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“Power Problems, Part 2”
Season 2, Episode 9
Power Problems, Part 2
Air Date

January 27, 2022

Prod. Code



Jake Farrow


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

Power Problems, Part 1


Attack of the Clones

Power Problems, Part 2 is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on January 27, 2022 to an audience of 0.33 million viewers.


In SW.A.G., Mika tries to explain to the team how they would get their powers back while Ray tries to shut down the school due to firing the kids. At that moment, Schwoz arrives at the place to show a movie he found from years ago called "Our Powers, Our Selves", in which he spoke with a Schwoz from the past explaining the puberty of superheroes with their powers and the Danger Force criticized the movie until it burned. Back at the Man's Nest, Chapa and Bose arrived with food they brought from Big Beard's restaurant and watched as Mika began to theorize with Miles, since she believed that the Gas Clown was not responsible for his loss of powers, but the food that Big Beard served them. The others did not think so until Schwoz appeared to reveal that on his podcast, where Tiny Ray made fun of him, Schwoz had mentioned that the juice of the red-eyed mudfish was capable of taking away the powers of the Danger Force, something that bothered him, but proved that Mika was right. Mika, Bose, Chapa, and Miles agreed to infiltrate the restaurant to find an antidote, but because they didn't have their gum, Miles made them all wear homemade suits. Bose and Mika went to the restaurant, where they were greeted by Lilith, while Big Beard looked at them with an evil face.

Bose and Mika talked to Lilith, who was still flirting with Bose, although he didn't understand her hints, and asked for their request and then informed Chapa and Miles to take action. As Big Beard opened his chest, Chapa, in disguise, interrupted him, as he had a crate of shellfish, which contained Miles. Big Beard began to sing about his evil plan to take away the powers of the Danger Force and Miles began to record it while Big Beard was interrupted by his assistant, Steven, and they both heard noises in the box, and found Miles recording them, which they both heard. Upset to see the recorded video, until Chapa came to the rescue to save his friend. To even things up, Big Beard called his pirates with his conch shell to fight the heroes. Bose was drawing a picture until he and Mika helped Lilith escape from the restaurant, as her father, Big Beard, was fighting Miles and Chapa. They were both taken to a boat to stay safe, but Mika and Bose were betrayed by Lilith by being locked in a cage.

Lilith explained her evil plan on how she made the Danger Force lose their powers so she could marry Brainstorm. Mika wanted to prevent it, but Bose was taken out of the cage to be carried to the altar. Back at the restaurant, Chapa and Miles were hiding from the pirates because they couldn't do anything without their powers until they realized that they can save the day without powers and bravely defeated the swords and with the help of the swords Steve gave them. The duo defeated Big Beard by cutting off his beard, as it gave him his personality, and discovered Lilith's entire plan, but first they let Big Beard down. During the wedding, Bose repeated what Schwoby's parrot was saying and was about to officially marry Lilith until they heard Captain Man's voice on the Man-Copter and landed to free Mika from the cage, however, Because he was on a boat, he became nauseous and began to vomit, so Bose and Mika took it upon themselves to defeat the pirates. When they defeated Lilith, Mika gave her back her phone so she wouldn't cry. A week later, Miles, Chapa, and Schwoz rested in the nest until Ray, Mika, and Bose arrived tired to reveal that they had not found an antidote, which Schwoz verified. With sadness, the Danger Force lamented that he never regained his powers, however, Ray was proud of how they faced the pirates without powers, so he rehired them, and they all returned to being heroes, but without powers. The Danger Force watched in beauty as Schwoby's parrot had married Big Beard's parrot and then both parrots flew away.


Main Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • The image that is shown "1 week later" is the same one that is shown the episode "Chum Fricassee" from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • This episode marks the first time a Nickelodeon show is referenced. Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob, is also credited for his role as the French Narrator.
      • This episode is also Tom Kenny's only voice role.
  • The title of Schwoz's film Our Powers, Our Selves is a reference to that of the 1970 women's health book Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Series continuity[]

  • The Red Eyed Mudfish's juice took away Danger Force's powers but not Ray's, much like when Doctor Minyak took away Ray’s indestructibility with Jolly Beetle tears in "Tears of the Jolly Beetle. Since the Red Eyed Mudfish juice couldn’t take away Ray’s indestructibility, the Jolly Beetle tears must be the only thing to take away Ray’s indestructibility.


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