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[a bird's-eye view of the city. On the right side, we see a power plant with a large sign on the ceiling that reads "BHUTT FACTORY". We then cut to the exterior of a Flynn theatre, which is closed. Then, Swellview Park, which is also closed, as the Farmer's Market was cancelled. We then cut to an exterior shot of Trent Overunder's house. A graphic appears onscreen, which reads "QUARANTINE" in red "top secret" font letters. Trent is doing the news at home by video call. Mary Gaperman is doing the same]

Trent: [there is a hand-drawn KLVY logo taped to the wall behind him] Quarantine.

Mary: [a handmade banner which reads "KLVY" and a handmade sign which reads "With Mary Gaperman" with hand-drawn hearts on it are behind her] The number between thirteen and fifteen.

Trent: No, Mary, that's fourteen. This is the other thing that we've talked about.

Mary: Shelter-in-place.

Trent: That's right. Swellview's freedom of movement has ended. It's gone.

Mary: Safer at home.

Trent: The Vice Mayor says that, effective immediately, everyone in the city of Swellview must remain in their homes, and it's all because of an industrial accident I can't describe without laughing.

Mary: There's a gas leak. At the Bhutt Factory.

Trent: That's right, Mary. [a hand-drawn picture of Harold Bhutt shows up onscreen by a hand which holds it in place] Harold Bhutt, who's family has owned Swellview's natural gas power plant for three generations, released a statement describing exactly what took place.

Mary: The statement says [the picture of Harold goes away as Mary reads] "An intruder broke in and unclenched a valve downstairs. The pressure started building deep in the bowels of our factory. We were unable to hold it in, and eventually, it just leaked out."

Trent: Authorities say the gas leak is silent, but it could be deadly. [turns his chair, camera changes angle] They also predict that as soon as people are confined to their homes, they'll suddenly become obsessed with baking bread, taking pictures of bread, and posting tons of hot, hot bread pics online.

Mary: [gasps] I'm gonna bake bread! [walks out of view]

[Chapa's room. Chapa is dancing]

Chapa: Quarantine. Quarantine.

[Miles joins the call]

Miles: Wassup!

Chapa: [still dancing] Wassup!

Miles: You doing dances?

Chapa: All day.

Miles: You got my bread pics?

Chapa: [still dancing] I don't have a phone.

Miles: Okay, I'll email them to you. What's your email?

Chapa: [stops dancing] Oh, it's "I don't want to see your bread pics at stop sending me dough shots dot stop it"!

Miles: [sending the pics] Aaaaand sent. Enjoy!

Chapa: [continues dancing] Hey, where's Mika?

Miles: Who?

Chapa: Mika.

Miles: Nah, I've never heard of her.

Chapa: She's your sister. now where is she?

[Mika joins the call]

Mika: I'll tell you where I'm not! My bedroom!

[An embarrassed Miles lowers his head and puts his hand over it]

Chapa: Why?

Mika: Because someone had a gas leak of his own in there earlier today!

Miles: Look, it started in the hall and followed me in!

Mika: I may never go back there again.

Miles: Ok, I think we should concentrate on what really matters in a situation like this, and that is... Chapa's dancing. [Chapa has been dancing this whole time, and she continues to do so]

Mika: [to Chapa] Yeah, why are you dancing?

Chapa: 'Cause, I'm gonna spend my quarantine making a new ClikClok dance. Gonna post it, gonna go viral, gonna get ClikClok famous!

Miles: Ooh! You want a song? I've been sittin' on a cuppa' beats for a minute! [in a deep voice] They're about to hatch.

Chapa: Since when are you sittin' on beats?

Miles: That's my quarantine path! Check it! [turns on a cat face filter as DJ music plays] I'm gonna be DJ M-Cat. I'm gonna host an online dance party every day, and bake bread every night!

[Chapa continues dancing. Bose joins the call.]

Bose: Wassup?

Miles: Wassup?

Bose: You get my bread pics?

Mika: Love 'em.

Miles: Delicious!

Chapa: [stops dancing] Don't. Have. A phone! [she claps her hands after each word]

Bose: Well, I gotta go. I'm gonna try to watch all the TV over quarantine, like, every show everywhere. Gonna be so smart when I'm done.

Mika: What?

Chapa: Yeah, what?

Miles: What they said.

Bose: TV makes you smarter! I don't think you guys watch enough, and it shows.

