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[Man's Nest, night. Ray and Henry share a big reunion hug. The rest of the team watches]

Ray: Ahahahaha! Oh, welcome back, buddy!

Henry: Ah, kinda tight there, big dog.

Ray: I have missed you so much!

Henry: I think I just heard... a rib crack!

Ray: It's gonna be more than one by the time I'm done with you! [he hugs Henry very tightly, Mika and Chapa go to stop him]

Mika: Alright. Personal space, Ray. Alright. C'mon.

Chapa: Release! Release! [they talk over each other] Do not make me get the crowbar!

Miles: It's so nice to see a dude hug another dude.

Bose: Right? Bring it in, man. [they hug]

Henry: It's ok, it's ok, I got this. But you might wanna step back. [everyone steps away from Henry and Ray as Henry uses his forcefield power to force Ray off of him]

Miles: Ohhh!

Ray: Ahhh.

Miles: You hate to see it.

[Henry picks Ray back up]

Ray: [to Henry] Sorry, got a little emotional there. It's just that, uh, you've been gone a long time, and I've been so alone.

[the Danger Force clear their throats]

Ray: QUIET! I'M TALKING TO HENRY! So, uh, hey, what are you doing back in Swellview?

Henry: My dad is graduating from Julliard... dot com.

Ray: No way. Your dad's a moron. He couldn't graduate from online Harberd!

Henry: Yeah, dude, he's so dumb! No, I'm actually here to see you.

Ray: Aw, my little birdie flew right back to the nest!

Henry: Yeah.

Ray: Come give mama bird a big ol' hug- [runs towards Henry]

Henry: No, no, no-

Ray: Get over here, you! [Ray is hugging Henry]

Henry: So, how's my old job? You guys go on any sick missions?

Chapa: Oh, man, tons of missions!

Mika: So many!

Henry: Yeah? Cool, like what? Anything dangerous?

Mika: We once caught a guy that was stealing books... from the library!

Miles: Oh, yeah!

Henry: Ok, but I was kinda looking for some sick fights, though.

Miles: Ooh! We once battled every bad guy in Swellview at the same time!

Henry: Noice! What happened?

Miles: Mika let 'em all out of prison!

Henry: Wow, I kind of spent my whole childhood locking those guys up, so I can't wait to hear how you all caught 'em.

Miles: We didn't!

Bose: Sick twist: they're all still out there!

Chapa: I've gotta imagine that some of them are out there committing crimes right now!

Bose: More than likely.

Henry: Wow.

Ray: Alright, that ends your visit with Henry, he's mine now. [they stop hugging]

Bose: I enjoyed our time together.

Ray: Hey, so, uh, how's Dystopia? Do you need me to come help you? 'Cause I will burn this whole thing to the ground and leave right now. [Danger Force clears their throats] KEEP IT DOWN! Gah, they're always here, it's like- [the emergency alarm goes off]

Mika: Emergency call! [runs to the computer]

Ray: Oh, hey, this is perfect, we can- we can go on a mission! Huh? Let's pop some gum and have some fum!

Henry: Yeah, yeah, you know I'm all about that fum, big dog, but, uh, everyone thinks Kid Danger is kind of...

Bose: Hot?

Miles: Dead?

Henry: Exactly.

Bose: Right.

Chapa: What's the emergency?

Mika: It looks like there's a brawl at the nail salon.

Ray: Oh! We could fight crime, then get our nails done! Just like old times! C'mon, I'll let you pick my color!

Henry: You know I love to pick your color, man, but I've been dropping so many fools in Dystopia, I just thought I could, y'know, kick it here for awhile.

Ray: Y- yeah, yeah, yeah, c- co- cool cool cool. Yeah, let's just kick it here. Let's kick it- I was thinking the same thing. Uh, guys, why don't you just handle this one yourselves. [Danger Force agrees]

Bose: Can I pee first?

Ray: Why don't you pee on the way? [forces them out, grabs a cup for Bose] Alright, guys, don't end anybody, and, uh, [Henry gets a notification on his phone] try not to let anybody end you, ok? [the tube goes down] Down the tube! [Danger Force leaves] That nail salon's going up in flames. Come on, pal! I'll give you a tour of the Man's Nest! [goes through the slide door]

Henry: Alright, yeah, cool, I'm right behind you, big dog. [he looks at his phone. There are several missed texts from Charlotte. They read: "Just text back saying you're ok!" "What happened?" "Are you ok?!" "Where are you?! "Jasper says your ghosting him too". Henry deletes these notifications. Ray comes back]

Ray: Dude, don't you wanna see my axe-throwing room?

