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Mole people never cry!
— Swole Mole
Mole People
Full Name

The Mole People


Hairy Underwood
Hairy Poppins


Male, Female

Resides in

Swellview Tunnels


Kid Danger
Captain Man
Charlotte Page
Jasper Dunlop
Schwoz Schwartz

First Appearance

Secret Room

Last Appearance

Holey Moley

The mole people are half-human half-mole creatures living under Swellview in tunnels they dug.


Mole people are short. They have claws and mole heads. Unlike the creatures they are based on, they have eyes of normal size. They also seem to have the ability to see in the dark. They wear mustard pants and are governed by the Mole Queen, who differs from others by having a crown on her head and a different outfit. They have a way of resolving disputes to what they call the "Mole Way", where they make two opponents face each other blindfolded.


Their ancestors came to Swellview hundreds of years ago and their fathers made a network of tunnels throughout the city. They invaded one of the several Man Caves leading to its self destruction.


Henry Danger[]

In Secret Room, a single mole person was spotted in one of the several Man Caves built underground and he mischievously pushed the self-destruct button, leading to its collapse.

In Holey Moley, Henry, Charlotte, Jasper, Schwoz, and Ray discovered the tunnels where they lived, so they entered and traveled the city through them. Later they met the group of mole people and were surprised. The mole people suggested that they pay him 10 cents to using their tunnels, to which Ray approves, but when one of them went to Ray to give him the money, he instead threw him a punch at him.

At night, when the mole people break into Henry's house, he turns on the lights and they run away. Later, they tie up Schwoz and steal Ray's painting, so Henry and Ray go into the tunnels to get it back. When they find the mole people, they make Henry fight with the strongest mole person to recover the painting. He couldn't defeat him, then Charlotte arrives with a reflector and lights it, making all the mole people flee. But then the mole person who had fought with Henry pulls a lever that triggers the destruction of the tunnels, everyone leaves, but Ray stays because of his painting.

Danger Force[]

In Uncle Hambone, they extract the coal that powers the Man's Nest and since Ray, who became the Mole People's employer, did not pay them, they go on strike.

Notable Members[]



  • Mole Queen is portrayed by Ella Anderson, who also plays Piper.
  • Terry is played by Mark Munoz, who is Michael D. Cohen (Schwoz's) stunt double.
  • It is seen in Holey Moley that they have a lever that activates the destruction of their tunnels.
  • They know the locations of the Man Cave and the Hart house.
  • As it was said in Holey Moley, at night they sneak into rooms of the children who do not eat their dinner.
  • They would know the identities of Captain Man and Kid Danger.
  • They are intolerant to light.
  • They invaded the third Man Cave that was built.
  • They mine for coal in the Man’s Nest as mentioned in Uncle Hambone.