Mika: Well, I'm gonna spend my quarantine getting actually smarter by learning a foreign language! Like German, or Italian...

Bose: I already speak Italian. I learned it by watching Italian soccer. On TV.

Chapa: There is no way you speak Italian.

Bose: [speaks Italian, subtitles read "Truthfully, Chapa. At times I feel better when I'm speaking Italian. It's like I'm speaking... from my heart.]

[Mika stares dreamily]

Chapa: Mama Mia. [mouths "wow"]

Miles: Ok, Chapa, I'm gonna go write you that song. It's gon' slap!

Bose: What song? [Miles leaves]

Chapa: I'm making a new dance for ClikClok.

Bose: Ooh, can I do it with you? Uh, during commercial breaks?

Chapa: Sure.

Mika: Aww, look at us! We're gonna crush this quarantine! We may just be kids, but like the bread in all of our ovens, we will rise to the occasion!

[Ray is about to join]

Chapa: Aaaand here comes Ray.

Ray: [joins] HELP ME! [stammers and stutters] HELP ME!

Chapa: What's wrong?

Ray: I'm stuck in the Man's Nest garage!

Mika: How did you-

Ray: When the quarantine hit, I ran in here to get my collection of pictures of Henry's mom! [he holds a box labeled "HENRY'S MOM PHOTOS"] But then I locked myself in, and Schwoz isn't here...

Mika: It's a quarantine, where did he go? [Chapa leaves]

Ray: I sent him to Canada yesterday to get all the hair products I can't get in America because everybody in this country just loves whales so much more than they love great hair!

Mika: Are there whale parts in your hair gel?

Ray: Oh, uh... WHO CARES?! All I know is I'm down to my last bottle of Whaler's Choice Hair Gel, [starts to break down] I'm stuck in this room, and I don't think I can do this quarantine alone!

Bose: Well, maybe it'll end tomorrow.

Mika: Yeah, don't abandon hope.

[a news alert goes off]

Bose: Hey, news alert!

[cut to Trent and Mary's at-home news desks]

Trent: Breaking news. The Vice Mayor says that everyone in Swellview should abandon hope.

Mary: [excitedly] Because this quarantine just got extended for another month!

Ray: [dramatically] NOOOOOO!!!! [zoom out of the Man's Nest. Mika, Bose, Trent and Mary look around as they can hear Ray yelling from their homes]

[A homemade version of the Danger Force theme song. Each character shows homemade title cards with the Danger Force logo and the cast member's name. They all appear at the end and say "1-2-3 Force!"]

[Day 3 of quarantine]

Trent: The lockdown continues as Swellview enters it's third day of quarantine.

Mary: [does jazz hands] Quarantine!

Trent: No, Mary, it's not a musical this time.

Mary: It could be. It could be a musical called "Quarantine!"

Trent: Mary, please.

Mary: [singing] Quarantine, quarantine, the dangdest thing thing 'ya ever seen! Quarantine, quarantine!

Trent: Alright, that's it. I'm gonna go finish writing my novel. [he gets up from his homemade news desk. The camera is lowered to reveal that he was just wearing business clothes from the waist up, and no pants, revealing his boxers. Trent notices this immediately and heads towards the camera to try and remove it]

Trent: That's a cut! Access cut!

Mary: Quarantine!

[Chapa and Bose are practicing their ClikClok dance in their house while Mika reads a book titled "Nein Ways To Learn German". Chapa and Bose suddenly stop dancing as though they've messed up]

Chapa: Why can't I do this? [she talks over Bose] What's wrong with me? Stop doing it wrong, just do it right!

Bose: Dance, Bose, dance!

Chapa: How's this supposed to go viral if no one else can do it?!

[they stop talking. Mika has stopped reading as she wasn't able to concentrate with all the noise]

Mika: Ok, I have to get back to studying German, but let me just say that I don't think yelling at Bose is gonna help him learn your ClikClok dance.

Bose: I know what will help. Watching more TV!

Chapa: You can't learn my ClikClok by watching TV.

Bose: You can learn anything by watching TV. Or, as they say in Germany, [speaks German, subtitles read: Learning achievement is easily facilitated through the mindconsumption of television]

Mika: [stops reading again because she is distracted by Bose's German accent] WHEN DID YOU LEARN TO SPEAK GERMAN?!

Bose: Yesterday. There was a game show marathon on the Swellview German channel. Spent all day binge-watching, or, [says "completely grasping" in German], as they say in Deutschland.