Henry: Hm?

Ray: Dude, don't you wanna see my axe-throwing room?

Henry: Do you even have to axe?

Ray: God, I've missed this. Let's go have some fum!

Both: Woo! [they both go through the door]

[the next day, Ray and Henry play a Just Dance-like video game in the Man's Nest]

Ray: This is great!

Henry: I love this!

Ray: I love you!

Henry: What?

Ray: I said I'd get ready for round two!

Game: Round two: Tango. Time to get close. [tango music starts playing. Ray and Henry are skeptical about this round]

Ray: Should we?

Henry: I didn't travel halfway across the world to not beat the tango level in Prance Prance Revolution with you. [they hold hands and start waltzing]

[Danger Force comes up the tubes, covered in paint]

Ray: How'd it go?

Volt: [sarcastically] It went great.

ShoutOut: We broke up the fight...

AWOL: With our faces!

Brainstorm: Wasn't all bad. Got my nails did. Even had time to squeeze in a pedi. [his feet are covered in paint]

[Ray and Henry briefly look]

Ray: [talking over Henry] Pretty!

Henry: [Talking over Ray] Nice!

Volt: That call wrecked me. I'ma go throw up and lay down.

ShoutOut: Same.

Brainstorm: Dry my toes.

Ray: Nah, nah, another call came in while you were out. [they groan] Bunch'a fire bees are attacking a honey store. [Danger Force talks over each other] Caller said some murder bears are headin' up there too, so hustle up. [they groan].

ShoutOut: We just got our cheese steamed. Can't you settle a honey fight between fire bees and murder bears?

Ray: [to Henry] Oh, what do you say, partner?

Henry: Hard pass, my guy. We got a big lift coming up. [they stand in opposite directions about to catch each other]

Ray: Sorry, kids, buzz off. [Danger Force walks toward the tubes. Ray runs towards Henry. Henry catches Ray and lifts him up in the air]

ShoutOut: Hey! Now that the lift is over, are you sure you guys don't wanna come help us?

Ray: [still being held up] Your superheroes! Quit your bellyaching!

Henry: This is what you get paid for!

Danger Force in unison: YOU GOT PAID?!

Ray: Down the tube. [they leave]

Henry: How long are you gonna stay up there?

Ray: As long as I can, kid. As long as I can.


[Mika and Miles' bedroom. Night. Volt and ShoutOut are back from a mission and they climb through the window. Volt is covered in dead eels.]

ShoutOut: No, no, your superpower is great! I love it.

Volt: Then what are you complaining about? [takes the eels off and kicks them away]

ShoutOut: My only note would be maybe don't zap anything while we're in a tank full of water.

Volt: We got your heart to start beating again.

ShoutOut: Eventually!

Volt: Exactly! Now, where's that fluffy towel you were bragging about?

ShoutOut: Ooh, right here. [picks up a pink fluffy towel next to her and throws it at Volt]

Volt: [feels the towel] I will never doubt you on towels ever again.

ShoutOut: [giggles] Thanks. Where's my brother and Bose?

Volt: Bose wanted to stop for a breakfast burrito. Miles said he was gonna teleport them back here and I don't know where they're at.

[AWOL is heard teleporting in the closet with Brainstorm. Brainstorm walks out of the closet. He is covered in dead eels.]

Brainstorm: [takes a bite of his burrito] Ladies. [Mika throws him a towel. Bose feels it] This is a seriously fluffy towel!

Volt: Right?

[AWOL walks out with an alive fish mouth-first on his arm]

AWOL: Greetings.

Volt: Who's your friend?

AWOL: Oh, THIS? You noticed this? Well, this stupid fish clamped on to me when I tackled that bad guy and we fell into the aquarium. And now it won't let go! I HATE YOU!

Volt: You know what I think? I think that thing should go on Captain Man's arm!

Brainstorm, AWOL and ShoutOut: Yeah!

AWOL: I was thinking the same thing. I'm getting sick and tired of answering all the emergency calls!

Brainstorm: [muffled because he is talking with his mouth full of food]

ShoutOut: Bose is right. Captain Man should be the one that gets bitten or zapped and dies for a little bit.

AWOL: Good luck getting him off his butt with his buddy Henry in town.

