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HD 3x09 Noelle



Drill Finger's Assistant

Eye Color


Hair Color



Sharona Shapen (aunt)


Jasper Dunlop (one "date", one-sided crush)
Henry Hart (one-sided crush)
Sebastian (one "date")


Drill Finger (boss)


Piper Hart
Jasper Dunlop
Captain Man
Kid Danger

First Appearance

Double Date Danger

Last Appearance

Double Date Danger

Portrayed By

Annalisa Cochrane

Noelle is a minor character in Henry Danger. She appears in Double Date Danger as Ms. Shapen's niece who is in town and needs a place to stay.

She is portrayed by Annalisa Cochrane.


Noelle is Sharona Shapen's niece. She also works with Drill Finger by helping him steal teeth from kids to give to the elderly to make money. She acts extremely pleasant towards everyone at first until she reveals her ties with Drill Finger and is shown to be truly rude and uncaring.


Noelle comes to visit her aunt in Swellview, where she meets Henry, Charlotte and Jasper. Henry and Jasper both fell in love with her and Noelle decided to stay at Henry's house. After packing her things Piper called her to choose who she was with wants to go out on a double date with Henry or with Jasper and Noelle chose Jasper and Henry was disappointed in that choice, later Captain Man and Kid Danger meet a boy named Sebastian and discover that Sebastian was tricked by Noelle and revealed that Noelle works for Drill Finger and Noelle is with Drill Finger and a group of old people who wanted teenage teeth and had captured Jasper, Piper and Kale. When Drill Finger is about to get out Jasper's teeth Captain Man and Kid Danger arrive just in time and Kid stops Noelle from escaping and Kid confronts the old men and Noelle tries to escape and Piper stops Noelle and Captain Man sends Drill Finger and the old people to prison and Noelle flirt with Kid to conver be it not to take her to prison and Kid and Noelle were going to kiss but they were interrupted by Captain Man and Kid told Captain Man that they only needed a minute and Kid stopped falling for Noelle's words and Noelle was taken to prison.


  • She is allergic to both cats and nuts.
    • She is even allergic to nut dust.
  • It is unknown how she met Drill Finger and became involved in his scheme.
  • She does not live in Swellview, but came occasionally to visit her aunt until her arrest.
  • When Noelle almost makes Henry/Kid Danger fall in love with her, she references Veronika, only this time she comes up with a plot to promise she will change for the better and be good.
  • It is unknown if her aunt knew she worked alongside Drill Finger.