Mika: No!

Chapa: What?!

Bose: It's TV. It's the best thing that's happened to brains since video games.

Mika: Ok, I'm done learning German. Chapa, I'm doing your ClikClok dance.

Chapa: Yaaaaas!

Bose: Wilkommen an Bord, Mika!

[Meanwhile, Miles is live on EnvyGram with a cat face filter on. There is party music in the background]

Miles: What's up, EnvyGram, it's 'ya boy, DJ M-Cat! M-M-M-M-MOW! And right meow, we've got... one person watching... and it's my teacher, and I see him, so you can stop commenting! [an account with the username "G'RAY'T_HAIR_GUY100" repeatedly comments on the stream] Stop commenting! I see you, stop commenting! FINE! [the person commenting is revealed to be, and obviously was, Ray. He joins the stream]

Ray: Miles, there's a Danger Force Zangout meeting about ending the quarantine, I need you there.

Miles: Bruh, your hair is a mess!

Ray: Are we on EnvyGram Live?!

Miles: Oh yes, we are. Hey, congratulations to that one fan who won-- [Ray pushes a button and the other Danger Force members suddenly appear onscreen] Did you just kick me off?!

Ray: Yes.

Miles: How did you...

Mika: Turns out Schwoz put secret apps on all our devices so they can watch everything that we do.

Ray: Alright, first item on the agenda: I got quarantine hair.

Bose: You ran out of Whale Gel already?

Ray: You guys gotta help me end this before this gets any worse.

Chapa: Who cares what your hair looks like if you can't leave the Man's Nest anyway?

Ray: Quick question, Chapa. How many covers of Luscious Hair Quarterly have you been on?

Chapa: Zero.

Ray: Zero? Like not at all? Like not a single one? [shows a cover] 'Cause I've been on 62 of them. Okay, so as soon as you have been on 62 covers of Luscious Hair Quarterly, then you can comment on my hair. I'm gonna find out whoever caused this gas leak, and I'm gonna punch them in the face five hundred times.

Miles: Yeah, but that still won't end the quarantine.

Ray: Schwoz!

Mika: He's stuck in Canada. [Bose gets up from his chair to watch more TV, but doesn't disconnect from the call]


Bose: Dude, quiet down. I'm trying to learn sign language by watching TV.

Chapa: How could you possibly learn sign language by watching TV-

Ray: SCHWOZ!!!!!

Miles: I got him!

[Schwoz joins the call. He is holding a dog and is wearing a skiing outfit]

Schwoz: Hi from Canada! I'm about to go ice climbing while I wait for my sourdough to rise. This [referring to his dog] is Bodhi, he's my ice climbing guide dog.

Mika: Aww, look at the puppy!

Miles: We don't deserve dogs.

Ray: Where's my Punch-Through-Screen, Schwoz?

Schwoz: Oh, it's next to the rock you stole from the beach because you think it looks like your face.

Ray: Rock handsome? Thanks, Schwoz. [leaves]

Miles: Hey, what's a Punch-Through-Screen?

Schwoz: It's a special tablet I invented that uses the power of the internet to let Ray punch people on the other side.

Chapa: Hey, can I get one of those?

[Ray returns]

Ray: Found it! Testing punch! [Schwoz is suddenly punched in the face]

Schwoz: Ow!

[Bose comes back]

Bose: [speaks both verbally and in sign language] Hey! Quiet down! I'm learning sign language.

Mika: Wow.

Ray: I'm gonna go call every criminal in Swellview and Screen-Punch them until I find out who leaked the gas. [leaves]

Schwoz: I'm going to go climb some ice. Or maybe put some of it on my face.

Chapa: Have fun! I'm gonna teach these guys my ClikClok dance.

Miles: To my song.

Chapa: So they can help it go viral.

Schwoz: Did you just say you're doing a ClikClok dance?

Miles: To my song. That's important.

Chapa: You any good at dancing?

Schwoz: [scoffs] You any good at being angry all the time?

Bose: You're really good at that, Chapa. [Chapa has an angry look on her face] You're doing it right now! [Mika leaves] That's it! There it is!

[Meanwhile, The Toddler is live streaming]

Toddler: Well, well, welcome to my channel. Ok. Today, I'm gonna show you how to make a quarantine mask... [holds a diaper] out of a diaper. Now, I know, I know, a lot of people have a problem putting a diaper on their face. [does so] But I promise you, the bacteria outside is... [a call request goes off repeatedly] than anything that comes out of your... [accepts request from Captain Man] Captain Man?