Volt: So we all agree. WE GOTTA DESTROY HENRY! [fists full of electricity]

Brainstorm: Woah!

ShoutOut: Calm down!

AWOL: Chill out.

ShoutOut: Or, we can stand up to ray, together.

AWOL, Brainstorm and Volt: Yeah!

ShoutOut: And we'll tell them that we're exhausted and we're sick of putting our lives on the line while he and his BFF are having a sleepover!

AWOL, Brainstorm and Volt: YEAH!!!!

ShoutOut: And if he doesn't like it, we're all quitting!

AWOL, Brainstorm and Volt: YEAH!!!! [Brainstorm throws his towel]

ShoutOut: And I was thinking maybe Chapa should be the one that tells him!

AWOL, Brainstorm and Volt: YEAH!!!!! [they all stop being excited suddenly]

Volt: Why me?

[the fish bites AWOL]

AWOL: Ahh! [punches the fish]

[Man's Nest. Night. Ray goes up the tube with an electric guitar and plays it. Henry plays drums. Both pay rock and roll music together, sounding professional, until we see Schwoz playing the music from his phone and Ray and Henry playing their instruments poorly. We then cut back to them playing professionally. Schwoz rocks out. Cut back to them playing poorly. Schwoz unplugs the amp]

Ray: Woah!

Henry: Woah, woah, woah, hey.

Ray: What happened?

Schwoz: You must've blown a fuse, because you were rocking so hard!

Ray: That's exactly what happened.

Henry: Makes sense.

Ray: Can you believe we've never even practiced before?

Henry: Don't need to practice when you're already perfect, dude!

Ray: Wow, I've missed you.

Henry: And I've missed Nacho Ball. Get outta my way. [they both walk over to the couch, where a Nacho Ball order is waiting for them]

Schwoz: Ok, well, if your little concert is over, I'm going to go back to work now.

Ray: Yeah, yeah, do whatever, I don't care.

Henry: Why do you even have to tell us that?

[Henry's phone makes a sound]

Ray: Who's texting, your mom? Hey, she still married? What's her deal these days?

Henry: Oh, I did not miss that!

Ray: I was thinking, maybe I could...

Henry: I was thinking shut up.

Ray: .. we could hang out, now that you're out of the scene she's probably kind of bored...

Henry: Nah, I'm just trying...

Ray: ..looking for a way to spice things up-

Henry: OK, JUST- I'm trying to save these texts to the cloud. [it's the messages from Charlotte. Henry accidentally activates Siri]

Siri: Reading messages out loud.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no-

Siri: You can't run from this thing. It will find you. [Henry throws his phone on the ground and stomps on it, which shatters the glass and breaks it]

Ray: That didn't sound like your mom.

Henry: Right? Hey, uh, totally unrelated question, but, I'm like totally un-trackable in the Man's Nest, right?

Ray: Oh, yeah, dude. Schwoz installed these macro-electron scramblers. Trying to find you here would be like trying to find a gray hair on my head.

Henry: There's one right there. [points to his own face on where it is on Ray's head]

Ray: What?! [quickly opens his mirror to see. Danger Force enters in uniform]

ShoutOut: HEY!

Ray: What, what, I don't have any gray hairs, you're old! What?

ShoutOut: We all have something to say to you!

Volt, AWOL and Brainstorm: YEAH!

ShoutOut: Chapa, tell him. [pushes her forward]

Volt: We've been taking all of the calls for like, three or four days now.

ShoutOut, AWOL and Brainstorm: YEAH!

Volt: We think you guys should take the next call!

ShoutOut, AWOL and Brainstorm: YEAH!

Volt: And we also think we should be able to vaporize one person a year for no reason at all!

ShoutOut, AWOL and Brainstorm: YEAH! [they then disagree]

Ray: Sure, we'll take the next call. It's been a half minute, my fists are getting thirsty, and crime is a tall glass of water.

Henry: Please don't punch my glass- [Ray punches Henry's glass of water]

Ray: Next call that comes in is going home in a body bag.

Henry: EASY, bro! Who even knows when the next call is gonna come in?

[the emergency alarm goes off]

Volt: Oh, would'ja look at that, an emergency call.

Ray: How convenient.

ShoutOut: [runs to the computer] Exactly. Someone's trying to rob that corner store, How Convenient.

Ray: Ho ho! Looks like you and me are going to Pound Town, buddy!

