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SW.A.G forever, I say!
— Miriam, in Ray Goes Cray
Percy and Miriam
Percy and Miriam.png

Male and Female

Resides in




Eye Color

Brown (Percy)
Hazel (Miriam)

First Appearance

Ray Goes Cray

Last Appearance

Down Goes Santa: Part II

Portrayed By

Jacob Farry (Percy)
Glory Joy Rose (Miriam)

Percy and Miriam are minor characters on Danger Force. They are very poor and they used to go to school at a bus station.

They are portrayed by Jacob Farry and Glory Joy Rose.


Percy and Miriam are very poor. they are usually positive, and would never leave people in a time of need.


They are first introduced in Ray Goes Cray, where they are moved into SWAG as new students. As soon as they first come in to the school, Ray, Schwoz and the Danger Force already have plans to make them want to leave and try to make them want, but they are too positive, so the Danger Force to let them stay and answer the emergency calls at night that they couldn't answer during the day. The next day, their teacher turns evil so Percy and Miriam have to hide in the closet. When he is defeated, Sharona Shapen comes in and places them in a new school.

In Down Goes Santa: Part I, they are being interviewed by the news, and Krampus touches them and they become his minions.

In Down Goes Santa: Part II, AWOL gives them presents and they are no longer under Krampus' control. Percy gets shoes and Miriam gets a pencil, which she thinks is a toothbrush.




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