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Piper and Schwoz


Piper Hart
Schwoz Schwartz


New friends

Piper and Schwoz are two characters on Henry Danger. They first meet in Season 3, but started a friendship beginning in Season 5's Sister Twister, Part 2.

This pairing is for friendship purposes only.

Possible Names[]

  • Poz (P/iper and Schw/oz)

Season 3 moments[]

Green Fingers[]

  • Piper meets Schowz for the first time.
  • Schwoz talks to Piper like a child.

Season 4 moments[]

Season 5 moments[]

Sister Twister, Part 2[]

  • Schwoz sees Piper in the Man Cave and goes up the tube.
  • Piper recognizes Schwoz from various disguises he wore in the past.
  • Piper gives an annoyed look at Schwoz thinks she is a super villain.
  • Piper suggested to create a charge to remote detonate and Schwoz reminded her that she was the one who wiped Ray’s memory.

A Tale of Two Pipers[]

  • Piper was hiding behind Schwoz when he was building a time trap.
  • Piper tells Schwoz that they get the time loop thing.

Story Tank[]

Captain Mom []

Visible Brad[]

  • Piper (and Charlotte) help Schwoz find a way to turn Brad visible.
  • They try to walk away when Ray gets a call about 14 giant cats.

EnvyGram Wall[]

Holiday Punch[]

  • Schwoz keeps calling Piper a rookie.
  • Schwoz declines Jasper's help and Piper goes with Schwoz.
  • They both laugh as they come out of the elevator when they get a funny post of Captain Man.

Mr. Nice Guy[]

  • Schwoz helps Piper get her phone out of her mouth.

Theranos Boot[]


Cave the Date[]

Escape Room []

  • Schowz and Piper both wear the bear-proof suit.

Game of Phones []

Remember the Crimes[]

The Beginning of the End []

Captain Drex[]

The Fate of Danger: Part 1[]

The Fate of Danger: Part 2 []

  • Schwoz is dropping Piper off in college in Florida.

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