Captain Man: Did you leak the gas?!

Toddler: What? [Captain Man punches him through the screen] Ow!

Captain Man: Did you let it out?!

Toddler: No! And, hey, what's wrong with your hair? [Captain Man punches him again] Ya-ow! I didn't leak the gas, ok?! I've just been making masks... [shows a freshly baked batch of bread sticks and talks in a deep voice] and baking bread.

Captain Man: Oh, yeah? Let's take a whiff of your TwitFlash history. Four days ago, you wrote, [does an impression of him] "Ew, anyone else smell that?" [normal voice] Apricot emoji. Arrow. Dark cloud. Dark cloud. Skull and crossbones. #CrimeLife #CriminalsBeLike #YOLO

Toddler: Ok, the YOLO was a little much, but-

Captain Man: Your message is the first time anyone mentioned smelling the gas, and according to Swellview Criminal Code Section 408697-2 Paragraph B, Subsection 1, "Whoever smelt it dealt it".

Toddler: IT WASN'T ME! [Captain Man punches him. He starts crying. Captain Man starts to go for another punch] De-de-de-de-de. [Captain Man stops] It wasn't me. I didn't smell it first. But I think I know who did!

[Meanwhile, Mika, Bose, Miles, Chapa, and Schwoz are all practicing the ClikClok dance. Schwoz does the dance wrong. Chapa stops recording and everyone stops dancing. They all argue over the dance again]

Schwoz: Sorry, sorry...

Miles: We almost had it!

Schwoz: Sorry!

Chapa: Just do it right!

Bose: This is why you're the dumb one.

Schwoz: I said I'm sorry, gah, I'm on a five! [leaves]

[Bose talks in sign language]

Mika: What was that?

Bose: It's sign language. It means... [says the phrase both in sign language and verbally] I miss you guys.

Miles: Miss you too, man.

Mika: Same.


Bose: From TV, why does no one believe me?

[they all talk at once]

[Elsewhere, Dr. Minyak has been hoarding toilet paper and other things that there are shortages of]

Dr. Minyak: .. Which is why I, Dr. Horatio T. Minyak, have been hoarding toilet paper, sourdough starter, and hair care products. Now, if you should like to purchase any of these products at an unreasonably high price, you can contact me at- [he is interrupted by a request to join the call. Minyak is the only one on the call until The Toddler and Captain Man join] Ohhhh! Toddler?! Captain Man?! How dare you interr- [Captain Man punches Minyak in the face through the screen] OW! [The Toddler laughs]

Captain Man: Admit it! You leaked gas from the Bhutt Factory!

Dr. Minyak: [has a shocked look on his face] I did no such thing!

Captain Man: [to The Toddler] Tell him what you told me.

Toddler: Minyak, four days ago, you sent me a text that said: [imitates Dr. Minyak] "Toddler, it smells like your diaper blew a big brown cloud all over Swellview."

Minyak: So what if I did?

Captain Man: So, according to Swellview Criminal Code Section 408697-2 Paragraph B Subsection 1, "Whoever smelt it, dealt it."

Minyak: That's true, Captain Man. But Paragraph D Subsection 2 Footnote X of that same criminal code states: "Whoever did the rhyme did the crime."

Toddler: OHHHHH!

Minyak: You forgot that!

Captain Man: No, no, no hold on, wait. no, no, no. [they're talking over each other] Now you know I didn't do this. That's not my brand. You know that's not my brand. [they stop talking over each other]

Minyak: Oh, it is so your brand.

Captain Man: You wanna see my brand? Here's my brand! [punches Minyak, then the Toddler, then both at once. He then headbutts them. He then throws them both off the screen in different directions]

[Meanwhile, Chapa, Mika, Miles, Bose, and Schwoz practice the ClikClok dance]

Chapa: Five, six, seven, eight- [Mika's phone makes a sound as it gets a notification]

Mika: Hang on, hang on.

Bose: Oh!

Schwoz: We were definitely going to do it that time!

Chapa, Miles, Mika and Bose in unison: No, we weren't.

Schwoz: You're right.

Mika: Ray sent me a text.

Chapa: Must be nice having a phone...

Mika: Stop. He says we have to transform and start calling criminals ourselves.

Schwoz: But I want to dance!

