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“Minyak Attack”
Season 2, Episode 18
Minyak Attack
Air Date

May 12, 2022

Prod. Code



Dicky Murphy


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Let's Go to the Movies!


Street Fightin'

Minyak Attack is the eighteenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on May 12, 2022 to an audience of 0.25 million viewers.


The Danger Force and Ray having fun making an abstract art painting in the Man's Nest living room and office space using paintball guns. Miles and Mika then stop for a second to ask why are they even using paintball guns to make the painting anyway, to which Bose and Chapa explain that Celia (Bose's mom) collects art, specifically abstract art with just randomly placed paint dots and splashes making up the whole painting like an abstract vividly-colored mosaic or collage together. And Bose explains he wanted to remake the one that his mom bought that he accidentally destroyed, and wanted to make a replica of it to replace it before Bose's mom returns from the Mom Convention (Mom Con).

Mentioning Mom Con causes Ray to become upset, reminding him that he was permanently banned from Mom Con because of him sneaking into it dressed as a woman just so he could try to flirt with the moms and other women at the convention. They then tease Ray about it until suddenly Dr. Minyak bursts through the door with furniture movers behind him carrying his belongings inside the Man's Nest. In the midst of the confusion, Kid Lawyer follows Dr. Minyak around as he gives a quick tour to Kid Lawyer showing him what he wants to do with the Man's Nest and how he plans to renovate it.

Ray and the Danger Force team try to ask what's going on, and Kid Lawyer then explains to them that because Captain Man spent too much time delinquently not paying his property taxes on the Man's Nest, the city confiscated it (from right under his nose), and sold it in a property auction to Dr. Minyak, of which Ray and Schwoz were totally unaware. Ray then explains he only owed $1 to the city of Swellview, and the Danger Force team chide him and scold him, telling him it's not even a big enough amount of money to fight the city over and that he should just pay it. Ray stubbornly retorts by saying he feels like he shouldn't have to pay any property tax on the Man's Nest, no matter how big or small because he's always saving the city from crime and danger. They then have an argument until Dr. Minyak tells them he doesn't care what they do, he just wants them evicted from the Man's Nest.

As Dr. Minyak's furniture movers are going around changing and rearranging things, the Danger Force and Ray invite Judge Tootie to the Man's Nest to see if Dr. Minyak's purchasing of the Man's Nest is legally okay or not, to which she replies it is perfectly okay and legal. She then explains that there is a loophole clause, however, that if Captain Man stays within the property of the Man's Nest, Minyak can't take full possession of it, until and unless he leaves willingly. So the Danger Force agree that they can put up with sharing the Man's Nest with Dr. Minyak, hoping he'll eventually change his mind and leave, as long as Ray doesn't physically or willingly leave the property.

Judge Tootie also explains that if Dr. Minyak leaves before Captain Man, Captain Man can legally buy it back as well. Captain Man then tries to force and kick Minyak out, but Judge Tootie explains Dr. Minyak or Captain Man have to leave from their own free will in order for the loophole to work. They then use their superpowers to beat up Dr. Minyak just out of spite until Miles teleports Judge Tootie back to her putt-putt golf game. Chapa then says they should just plan to be so annoying to Dr. Minyak that he feels like he has to leave to get away from their shenanigans.

They first decide to play Captain Man's old country music Christmas album to see if Captain Man's album will annoy Dr. Minyak. To their surprise, Dr. Minyak, actually enjoys the music and loves the song. A little while later, they decide to turn up the heat so high that it makes everyone sweat buckets, hoping that will annoy Dr. Minyak and make him leave. Ray then says that the Man's Nest is hotter than him when he went to prom, prompting him to show the Danger Force the picture of him and Mary Gaperman at their high school prom together.

Schwoz is revealed to be downstairs in the basement heating up the Man's Nest electrical and heating system with a large coal furnace. Dr. Minyak then shows that he is not annoyed by the excessive heat and says it just makes him feel like he's at the beach on a hot summer day. Moments later, Chapa comes to the front door in disguise as a delivery man named "Delivery Joe", and hopes that she can bait him to come outside to sign the papers for the "delivery." Dr. Minyak then cleverly and flexibly stretches his legs out with one foot inside the threshold of the door , and the other foot outside, leaning forward for him to sign the delivery papers so that he technically doesn't have to leave outside the door. Bose then comes up behind her and signs the paper for the deliveries since he was already outside, not realizing it was Chapa in disguise trying to bait and trap Dr. Minyak.

Dr. Minyak opens the package and realizes it was empty, which then prompts him to realize it was a trick the whole time. Dr. Minyak then decides to get revenge by broadcasting a message through KLVY with Mary Gaperman and Trent Overunder, to all the criminals in Swellview telling them that Captain Man can't leave the Man's Nest, so they're free to go around committing whatever crime they wish. The Danger Force then spring into action to stop the criminals who start popping up on their radar committing crimes.

