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Italian Restaurant

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Pete & Sam's is a famous Italian restaurant that first appeared in The Adventures of Kid Danger episode Wet Doom.


Henry, Ray, Charlotte, Jasper, and Schwoz came here to eat dinner, until they get trapped in a bathroom. As the five are trying to find a way out, they reminisce about past adventures, until the water overflows up to their shoulders. Henry finds a solution by flushing the toilet, causing all the water (and Schwoz) to get flushed. They try to get Schwoz out of the toilet by using a toilet plunger, but fail. So, the four decide to eat with Schwoz still stuck inside the toilet. A boy comes in and flushes the toilet, making Schwoz get flushed away completely, so the four decide to eat his meatballs.


  • The place is shown to have spaghetti and meatballs, buttered spaghetti, parmesan cheese, breadsticks, lasagna, and wine.
  • One of portraits next the the restroom, features a man who nearly resembles Mr. Bean. In addition, Mike Tyson can be seen in another portrait.
  • Pete & Sam's is a real life Italian restaurant that can be viewed here.