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“Ray Forgives”
Season 3, Episode 11
Ray Forgives
Air Date

February 14, 2024

Prod. Code



Sam Becker


Elvira Ibragimova

Episode Chronology

Bose's Birthday Party


The Battle for Swellview

Ray Forgives is the eleventh episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on February 14, 2024 to an audience of 0.09 viewers. The episode also simulcasted on Nicktoons.


Outside the Fudgers House, Schwoz alters the evil device's beacon to place "Marry Me" as Ray's proposal to Credenza and accidentally, a pigeon falls through the light. Ray prepares Chapa, Mika, Miles and Bose to be at his proposal to Credenza, which he would do after watching the penultimate episode of Genuine Moments and Ray showed the ring with the heart-shaped diamond, before feeling Credenza arrive when she crashed her car into the trash cans. Buddy enters the house and asks Ray to help Credenza with the car crash. Miles asks if Buddy was ready for the penultimate episode, with Buddy revealing that he and his mom already saw it, shocking the kids because they saw the episode without Ray, revealing to Buddy that Ray was going to propose to Credenza after the episode and they hide objects so Ray don't destroy them. The kids ask Buddy not to talk during the episode because of Mika's suggestion not to lie. Ray and Credenza arrive to watch the episode until Buddy, in the sweat of not being able to hide a secret, reveals that he and his mother watched the episode, frustrating Ray for what Credenza did and getting angry about the importance of the final episodes, causing the couple to argue. When an angry Ray and the kids leave, Credenza finds out that Ray got the diamond and was planning to propose to her.

The next day, the kids find Schwoz sleeping outside the Nest and he says that Ray wanted to be alone to listen to depressive music, watching him become an emo because of what happened with Credenza. The kids try to cheer Ray up, but he remains depressed and decides to never love again. Inside the Nest, Mika suggests helping Ray with his relationship, although Chapa did not believe Ray would be capable of forgiveness. Bose explains that if Ray and Credenza did not reconcile, they would break up within two days due to the Breakup Law, so the kids have only two days for Ray to learn to apologize and if not, Credenza will leave with his girls. Suddenly, Buddy calls Mika and reveals that she is wearing a spicy pink dress to go out with her girls.

Schwoz arrives after fleeing from some coyotes and finds out from the kids about Ray's situation with Credenza, seeing that Credenza would go to Miami with her sloppy friend, Becky. Miles arrives with the solution to the problem, mistakenly presenting a fan fiction of him and Paddington before showing his system called "M.I.L.E.S." he expressed that it would be the way for someone to learn to forgive, despite Mika's refusal and remembers their 7th birthday, where there was an incident with a pizza, but Miles got his sister's forgiveness with his steps. Forgiveness, making expectations, starting a fight, listening to each other, doing arts and crafts, and finally a sustainable friendship. Miles thought about finding someone for Ray to forgive, suggesting his greatest enemy.

In Hip Hop Purée, Drex shows up, believing that there would be a removal for his lizard hand, but finds out that it was a trap made by the kids and is upset that he was fooled by giving him expectations, but Drex thought about fighting it, although he said would lose. Ray is taken away by Schwoz and gets angry when he sees Drex, starting a long fight, but later, both stop fighting and listen to each other, wondering why they always fight. Drex expressed not knowing why he started his hatred and wanted his conflict with Ray to end. Miles arrived with crafts for both of them to have fun, managing to make Ray and Drex become friends. Inspired by their new friendship, Ray forgave Drex and Bose, for some reason, agreeing with Drex to reconcile with his exes. Ray asked the kids and Schwoz to prepare to propose to Credenza. At the Fudgers house, Credenza prepares to go with Becky, but sees Ray kneel in front of her to propose and apologizes for his behavior, but fails in his proposal due to incidents, however, Drex appears, surprising everyone and they discover that Drex is Buddy's father.

Buddy reveals that Drex is his father, shocking Ray and the kids, but Credenza is suspicious because they know Drex and is distracted by Buddy to put on a better suit to go with Becky. Ray argues with Drex for interrupting their reconciliation and Drex reveals that he wanted to reconcile with Credenza, his ex-wife. During the argument, Credenza's girls arrive to go to Lil' Miami and the kids decide to distract Becky so that Credenza can listen to Ray's proposal. Buddy finds out that Drex wanted to fix things with Credenza and furious, Ray fights with Drex, while Credenza asks about her blue dress. Ray and Drex are stopped by Buddy, who expresses his love for his dad, even though Drex was evil and he claimed to have already reformed thanks to the M.I.L.E.S. System, before finding out that Ray was going to propose to Credenza. Buddy tells his dad that Credenza was very happy with Ray and his heart-shaped diamond. Drex, astonished, agrees that Ray won again, but instead of shaking his hand, Ray hugs his reconciled friend. After the party bus arrives for Becky, Drex decides to give it time to distract Becky and allow his friend to propose to Credenza. Finally, Ray apologizes to Credenza, expressing his love and the couple apologizes for what happened with the episode, with Ray apologizing, officially asking Credenza to marry him, a proposal that she accepts. During the proposal celebration, Drex arrives scared and reveals that Becky was about to enter, causing the adults and kids to flee for Becky, even Schwoz too.

Later that night, #1 enters the Fudgers House and is greeted by The Cell's master, who reveals herself to be Credenza and shows the heart-shaped diamond, which she uses in the evil device to emit the beacon, stating that the prophecy will come true and claim "he is coming", leaving the house with the evil device.


Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Todd Haberkorn as Cell Member (V.O.)


  • This is the penultimate episode of the series.
    • Danger Force curiously breaks the fourth wall when talking about the penultimate episode of Genuine Moments and its upcoming two-part finale.
  • It is revealed that Drex is Buddy's dad and Credenza is a part of The Cell as their master.
  • Drex becomes the third villain in the Dangerverse to redeem himself.
  • Coincidentally, as this episode premiered on Valentine's Day, Ray was proposing to Credenza.
  • This episode ends on a cliffhanger; which leads into the finale The Battle for Swellview.
  • When Schwoz was seen sleeping outside the Man's Nest, that's a reference to when Jake slept out of the Hart house when there was a hawk, shown in the Henry Danger episode, Cave the Date.
  • Schwoz has a Proposal Clothes Cannon which he keeps in his pockets.
  • Chapa's phone still has the tattoo from Chapa's Phone Home.
  • The photos that Ray and Drex used for their album are real images of their respective portrayers, Cooper Barnes and Tommy Walker.

Series continuity[]

  • This is Drex's first appearance in Season 3 and since A Henry Among Us.
    • Flashbacks to said episode are shown.
  • The moon and the stars that Ray used in the episode Big Dynomite return.
  • Bose says Henry and Ray’s line from the intro “It all just kinda happened.”


International Premieres[]

  • January 19, 2024 (Italy)
  • February 16, 2024 (United Kingdom)
  • February 17, 2024 (Mexico)
  • February 23, 2024 (Latin America)


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