to dodge the queen's punch. The counter breaks his fall as Monsieur Man laughs at him yet again]

Captain Man: Yes! Eggs that hatch into mime larvae! Keep up! [they continue fighting. Queen mime kicks Captain Man, which angers him further as he runs toward the mime, who has his hands up with a worried or scared face. The scene cuts back to the SWAG classroom. The pencil is now at the keypad. It presses the number 7, then 0. Brainstorm accidentally draws on the button]

Brainstorm: Oh, no! [the pencil drops to the ground as he loses focus of it]

Boo-Boo Pew-Pew: Tough break, anyway, new plan! Just use your finger here- [Brainstorm picks up the pencil and sharpens it] Ooh, oh, ok.

[Meanwhile, in the Man's Nest, Goomer and The Toddler slow dance to another one of Captain Man's music videos]

Captain Man: [singing] But, deep down, I'm not ok. It's just me, and my truck, and I don't give a... hand... to just anyone.

Toddler: Hey, hey, hey. One more song, and then we gotta call the news back.

Goomer: Yee-haw. [they both hug as the music video continues playing]

Captain Man: [singing] .. and the loving Captain Maaaaaaan..

[In Paris, the fight between the mimes and Danger Force continues. Captain Man throws one of the mimes across the counter, nearly knocking over the treasures. Volt tries to electrocute a mime but accidentally does so to ShoutOut, which makes her super-scream at the mime she may have been aiming at.]

ShoutOut: Sorry!

Volt: It's ok. [Captain Man is still fighting the queen mime. Volt finds a baguette on the floor] Alright lady, bag-uette wrecked! [she knocks her out with the baguette]

Captain Man: "Bag-uette wrecked"?

Volt: Yeah.

Captain Man: Okay, Chapa.

Volt: Yeah.

[ShoutOut is still fighting a mime]

ShoutOut: Uh, little help?

[Volt and Captain Man look at each other, then scream at the mime, which scares him as he runs away]

ShoutOut: Thanks.

Volt: No problem.

[AWOL teleports back. Everyone, including AWOL, screams]

AWOL: [looks around] Oh, man! I missed my chance to punch a mime?

[an alarm goes off and red lights flash. Monsieur Man gets up from his seat]

Monsieur Man: The strike! She is over!

Captain Man: What?

Monsieur Man: Yes, the France has purchased me a pretty pink motorcycle! [runs to the door] Now beepety-beep-beep-beep-beep outta my way. I am Monsieur Man! [runs out]

[Man's Nest. Night. The Toddler and Goomer turn the KLVY News on.]

Trent: Breaking news. The Toddler and Goomer have broken into the Man's Nest!

Goomer: That's right! And you tell Frankini I said that... [starts to cry] that I... that I love him, and... and I miss him! [he sobs and hugs The Toddler]

Toddler: How are you a bigger baby than me?

[Meanwhile, in the SWAG classroom, Brainstorm uses the pencil with his telekinesis to use the keypad again. The pencil is at the keypad and hits the number 1, which makes the keypad glow red. The security system activates again and the lasers turn back on. The Toddler and Goomer move around and get hurt with lasers repeatedly]

Trent: I guess that's what happens when villains try to break into the Man's Nest.

Mary: That's right, Trent. They dance for about 20 minutes, and then they get zapped.

Trent: Well then, I'm sure none of them will ever try to break in again.

Mary: Let's hope not. Trent? [looks at him]

Trent: Show's over, Mary. Just smile and wave.

Mary: Oh. [they both do so]

[Paris. Day. All the mimes have been tied up and the French lady returns]

French Lady: Captain Man! Ze strike! She is-

Captain Man: Yeah, yeah, she's over.

Volt: We heard.

French Lady: Did you protect the French national treasures?

ShoutOut: Well....

Volt: Not even a little.

AWOL: At least the pants made it. [he tries to get them off the plaque, which rips them in half] My bad. That's on me.

French Lady: What are we going to do?

Captain Man: Oh, well, uh, we are gonna go home.

French Lady: You cannot just leave! You came here, made a lot of dustup, and destroyed all of our stuff!

AWOL: Well, y'know. America! [throws the ripped pants on the ground]

Captain Man: I catch you talking Spanish, it wasn't for us.

[They all talk over each other. Schwoz, still dressed as Brainstorm, enters with a woman]

Schwoz: Guys! I met the love of my life!

Captain Man: We're leaving. [Captain Man and Danger Force start to leave]

Schwoz: No, but I just-

Captain Man: I said we're leaving! [pulls Schwoz away with him]

Schwoz: Whyyyyy?

[the woman stares at the tied up mimes]