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Twins are officially in season.
— Nana Winter learns to trust the twins.
Nana Winter
Nana Winter
Full Name

Nana Winter



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Fashion designer

Eye Color


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Captain Man
Finn & Quinn


Derrick Face

First Appearance

Manlee Men

Last Appearance

Manlee Men

Portrayed By

Jessica Pohly

Nana Winter is a minor character in Danger Force. She is a renowned and famous fashion designer.

She is portrayed by Jessica Pohly.

Description and Personality[]

Nana Winter is a woman with blonde hair and brown eyes who usually wears a bow on her head, as well as wearing extravagant clothing. She is a great fashion designer looking to give a great fashion show. Nana used to disown the twins, but after AWOL and Finn and Quinn saved her, she changed her mind, putting the twins in season.


In Manlee Men, she was a judge during the Swellview Fashion Show in 1982, where she left out Captain Man for a short time, which led to them having a conflict and Nana being helped by Derrick Face, but the three of them ended up falling into a slash, hitting Derrick Face with a reflector. After the event, Nana fired Derrick Face as a model for his terrible modeling, although he believed it was because of the scar caused by the incident. Years later, Nana held the 100th Swellview Fashion Show, announcing the event through KLVY and being interviewed by the twins Finn and Quinn. During the interview, Nana explained what she wanted for the fashion show, inviting Captain Man and Danger Force to participate, with the four young heroes wearing clothes from her brand.

Before the event, Nana was interviewed again by the twins to talk about men's clothing designer, "Chunk Manlee", and suggested that Manlee Men's clothing will be the future of clothing until they were interrupted by Captain Man, who was acting as a diva. When the fashion show began, Nana and the judges were surprised to see Captain Man's catwalk, wowing everyone with a hat. Nana witnessed the fight between the Danger Force and "Manlee"'s model henchmen. AWOL tried to protect Nana, who refused to be helped, but before a spotlight could fall on her, AWOL saved Nana. After the rescue, Nana thanked AWOL and Finn and Quinn for the rescue, deciding to put the twins in season. After discovering that Manlee's imposter is Derrick Face, Nana confesses that she expelled him for his terrible catwalk and made amends with Captain Man.

In Unmasked, Nana's purse was found at the Swellview police station and thanks to the intervention of Vice Mayor Willard, Celia took possession of the purse.



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