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Popcorn Monster (character)
Popcorn Monster (95)
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Captain Man
Kid Danger

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Popcorn Monster

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Popcorn Monster

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Fred Tatasciore

Popcorn Monster is a creature created by Captain Man and Kid Danger in Popcorn Monster.


The popcorn monster has a monster like body, made up of popcorn. The inside of the popcorn's mouth is mustard yellow, and its eyes are red.


After Ray uses a machine to duplicate a piece of popcorn, the popcorn becomes alive, and it soaks all the butter in the movie theater, causing it to grow bigger. Then, the popcorn monster attacks Swellview. Luckily, the monster crashes into a billboard sign, and it shrinks. However, the small piece of popcorn (which is alive) hops on a pigeon, and tells the superheroes that he'll be back on Christmas day.


  • The giant popcorn monster is based on Sandman from the Spider-Man franchise, Clayface from the Batman franchise, and Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z, living beings or creations that can be split up, grow in size, sometimes multiply, and are devastatingly powerful.
  • The Popcorn Monster in this episode is actually in the game Crime Warp as an enemy in the Time Jerker level.
  • When the popcorn kernel is flying away on the bird he says "I'll be back on Christmas Day", this is a reference to Frosty the Snowman's same line when he's flying away in the sleigh with Santa Claus.