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Beepety-beep-beep-beep-beep outta my way. I am Monsieur Man!
— Monsieur Man's catchphrase
Monsieur Man
Monsieur Man
Full Name

Michelle Manchester


Monsieur Man (second identity)
Dame Judi French (by Ray)
French Stewart (by Ray)



Resides in

Swellview (temporarily)



Hair Color



Kim Danvers (kissed)


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Chapa (Volt)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Schwoz Schwartz


Mime Queen
That's 70's Crook
Groove Lava Factory Employees


Danger Force (temporarily)

First Appearance

Mime Games

Last Appearance

Captain Man Strikes Out

Portrayed By

Kerby Joe Grubb

Michelle Manchester, also known the superhero Monsieur Man, is a minor character in Danger Force. He is the superhero of France.

He is portrayed by Kerby Joe Grubb.

Description & Personality[]

Monsieur Man has long blonde hair and likes to play the accordion. He is comically French and thinks American tea tastes like ketchup and gasoline. His uniform consists of red pants, a white shirt with the sleeves red (left) and blue (right) below the elbow, red gloves, and a vest with the left half red and the right half blue. He also wears a belt colored like the French flag. His mask is blue with red and white pattern stripes on top.


In Mime Games, he went on a strike where he would not fight crime until France buys him a beautiful pink motorcycle. While he is on strike, France calls upon Danger Force to protect their national treasures. When the Danger Force arrives in Paris, they meet Monsieur Man at Hip Hop Paris, a French version of Hip Hop Purée. Monsieur Man tells them that his strike would not end until they buy him a pink motorcycle. He also mentions that everyone is on strike for him. Monsieur Man warns Danger Force about The Mime, a criminal who wants to try to steal the baguette. Monsieur Man laughs at the Danger Force during their fight against the mimes, which didn’t go well. After hearing the alarm for the end of the strike, Monsieur Man is excited that France bought him a pink motorcycle. He says goodbye to the Danger Force and leaves to claim his motorcycle.

In Captain Man Strikes Out, after Captain Man went on a strike of not paying for what he broke in a mission, Vice Mayor Willard called him to protect Swellview and Monsieur Man arrived at the Man's Nest on his motorcycle where he was welcomed by the Danger Force and danced upon arrival. While settling in the Nest, Monsieur Man and the Danger Force revealed their secret identities among them. Monsieur Man expressed that he does not like American mugs and went on various missions with the Danger Force, including one where he kissed Kim Danvers and saved her from Cavekid, rode his motorcycle with ShoutOut and participated with Volt in the band contest, making Ray jealous of them. Monsieur Man and the kids were captured by That's 70's Crook and employees of the Lava Lamp Factory and were about to fall into the lava. They were saved by Captain Man who ended the strike and saved his friends including Monsieur Man, but Captain Man left leaving Monsieur Man and the Danger Force hanging and yelling at him to come get them out.



  • He is a French version of Captain Man.
  • In English, Monsieur Man means ‘Mr. Man’, similar to how Ray is Captain Man.
  • He has his own lair, the Monsieur Mansion.


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