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Monsty (character)
Monsty (character)

Captain Monsty (by Mika Macklin) Monty (by Danny Chest and Bose O'Brian)



Resides in


Hair Color

Dark Brown


Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Tiny Ray
Chest Monster
Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Schwoz Schwartz


Danny Chest

First Appearance


Last Appearance


Portrayed By

Cooper Barnes

Monsty is a Frankenstein version of Ray created by Mika in Monsty.

He is portrayed by Cooper Barnes.

Description & Personality[]

Monsty can’t speak in complete sentences like Frankenstein and really hates it when Mika or his momma is threatened.


In Monsty, when Ray had to go to jury duty but has to host a telethon with Danny Chest, Mika got the idea to clone Ray. After Tiny Ray blew up the cloning machine, Mika used barbecue full sized ribs to clone Ray the scary way. The results end with a monster version of Ray that called Mika "Momma", and Mika names him Monsty.

Later, Mika puts Monsty in Ray's old Captain Man uniform and said "I'm okay" and "Feels good". Ray steps in Monsty's pee and pee bucket, and demands he should be taken to Cavetown.

Schwoz tells Miles to take Monsty to Cavetown, but Miles couldn't and locks him and Tiny Ray in the Man's Nest's dungeon with Chest Monster.

Later, Monsty was with Tiny Ray and Chest Monster and reads a magazine about monster moms. Monsty responds to ShoutOut’s call for help after Danny Chest hold Danger Force hostage, and leaves the dungeon.

Monsty locks into combat with Danny Chest and is knocked unconscious when Danny throws a heavy pillow at him. Monsty is shocked awake by Volt, and beats Danny Chest, and accidentally shoots Captain Man out of the Man's Nest.

For his heroics Monsty is given employee of the month and Ray orders Bose to book him a bus ride to Bordertown.



  • He is the third character to be played by Cooper Barnes in Danger Force, the first being Ray and the second being Tiny Ray.
  • Like the real Ray, Monsty loves monster moms or “mom-sters.”