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“Radioactive Cat”
Season 1, Episode 19
Radioactive cat
Air Date

March 6, 2021

Prod. Code



Angela Yarbrough


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

Twin It to Win It


Miles Has Visions

Radioactive Cat is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on March 6, 2021 to an audience of 0.42 million viewers.


In SWAG, Ray is training the Danger Force how to heroically kick down doors. Ray said that this is very important and each one kicks a door and they saw that there was an intruder outside and SWAG went into normal mode. They opened the door and they saw who Bose's mom is, Celia. Ray immediately falls in love with Celia and starts flirting with her. Schwoz starts scanning Celia as Celia was talking to Bose. Mika told Celia should go and when Celia left SWAG she found a mysterious cat and she picked it up. Schwoz tells everyone that this is his radioactive cat and if it goes nuclear it would be dangerous and could explode. Mika thought that Celia would not take the cat but she took it.

Later in the Man's Nest Schwoz is wearing a fish suit to attract the cat. The others started making plans to catch him and Ray brought a box full of cats to see if it works. Miles tells Schwoz that cats like fish and Schwoz got scared and was chased by the cats and they decided to make another plan and Bose said to use gloves to catch him and Schwoz returned all hurt by the cats and the cats ate all the fish and Miles teleported with Bose to the house of Celia and they arrived and Celia came out and saw Bose outside and Miles hid and Bose told his mom to give him the cat and Celia said no and now Bose's room is the home of the cat and Miles came back with an ice cream and Bose said it was impossible and took Miles's ice cream scoop and Miles said these people are weird and now it's Miles and Mika's turn to try to get the cat back and Mika and Miles pretended that that cat was theirs and Celia said that she will not give them to her and that It belongs to her and Mika says that these people are weird and Miles is surprised that someone finally knows that Bose's family is weird now it was Ray and Chapa's turn and Ray received a message from Schwoz saying there was little time left and Ray and Chapa arrived pretending to be workers looking for the cat to take it to the kennel and Celia called her husband Vice Mayor Willard and the Vice Mayor fired them and there was not much time left because the cat was starting to go nuclear and Celia believed that Color change.

Then they began to create the cure to prevent the cat from going nuclear and Ray and Chapa arrive for having failed in their plan to recover the cat and they see Celia's Envygram and see that it is already infected with the nuclear energy of the cat and the Danger Force transforms because the cure is ready and they are ready to save Celia and prevent her from exploding and Miles teleported them and Ray told Schwoz to call Bigfoot to come help and Schwoz calls Bigfoot to bring the hot air balloon, meanwhile the Danger Force arrives at Celia's house and Celia did not open it and Chapa decided to test what Ray taught them about kicking doors and Chapa kicked the door and took Celia and the cat out of the house and Mika used her Mighty Shout and threw Celia and Miles injected the cat and heal it and Chapa injected Celia and Celia returned to normal and Celia chased the cat and they managed to fulfill the mission and they saw a hot air balloon where they see Ray fall and Ray and Bigfoot fell together and this n fine and Ray told the kids that everything will be fine and they tell Ray that they made it without him and they leave Celia's house and Celia came back and recognized Bigfoot and Bigfoot and Celia met and Celia With the cat, I invite Bigfoot to have tea and Bigfoot asked Ray if he's okay and Ray said no and Bigfoot fixed Celia's door and Ray said it was all a waste of time.


Main Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • This is the first time Bose's mother is seen.
  • This episode takes place 1 month after the events of Twin It to Win It.
  • This is the sixth episode to not feature any recurring characters.
  • Bose's surname is revealed to be "O'Brian".
  • Vice Mayor Willard's "You're fired" is a line frequently said by former US President Donald Trump on The Apprentice.
  • Miles threatening to teleport Chapa to the Bhutt Factory is a reference to the Quaran-kini special.
  • This is the first time that Danger Force and Captain Man mention anything religious.
  • When Schwoz enters wearing a hazmat suit, the camera pans too far to the right revealing the edge of the set.

Series continuity[]

  • Bigfoot from the Henry Danger episode My Dinner With Bigfoot returns.
  • It is seen a poster of the Cactus Convention from the Henry Danger episode The Great Cactus Con.
  • Vice Mayor Willard's voice is heard.
  • Ray fell in love with Celia, Bose's mom, making this the second time that Ray fell in love with a mom of one of his sidekicks. The first was Henry's mother Kris Hart in Henry Danger.


  • Miles is shown holding an ice cream cone even though it was stated in Test Friends that he gave up on eating ice cream.


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