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Natalie Mazdah
Natalie Mazdah
Full Name

Natalie Mazdah



Resides in



Internet celebrity

Hair Color



Emma Watson
Chapa De Silva
Benny the Dog
Tony Soda


Mitch Bilsky

First Appearance

Say My Name

Last Appearance

Bottle Snatchers

Portrayed By

Sophie Michelle

Natalie Mazdah is a minor character in Danger Force. She is the most popular person in Swellview after meeting celebrity Emma Watson.

She is portrayed by Sophie Michelle.

Description and Personality[]

Natalie is a teenager with brown hair. As a well-known celebrity, Natalie always boasts about how she met Emma Watson on her flight, being admired by many people. Natalie's ego caused her to look down on others like Chapa De Silva, whom she began to treat better after she saved the Gold Soda at the Club Soda.


In Say My Name, Natalie Mazdah had met the famous actress Emma Watson on the same plane flight, which made her the most popular girl in Swellview. While in Hip Hop Purée, Natalie kept recounting her experience with Emma Watson until the Danger Force tried to make her say their real names without success, however, after seeing the victory of the 4 heroes against Toddler, who became interested in Natalie's story, and his henchmen, Natalie did a livestream, calling out the official superhero names of Brainstorm, ShoutOut, AWOL, and Volt.

In Vidja Games, Natalie was in the Howdee app to send greetings to her fans, generating money.

In Miles Has Visions, Natalie and others lined up to buy appliances at Tim Jerkowski's store, Hooked Tronics, though she left with the others after the Danger Force, Take-Out, Kyle, and Mr. Nice Guy accidentally destroyed the store.

In Bottle Snatchers, Natalie and her friends had a good time with Volt after saving the Gold Soda at Club Soda. The next day, Natalie, Benny the Dog and her friends criticized Chapa De Silva, who was secretly Volt, humiliating her into serving their orders. After Chapa and her friends defeated Mitch Bilsky and saved the Gold Soda, Natalie became friends with Chapa.



  • Currently, Natalie Mazdah is the most popular person in Swellview, surpassing the position of Captain Man.