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Punk Function
Punk Function
Resides in

San Bernardino, California

First Appearance

Down Goes Santa: Part I

Last Appearance

Down Goes Santa: Part II

Punk Function is an abandoned store in San Bernardino, California, and served as Krampus's prison for thousands of years until his release.


After a legendary battle against his evil brother, Krampus, Santa Claus defeated his brother and locked him in an old abandoned store called Punk Function, where only boot-cut jeans and buckles were previously sold. of giant belts, thumb rings, trucker hats and long-sleeved T-shirts with flames. Santa used a powerful spell to lock Krampus away and make everyone forget his evil, keeping Krampus a prisoner of Punk Function, where he dressed in his old clothes.

In Down Goes Santa: Part I, after Santa was shot by Volt's lightning bolt from his sleigh, the spell on Punk Function was broken, causing Krampus to emerge from his prison after thousands of years and head to Swellview to exact revenge on his brother.

In Down Goes Santa: Part II, after catching Santa, Krampus and his new girlfriend, Fran, went to Punk Function, where they would destroy Santa and eliminate Christmas, however, the Danger Force teleported and confronted Krampus without success. Captain Man and Krampus got into a fight in the store, but knowing that Krampus was only hurt because he didn't receive his jet ski, Captain Man takes pity on him and gives him his jet ski, making Krampus turn back to normal, disgusting Fran, who leaves the store. Because Santa did not remember his identity, the Danger Force left Punk Function and used the sleigh to deliver the presents, while Captain Man, Krampus and Santa drove the jet ski.



  • The name of the store is a parody of the movie Pulp Function.