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Ray and Piper


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Piper Hart



Ship Rivals

Ray Manchester and Piper Hart are both main characters in Henry Danger. This pairing is for friendship purpose only.

There was a difference to make between Piper's relation with Ray and her relation with Captain Man. She didn't know that the two are the same person until Sister Twister, Part 1.

Since then they have interacted. Like everyone else Piper isn't found of Ray's immaturity and self-absorb nature.

Possible names[]

  • Riper (R/ay and P/iper)
  • Pipray (Pip/er and Ray)
  • Rayper (Ray and Pi/per)
  • Pray (P/iper and Ray)
  • Piray(Pi/per and Ray)


Season 1 Moments[]

The Danger Begins[]

The Secret Gets Out[]

Substitute Teacher[]

Jasper Danger[]

The Space Rock[]

Super Volcano[]

My Phony Valentine[]

Caved In[]

Elevator Kiss[]

Dream Busters[]

Kid Grounded[]

Captain Jerk[]

The Bucket Trap[]

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1[]

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2[]

Jasper's Real Girlfriend[]

Season 2 Moments[]

The Beat Goes On[]

One Henry, Three Girls, Part 1 []

Season 3 Moments[]


Season 4 Moments[]


Season 5 Moments[]

Holiday Punch[]

  • She and Schwoz are laughing at Captain Man's funny meme on the internet.

The Beginning of the End[]

  • Piper states everyone will roll their eyes and sigh harder if Captain Man gets a statue.

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