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Poopsie Willard
Poopsie Willard
Full Name

Poopsie Willard



Resides in


Hair Color



Vice Mayor Willard (father)
Celia O'Brian (stepmother)
Bose O'Brian (stepbrother)


AWOL (on her side)


Buddy Fudgers

First Appearance

Bose's Birthday Party

Last Appearance

Bose's Birthday Party

Portrayed By

Channah Zeitung

Poopsie Willard is the daughter of Vice Mayor Willard, the stepsister of Bose O'Brian, and a minor character in Danger Force.

She is portrayed by Channah Zeitung.

Description and Personality[]

She has blonde hair and possesses brutal strength to destroy things like a table and a pod. Poopsie is very spoiled and asks her father for everything because he is the vice mayor, managing to make AWOL entertain her. She despises her stepbrother Bose and is upset about having to attend his birthday, being willing to destroy Buddy Fudgers' house if AWOL was not with her.


In Bose's Birthday Party, she quickly falls in love with AWOL when she sees him in Cat Holder magazine. During her stepbrother Bose's birthday party, she tries to warn her father, Vice Mayor Willard, about The Wicker Inn burning down and refuses to be at the party, threatening to destroy it if he isn't AWOL, so Vice Mayor hires AWOL to entertain his daughter and to keep him from destroying Buddy Fudgers' house. Poopsie hugs the hero as he teleports and listens to his suggestion to recreate the magazine cover photo with cats, which Poopsie agrees to. As AWOL was late, Poopsie began destroying objects in the house with her strength and AWOL eventually appears several times, bringing a raccoon for the photo, angering Poopsie. Seeing that Buddy's mother, Credenza, would be home in 27 minutes, Poopsie decides to run away and not clean up, asking AWOL to teleport her away, but is attacked by the raccoon and flees.



  • Her actress, Channah Zeitung, also portrayed Cavekid.
    • Poopsie shares the same destructive instinct as Cavekid.
  • She is considered a handful.


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