Mika: I've got an idea. Everybody, go transform.

[everybody runs off to do so, except for Schwoz.]

Schwoz: But I don't have anything to transform into...

[They come back wearing homemade versions of their uniforms: black jackets with the Danger Force logo, and black eye masks like on set. Each eye mask has it's own colored outline to match the person wearing it, like on set. Brainstorm's uniform doesn't have a logo on the jacket]

Brainstorm: No logo?! Stupid quarantine gum.

Volt: So, what's the plan?

ShoutOut: We call Frankini.

Schwoz: Aiieee! [runs off]

AWOL: You think he did this?

ShoutOut: No, but he hosts an online dance party every day.

AWOL: No wonder no one showed up to mine!

ShoutOut: Frankini will be great at teaching us how to do Chapa's dance. [he requests to join the call and is accepted by ShoutOut]

Frankini: [gasps] Well, it's about time!

AWOL: Huh?

Frankini: I've been waiting for you guys or Captain Man to call me for days.

Volt: Why?

Frankini: Don't you know? I leaked gas! From the Bhutt Factory! [laughs evilly, then falls down. Everyone stares at the screen in shock]

ShoutOut: You leaked the gas?!

Frankini: I did, and I've been waiting for daaaaaays for you all to figure it out!

AWOL: But why would you leak the gas-

Volt: Hey, how good are you at dancing?

Frankini: Are you kidding? I'm amaaazing!

Volt: And how good are you at teaching people to dance?

Frankini: Well, I'm amaaazing!

Volt: And how good are you at-

Frankini: Ok, the answer to any question about me is, I'm amaaaazing!

Schwoz: Established.

Brainstorm: [speaks German, subtitles read "But why did you leak gas from the Bhutt Factory?]

Frankini: Your German is wunderbar.

Brainstorm: Danke schoen.

Frankini: The reason I leaked the gas is because I've always wanted to be in one of those music videos where celebrities sing a song to lift everyone's spirits in a time of despair.

Volt: So, go ahead and be in one.

Frankini: Well, I can't be in one... unless there's a time of despair.

ShoutOut: So you leaked the gas...

AWOL: ..which you knew would create a quarantine...

Schwoz: ..which would eventually cause people to feel sad and alone...

Brainstorm: ..so they would want to bake bread!

Frankini: NO! So then I could appear on the internet with my celebrity friends, and we'd sing a beautiful song to lift everyone's spirits.

Brainstorm: [speaks Italian, subtitles read: "Frankini, you are a mysterious person that is both beautiful and terrible..."]

Frankini: Oh my, thank you so much.

ShoutOut: I can't... you can't... no.

Volt: You gotta stop doing that around me.

AWOL: So, I assume you've already written this uplifting song?

Frankini: Of course I have.

Volt: And is it any goo-

Frankini: It's amazing! Will you be in my heartfelt, celebrity, uplifting... [takes a dramatic breath] song montage?

Schwoz: Ja.


ShoutOut: But afterwards, you gotta go back to the Bhutt Factory and plug that leak.

Volt: And you gotta teach these guys my ClikClok dance.

Frankini: Deal.

[Captain Man joins the call]

Captain Man: Ok, I don't know if you guys have heard any rumors or anything, but that gas out there is not my brand, ok-

Volt: Frankini did it.

Captain Man: Just as I always suspected.

ShoutOut: You never once said anything about-

Captain Man: The only question is why?

AWOL: Because he wants us to be in a heartfelt, celebrity uplifting song montage with him.

Captain Man: Well, that does make sense.

ShoutOut: Does it, though?

Captain Man: The thing is, when you're an important person... [they talk over each other, then perform the song]

Captain Man: Alright. Now it's time for Frankini to meet me at the Bhutt Factory and clench off that gas leak.

Frankini: Si, si, si.. Ciao! [him and Captain Man leave]

Bose: Auf wiedersehen!

Schwoz: So... what do we do now?

[Volt quickly turns on the music and they all do the ClikClok dance. They jump which makes them transform back into their regular clothes. They then do various real TikTok dances at a fast pace]

Mika: Oh, my gosh.

Chapa: Yes!

Miles: We did it!

[they talk over each other. One by one, they leave the call]

Miles: I'm never doing this ever again, and it was so fun! [screams]

Schwoz: I was patient with you and it paid off. Just saying.

Miles: Yeah, I think I'm gonna do another one. [laughs]