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“Power Problems, Part 1”
Season 2, Episode 8
Power Problems Part 2 Official Image
Air Date

January 20, 2022

Prod. Code



Adrian McNair


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?


Power Problems, Part 2

Power Problems, Part 1 is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on January 20, 2022 to an audience of 0.25 million viewers.


The Danger Force and Captain Man eating at a pirate-themed seafood restaurant called Big Beard's. After finishing up their first round of food, one of the cooks also offers them shrimp skewered on authentic pirate swords like shish kebabs. One of the teen waitresses, named Lilith, serves them the sword kebabs, and while doing so, she flirtatiously fawns and dotes over Brainstorm whom she has a huge crush on.

While eating the shrimp off the sword kebabs, AWOL gets a text alert saying there's an emergency underway and that they need to leave to go respond to it. Captain Man tells them that they can go handle it by themselves until Bose reads the rest of the text saying that the emergency involves swimsuit models stuck in a walk-in freezer. Captain Man quickly leaves and changes his mind hoping to flirt with the models that he has to rescue from the freezer. The Danger Force then joke and laugh about the fact that they didn't mention to Ray that the models were in fact male swimsuit models, not female.

The Danger Force then get a new text alert on their phones saying the Hip Hop Purée is being robbed by a new criminal named the Gas Clown. They then leave the Big Beard's to go to the Hip Hop Purée. When they arrive, they realize the Gas Clown is an evil clown who throws rubber balls like grenades that release toxic gases from them when activated. He throws the gas balls at them while they try to fight him and subdue him but then suddenly realize that the toxic fumes from the gas balls are causing their superpowers to severely malfunction. The malfunctioning of their superpowers gets so bad that they can't even fight the Gas Clown, and when they realize he has the upper hand, they fall back and retreat, leaving the Gas Clown to claim victory and make off with the money he stole from the Hip Hop Purée cash registers.

Once he leaves, the Danger Force team go back to the Man's Nest and discover that their powers aren't working at all anymore. They tell Schwoz about the situation and Schwoz then warns them that they cannot tell Ray about this. He tells them they cannot let Ray find out about their superpowers malfunctioning or being gone because he said if they ever lost their powers he would suspend them from fighting crimes and shut down the S.W.A.G school. Panicked at the thought of having to give up fighting crime, they beg Schwoz to help them find a solution.

Just then, Ray comes back to the Man's Nest with the two male swimsuit models from the freezer he rescued revealing to the Danger Force that he's actually become quite friendly with them despite them not being female like he originally thought. He then tells the Danger Force kids he wants them to demonstrate their superpowers to the swimsuit models because he was bragging about them so much on their way back to the Man's Nest. Not knowing what to do, the Danger Force kids then try to stall for time until ShoutOut subtly gives the Danger Force the idea to use illusions to make them think their superpowers are still intact.

The Danger Force kids then use several illusions to "demonstrate" their superpowers, and fool Ray and the swimsuit models into thinking their superpowers are still working just fine, and Captain Man, although slightly confused, buys it, and the swimsuit models are impressed by it. Just then an emergency call comes in and the Danger Force give Captain Man the idea to go respond to the emergency call and take the swimsuit models with them so they can watch him fight crime up close.

The Danger Force team then go back to Big Beard's to eat again and discuss among themselves what they can do since their powers are malfunctioning so badly. While they're eating, Miles shows them a video of a newscast from Mary Gaperman and Trent Overunder where Mary and Trent are talking about how Captain Man went to go fight against Arson Boy (the emergency Ray took the swimsuit models to go see) but how everyone noticed he wasn't there with the Danger Force team as usual. Mary and Trent then discuss how the people of Swellview are beginning to think Captain Man is going to replace the Danger Force kids.

Just then, Schwoz calls the Danger Force kids and calls them back to the Man's Nest saying he may have an idea on how to get their powers back. He tells them that he thinks if they can go back and fight the Gas Clown again and get the gas balls he used against them and bring them back to the Man's Nest, he can try to use the gases from the balls to make antidotes to help restore their superpowers. When they get back to the Man's Nest, Schwoz gives them tools and equipment to help imitate their superpowers hoping it'll help them fight the Gas Clown just long enough to steal his gas ball grenades from him.

When they get back, he gives Mika an electric fan to wear in front of her torso (hoping it'll work like her superpower that sends out powerful sonic wave blasts from her mouth), he gives Volt an electrical power generator to wear on her back like a backpack with a cord that she can use to zap and electrocute people, and he gives Bose a fishing pole (hoping it'll work like his power of telekinesis by using the fishing pole to grab onto things he can use to fight with). The only one he doesn't give anything to is Miles because Miles' power deals with teleportation.

Schwoz then sends them out to fight the Gas Clown when they receive an emergency alert that he's trying to attack and rob the Club Soda. Later, when they arrive at Club Soda to fight the Gas Clown, the Gas Clown gets out of his clown car with a group of similarly dressed evil clown minions who he unleashes on the Danger Force to fight them. The Danger Force try their best to fight the evil clowns but are quickly and easily overpowered until Captain Man swoops in and beats them up. He knocks a few of them out and sends some of the other ones retreating and running away.

Captain Man then angrily and sternly orders them to return to the Man's Nest immediately revealing that he now knows the truth of them losing their superpowers. He angrily and irately reprimands them for lying about their superpowers and reprimands Schwoz for sending them out to fight the Gas Clown knowing their powers were malfunctioning and that they could've gotten seriously hurt. The Danger Force kids try to reason with him that Schwoz was trying to find a way to help them regain and restore their superpowers again, but Ray tells them that he doesn't want them to have the mindset that they can just depend on Schwoz to work a scientific miracle to help them out of every little bad and unfair situation. They argue back that he often let Henry fight crime all the time even before he had superpowers but Ray tells them that because of that Henry almost got killed and got badly hurt several times before he got any of his superpowers and that he doesn't want the same thing happening to any of them.

Schwoz then gives them the antidotes he made from the Gas Clown's gas balls, hoping it will help them regain and restore their superpowers. Shocked and disappointed when it doesn't work, Ray solemnly and angrily tells them to give him their special gum that helps them transform into their supersuits.

The Danger Force kids are saddened and disheartened that the antidote didn't work and Schwoz then wonders if maybe it wasn't the gas balls from the Gas Clown that took away their superpowers, but if maybe it was something else they were missing. The Danger Force kids then realizing there's nothing else they can do at the moment, and Bose suggests ordering food from Big Beard's as he says he is starving.

At Big Beard's, the cook from the kitchen who talked to them at the beginning of the episode is on the phone call with Bose taking their order when he takes out a treasure box filled with suspicious red fish.


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  • Ray and the Danger Force remain in their superhero uniforms for the entirety of the episode for the fifth time, following Drive Hard, A Cyborg Among Us, A Henry Among Us and Krampapalooza.
  • This is the second episode about Danger Force's powers. The first was The Danger Force Awakens.
  • The male swimsuit models are a reference to an ICarly episode, where Spencer thought male swimsuit models were females.

Series continuity[]


  • The Emergency alert says there were four swimsuit models but there were only two swimsuit models, Yan and Ruud.


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