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Officer Kogen


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Police officer

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Officer Lacy
Didi Walnut
Officer Doobin




Swellview Police Department

First Appearance

One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1

Last Appearance

The Whole Bilsky Family

Portrayed By

Anthony M. Bertram

Kogen is a minor-recurring character in Henry Danger. He is a police officer of the Swellview Police Department.

He is portrayed by Anthony M. Bertram.


Officer Kogen is an adult who has black hair and brown eyes.


In One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1, Officer Kogen arrests Veronika since they had discovered that she was the Mad Granny.

In Christmas Danger, he, along with another cop, took Captain Man under arrest by order of Chief Sullivan, as he had not used hair nets. He locks him in a cell and tells him to please stop saying "seriously". Then, he arrests Henry because he had broken several laws on purpose to go to jail, while Officer Doobin arrests Charlotte.

In I Know Your Secret, he arrives at Hart House, due to the illegal tanning center that Piper was running. But when he saw Jake grabbing the spray tanning gun, he believes that Jake is responsible for the place and arrests him.

In Stuck in Two Holes, Charlotte calls the Swellview Police to communicate that Captain Man and Kid Danger needed help in Beta Maximus. Kogen is the one who answers, but when Charlotte tells him what happened, he doesn't believe her and ends the call telling her never to call again.

In Sick & Wired, Officer Kogen

In Brawl in the Hall, he appears at Sweelview High School, along with Officer Doobin, as Captain Man and Kid Danger warned them that Bysh Bilsky had robbed the bank and had the money in her locker. When they look through the locker and see the money they take Bysh away under arrest, which she resisted.

In Danger Games,

In Henry's Birthday, he arrives at Always B Positive along with Swanson to take Jeff, but Henry not being as Kid Danger prevents them from entering, causing them to knock on the door and finally break it causing it to fall on Henry.

In The Whole Bilsky Family, he was one of the police officers who were outside Hart House demanding that they be let in, when they enter, he goes to the second floor of the Hart house and returns showing the Fresno doll, then Piper is arrested.


Henry Danger[]

The Adventures of Kid Danger[]


  • Kogen makes the most appearances of any police officer in Henry Danger episodes with 9 credits.
    • The only season in which he does not appear is Season 1.
  • He is the first notable police officer to appear in the spin-off animated series The Adventures of Kid Danger.