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Regina the Clipper
Regina the Clipper
Full Name

Regina Peacock


Regina the Clipper
Jack the Clipper



Resides in


Criminal Occupation


Eye Color


Hair Color



The Comissioner
Trent Overunder
Mary Gaperman
Captain Man

First Appearance

Jack the Clipper

Last Appearance

Jack the Clipper

Portrayed By

Jess Nurse

Regina Peacock, also known as Regina the Clipper or Jack the Clipper, is a minor villain in Danger Force. She is a vengeful barber who wants everyone in Swellview to have horrible hair.

She is portrayed by Jess Nurse.

Description and Personality[]

Regina has black hair and brown eyes. After her hair became horrible, Regina set out to make everyone have horrible hair after her tragedy and hides her evil intentions with a friendly attitude and then traps her victims with the lights out. She uses her scissors with her left hand. Regina loves saying her villain name.


In Jack the Clipper, after an accident ruined her beautiful hair forever, she decided to ruin everyone's hair and settled in Swellview, where she turned off the lights to surprise people, ruining their hair, including The Commissioner's. To evade suspicion and hide her identity by being called "Jack the Clipper", Regina was interviewed by Trent and Mary, where she pretended to be a victim of Jack until she turned off the lights on the news and Regina was able to ruin Trent and Mary's hair before that the Danger Force teleported to try to capture Jack. Unlike the rest of the team, AWOL went to Regina's house to question her about Jack's attack and Regina greets him, also planning to ruin his hair.

Regina continued to pretend to have been a victim and tried multiple times to trim AWOL's hair, however, he discovered that Regina is Jack the Clipper and discovered, Regina ordered her voice assistant, Anastasia, to turn off the lights while she chased AWOL in the dark with night vision goggles. After telling her about her origin and being attacked by AWOL, Regina ordered Anastasia to turn on the lights and was teleported to Man's Nest by AWOL. Regina was quickly attacked by the Danger Force, but on the floor, she retrieved her scissors and threw them at the television, ruining the Genuine Moments episode. While boasting her victory, Regina was attacked by ShoutOut and Volt, eventually defeated and taken to prison by AWOL.



  • Her nickname, Jack the Clipper, is a parody of the murderer Jack the Ripper.


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