Much Ado is a short story that takes place in Anne Walsh's Dangerverse, some years before the main series. Much Ado takes place during the First Wizarding War, with the main characters including James and Lily Potter.


AU, one-shot, from the "Living with Danger" universe. Just before James and Lily's wedding, a Shakespearean-style conspiracy erupts, to get the best man and the maid of honor to realize they're meant for each other. Did it work? You tell me…

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After meeting with Dumbledore about a recently-finished mission, Remus returns to the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters in Devil's Face Road. Upon his arrival, he witnesses another argument between Aletha and Sirius, and begins to create a plan to get them together.

James, Frank and Remus allow Sirius to overhear a conversation of theirs discussing Aletha's unrequited love for Sirius, while Alice and Lily allow Aletha to hear a similar conversation about Sirius. Their actions work, and the two start to see each others' good sides.

At James and Lily's wedding, however, Sirius and Aletha discover that they have been tricked into dating, and decide to depart as friends. James and Lily have other plans, and each read out a poem by the couple confessing their love for the other.

Aletha storms off and Sirius chases after her, and actually confess their love for each other in a storage room. They decide to prank their friends to get them back, but become distracted during their planning.

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