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Omega Weapon

The Omega Weapon was designed by Rick Twitler to drain Captain Man's powers and destroy him. It played a major role in the final half of Season 5. It was used against the Final Battle with Drex and in the aftermath it also gave Henry a new superpower and the Danger Force members their powers after it exploded.


In  Escape Room, it is Rick Twitler made a video in case his plan failed. He sent the blueprints of The Omega Weapon to The Messenger to give to the right villain to drain Captain Man's Powers and destroy him.

In Game of Phones, The Messenger arrives with the package, and The Toddler, Dr. Minyak, The Beekeeper , and The Time Jerker show up to get it. The Messenger accidentally reveals that they were getting blueprints for an Omega Weapon designed to destroy Captain Man. In the end Captain Man ties up the villains. At the Man Cave, Schwoz is examining the blueprints but sees that they're for a toaster. He then scratches off a stain on the blueprints, and a hologram appears, detailing an Omega Weapon that could take away Captain Man's power.

In The Beginning of the End, Schwoz rebuilds the Omega Weapon, a weapon that could take away Captain Man's superpower. Charlotte and Piper ask why, and he said it was because Ray said he shouldn't, and he wanted to get him back for pinching his cheeks and stealing his cereal.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 1, Charlotte finishes the Omega weapon but it needed some Shellgon Crystals to power it. She orders Jake to go down to the 10th Man Cave and receive the shellgon crystals from the right tube pad so that she can power the Omega Weapon. He goes downstairs, but can no longer remember which tube pad to get the crystals from. Captain Man reveals that there are Iridium Crystals which are in the left tube pad to run the power source in the tube system that runs through all of the Man Caves if the left crystals are remove it could cause a chain reaction that blows up every single Man Cave. Jake come up with the Shellgon Crystals but he also got the Iridium Crystal just to be safe.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Captain Man and Kid Danger take the Omega Weapon to Planes-a-Plenty to stop Drex. Drex, who tied up Mika, Miles, Bose, Chapa, and Schwoz, gets ready to battle Captain Man. Kid Danger is about to use the Omega Weapon on Drex but his Cavemen intervene pulling the hoses out. While Captain Man battles Drex and Kid Danger take out the cavemen, Miles uses the Laser Remote he heald on since Mount Swellview. Mika, Miles, Chapa, and Bose help Kid Danger put the hoses in and they blast Drex. The Omega Weapon exploded and Drex indestructibility was drained but he still had his clawed hand. While battling the Cavemen Chapa discovers her powers when she zapped a caveman with electricity. Schwoz theorized that the Omega Weapon must of altered her DNA, Miles soon teleported to places, and Bose was able to lift thing with his Mind. While steering the blimp to Mount Swellview Henry discovered the Omega Weapon gave him Force-Field powers. Mika later discovers her power in Danger Force.


  • The Omega weapon blueprints were disguised as a toaster but under a stain it project a hologram that details the Omega Weapon