Chapa fights a criminal clown on stilts trying to rob a bank, Miles fights a bear who's been terrorizing the citizens of Swellview, and Bose and Mika fight a group of delinquent kids who are causing trouble on a playground. Miles actually makes up with the bear after their fight and he befriends it, affectionately hugging him, while the others successfully put a stop to the other real crimes. Later on, back at the Man's Nest, they sit around eating lollipops and once again talk about how annoying Dr. Minyak is, considering that in addition to trying to get them to leave, he also keeps spoiling every movie they try to watch.

After they're done with their flashbacks about Dr. Minyak spoiling their movies and being annoying, they then get an alert notification on their phones that could change and ruin everything. They then tell Miles to teleport and quickly bring their restraining board upstairs so they can restrain Captain Man down to it and prevent him from spazzing out or attempting to leave. After doing so, they zap Captain Man's phone out of his hand, and tell him that his permanent ban from Mom Con has been lifted. In an extreme adrenaline rush, Captain Man breaks free of the restraints and tries to run towards the door before the Danger Force kids stop him and try to knock him down and hold him to the floor.

They then try to remind him he can't leave the property of the Man's Nest but to no avail as he still tries to get away from them and leave to go to the Mom Con. They then trap Captain Man in a frozen box of ice–specifically Schwoz's biocryogenic freezer–to stop him from leaving. Minyak then comes in the room and says even if they did freeze him, the ice will just melt within a matter of hours and he'll leave as soon as it thaws out enough for him to escape. Mika then tries to call the owners and coordinators of the Mom Con who lifted the ban on Captain Man and convince them to reinstate it. Minyak then reveals he's the one who bought and now owns Mom Con.

They then decide to concoct a plan that involves Celia and Vice Mayor Willard (Bose's step-dad), meeting up with Danger Force at the Hip Hop Purée. At the Hip Hop Puree, Schwoz is disguised as an art expert with the painting they were making earlier with the paintball guns, and Mika comes up with the plan to lure Bose's mom to the Hip Hop Puree with the painting and try to convince her it's an authentic painting like the one Bose destroyed, and also she says they can use the opportunity to also convince the Vice Mayor to change the laws about the property taxes concerning the Man's Nest and about tenants and residents leaving their property in the case of it being forfeited to someone else.

Celia instantly falls for the deceptive painting and doesn't even question it when she and Willard arrive. Celia then says the painting looks very similar to the one she already owns. They then distract her as Chapa sprays a red and green puree juice on the painting to make it look different than the one she had before. Back at the Man's Nest, Captain Man breaks free of the melting and thawing biocryogenic freezer and Miles tries to jump on his back in order to stop him from trying to leave. Miles then repeatedly teleports him back into the Man's Nest every time he heads for the door.

Back at the Hip Hop Puree, Celia then agrees to buy the new painting and reveals she actually knew Bose destroyed the original painting and that she was never mad at Bose for ruining it. Before they leave, Mika says the painting is free if Vice Mayor Willard makes a new law to let Captain Man permanently keep the Man's Nest. Vice Mayor Willard agrees and writes the new law with his signature on a napkin in the Hip Hop Puree. They then see Tootie at the Hip Hop Puree, and they ask her to ratify it so they can make the law official. Tootie agrees and ratifies it. When they get back to the Man's Nest, Captain Man is still trying to leave when the rest of the Danger Force team and Tootie arrive back and tell Minyak that the Vice Mayor made a new law reverting ownership of the Man's Nest back to Captain Man permanently. Minyak dramatically admits defeat and gets down on his knees and cries.

The episode ends with Captain Man leaving to go to Mom Con, and Tootie leaving as well. The Danger Force team then decide to trap Minyak inside and get revenge on him for all the antics he pulled trying to take over the Man's Nest.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • This is Dr. Minyak's first appearance since Quaran-kini and his final appearance overall.
  • Judge Tootie and Kid Lawyer from Bilsky's Billions return for this episode.
  • Ray wears his superhero mask throughout the episode.
  • This is another episode where Schwoz wears a disguise.
  • It is revealed that Captain Man has the Man's Nest entire HVAC and electrical system running on a coal furnace.
  • Chapa's costume "Delivery Joe" from the episode Power Problems, Part 2 returns in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Ray went to prom with Mary Gaperman.
  • Archduke Fernando's name is seen on the newscast.

Series continuity[]

  • Among Dr. Minyak's things is a painting of Nurse Cohort. Nurse Cohort does not appear in this episode, implying her character may no longer work for Dr. Minyak, but that he still keeps the painting of her to remember her by.
  • Captain Man’s album is seen again. The first isMime Games.
  • Schwoz’s pot of gold from Sister Twister, Part 1 was mentioned.
  • Captain Man’s words “bringing Christmas with his fist.” Is similar to what he said in Holiday Punch.

International Premieres[]

  • August 6, 2022 (Latin America)


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