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Season 1, Episode 17
Air Date

February 20, 2021

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Nick Dossman
Shamar Michael Curry


Russ Reinsel

Episode Chronology

Lil' Dynomite


Twin It to Win It

Monsty is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on February 20, 2021 to an audience of 0.29 million viewers.


In the Man's Nest, Ray, Bose, Miles, Chapa and Schwoz are heating hot dogs in a burning barrel when Mika arrives in a robe and a T-shirt from the movie ‘Battle Pigs 4: Styfall’. She looks panicked, disoriented, and completely ruffled up. The kids realize this means Mika did something wrong, and they also remember that they were planning a telethon together for celebrity Danny Chest. Specifically, the ‘Swellview Telethon for Children of Unchill Parents That Only Let Their Kids Eat One Piece of Halloween Candy A Day’. Mika explains that she collected Ray's hair and used bones to try and clone Ray using Schwoz’s cloning machine. This only created Short Ray, a tiny clone of Ray, who destroyed the cloning machine. Mika reveals that Ray had to be go do jury duty, so she decided to create a clone for him so that he would not have to go and could attend Danny’s telethon instead. Most of her motivation to help Ray avoid jury duty is due to her desperation to be employee of the month, she reveals. Mika, at her house, had created a new cloning machine to create Ray's clone and be the employee of the month. The Ray clone appears and resembles Frankenstein. In the Man’s Nest, the monster Ray walks through the door and gives Mika a hug. She explains she’s it’s mother and its name is Monsty.

The next day, Mika is training Monsty, and he is wearing the original Captain Man costume. Ray arrives with Bose and gets angry because Monsty peed everywhere. He orders Schwoz to take Monsty to Cavetown where all the cavemen that Drex brought back were sent, but Mika doesn't want Monsty to leave. Schwoz passes the order on to Miles, who says he will. Later, Danny Chest and Ray sing together for the telethon, officially kicking it off. Ray sits down with Danger Force to watch the Danny host the remainder of the charity. However, Danny gets furious that less and less donations come in every year, so he straps all the kids down to their chairs. Danny threatens to launch Danger Force down the side of the mountain unless people start donating more money to the telethon.

Danny keeps making his money for his threat to throw the Danger Force into the river. Bose tries to free everyone but drops a bucket on Ray's head instead of Danny’s. It turns out Miles never took Monsty to Cavetown and that he, Chest Monster, and Tiny Ray are actually in the dungeon of the Man’s Nest. Mika decides to ask him for help, and although Danny said that no one can save them, Mika uses her Mighty Shout to call Monsty. Monsty breaks out to rescue his mother and returns to the Nest. He knocks down Danny and faces him to save the team. Monsty gets knocked out. Although Danny starts to get the upper hand, Danger Force quickly takes control of the situation. Chapa uses her bolts to jolt Monsty awake, and he kicks Danny, defeating him. However, he accidentally launches Ray out of the Man’s Nest.

Later, Ray announces the new Man’s Nest employee of the month, and it's Monsty. Dressed in their superhero outfits but with white underneath rather than black, Danger Force begins the ceremony. Monsty is awarded a medal. Everyone is proud and Ray tells Bose to give Monsty a ticket to Bordertown. Bose tells Ray he has to go do jury duty still, but Ray says he took care of that. It turns out Schwoz pretended be Ray for jury duty.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • Ray breaks the fourth wall by looking at the camera and saying, "That's another story for another week".
  • Ray mentions the Danger Force crew members Samantha Martin, Andrew Thomas and Mike Caron.
  • The real life relationship between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello is mentioned.
  • The Steven Crowder "Change my Mind" meme is referenced.
  • Celine Dion's song "My Heart Will Go On" is played.
  • Everyone saying 'Do your part' multiple times is a reference to the Henry Danger episode Mr. Nice Guy, when Mitch told Ray and Henry to do their parts.
  • This episode marks the first time that Herman Macklin appears without Angela Macklin.
  • Monsty wears the original Captain Man costume.
  • Danny Chest is the fourth good guy in the Dangerverse to turn evil with the first being Thumb Buddies, the second being Jack Frittleman and the third being Lil' Dynomite even though the latter later reforms.
  • The anvil has the word Acne, which is a parody of Acme, the fictional Looney Tunes factory.

Series continuity[]

  • Danny Chest from Henry Danger episode Swellview's Got Talent returns.
  • The cloning machine from the Henry Danger episode Grand Theft Otto returns.
  • Ray's bias against astronauts might be a reference to Space Invaders Part 1 & 2, when he went to space to save astronauts only to find out that they were illegally experimenting on bunnies,
  • Mika was wearing the same shirt that Ray and Jasper had from the movie Battle Pigs 4 Styfall from the Henry Danger episode Mr. Nice Guy.
  • Monsty says Henry's catchphrase "Feels Good" and Ray's "I'm Okay" but is seen wearing Captain Man's old suit from Henry Danger.
  • Drex and the cavemen from Henry Danger are mentioned.
    • It revealed that all the caveman Drex brought with him to the present moved to a city called Cavetown.
  • Ray mentions that there is an old version of him running around the Man's Nest somewhere, which is a reference to the Henry Danger episode Ox Pox, where an old Ray from the future comes to the past.

International Premieres[]

  • February 27, 2021 (Canada)
  • May 8, 2021 (Latin America)


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