A Patronus is a spritual protector used against dementors, conjured by using the caster's happy memories to deflect dementors. Each Patronus is (usually) unique to an individual.


Name Form
Sirius Black Originally a dog for his Animagus form, now a winged horse for Aletha's Animagus form
Draco Black Wolf. When combined with Hermione's, a werewolf
Meghan Black Unknown but probably a demiguise, for Neville's Animagus form.
Cho Chang Swan
Albus Dumbledore Phoenix
Lily Evans Tiger
Aletha Freeman-Black Originally a winged horse for her Animagus form, but now a black dog for Sirius's Animagus form.
Gertrude Granger-Lupin Lion for Remus's Animagus form
Hermione Granger-Lupin Lion. When combined with Draco, a werewolf
Neville Longbottom Doe for Meghan's Animagus form
Luna Lovegood Fox
Remus Lupin Wolf for Danger's Animagus form
Minerva McGonagall Cat
Harry Potter Stag
Severus Snape Doe
Arthur Weasley Weasel
Ginny Weasley Lynx
Molly Weasley Hen
Ron Weasley Jack Russell Terrier