Henry: Ha, Pound Town is nice this time of year, but, uh, I really just wanna finish my Nacho Ball.

[Brainstorm has eaten Henry's Nacho Ball. His lips are covered in food and he is holding an empty plate]

Brainstorm: Chapa ate it.

[Volt is offended]

Ray: Come on, man! Pop one of those Dystopian gumballs, I wanna see that 'swet 'stume!

Henry: [checks his pockets] Uh, I didn't bring any.

Ray: Huh?

[AWOL quickly teleports to Dystopia and back to get Henry's stuff]

AWOL: [reaches into Henry's back pocket and gets the gum] What are these, then?

Henry: Guess I did bring some! [sarcastically] Thanks, buddy!

Ray: C'mon, it's right down the street. We'll be back in five minutes.

Henry: Five minutes?

Ray: Yeah! Have I ever lied to you?

Henry: You once told me you were born in 1998.

Ray: I was. I was! '98! Year of the fist!

Henry: Alright, let's blow and go.

[they both transform into their superhero identities. Henry's Dystopian uniform is a black/dark red color]

Captain Man: Alright! Oh, dude, where's your mask?

Dystopian Henry: No, uh, we, uh, we actually don't wear masks in Dystopia.

Captain Man: What?

Dystopian Henry: Yeah, I don't know, I just think we're kind of beyond that.

ShoutOut: Actually, that's extremely irresponsible...

AWOL: Mask-wearing saves lives.

Captain Man: Well, you're in Swellview now, so you're putting something on your face.

Dystopian Henry: No, no, no, no, no-

Captain Man: You always do this- [they talk over each other. Ray puts a pair of sunglasses on Henry's face] There you go.

ShoutOut: Have fun! Goodbye!

Volt: Try not to get vaporized!

AWOL: We'll be here!

[the tube lowers as Captain Man and Dystopian Henry go on the platform]

Captain Man: You wanna call it?

Dystopian Henry: Up the tube! [it doesn't work]

Captain Man: We go down the tube now.

Dystopian Henry: Down the tube!

AWOL: Ok, I'm eating Captain Man's Nacho Ball... [Brainstorm has eaten Captain Man's Nacho Ball]

Brainstorm: Chapa ate it. [Chapa looks mad]

[inside How Convenient. Jeff is trying to rob the place. He is holding a skunk. The woman at the counter, named Shasta, is on the phone.]

Jeff: No, no, no, the sour apple!

Shasta: We're being robbed again.

Jeff: No, the green one!

Shasta: It's fine, he's almost done.

Jeff: No, the other green one!

Shasta: Do we have any cereal at home?

Jeff: Who wants a lime-flavored bubble gum burner phone?!

Shasta: How about you stop playing video games and go check?

Jeff: Can you pay attention to me please?

Shasta: You're always "in the middle of a game!" [Captain Man and Dystopian Henry enter]

Jeff: Part of the reason I rob people is for the connection and I feel like you're not even here with me right now.

Captain Man: Hey, look, it's your old pal Jeff.

Dystopian Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool, let's just hurry this up.

Captain Man: Aw, man, I'm so excited!

Shasta: Well, I don't even know what we are?! What does "vibing" even mean?

Jeff: [following Shasta] Where are you going? I'm not done criming!

Captain Man: [clears throat, Jeff turns around and notices him and Henry] Robbing a store with a skunk? That plan... stinks! [to Henry] Now you go, you go, you go, you go!

Dystopian Henry: Uh. What the smell are you doing? Now, c'mon, you're going to jail. [walks towards Jeff but Captain Man stops him]

Captain Man: Woah, woah, woah, hey, hey, hey, hey, man, take your time!

Dystopian Henry: What?

Captain Man: C'mon.

Dystopian Henry: What're you talking about?

Captain Man: Let's slow-fight this crime.

Dystopian Henry: I just wanna get back to my Nacho Ball.

Jeff: [laughs] Hey, is this your new sidekick?

Captain Man: [smiles at Henry] Maybe.

Dystopian Henry: No.

Captain Man: We're just kinda vibing right now.

Dystopian Henry: You don't even know what that means.

Captain Man: I know what it means.

Dystopian Henry: What does it mean?

Captain Man: It means, like, we're, like, we're together but not really.

Dystopian Henry: I can't even talk to you.

Jeff: Well, spray hello to my little friend! [Henry uses his forcefield to prevent himself from getting sprayed. The spray hits Jeff]

Jeff: Ahhh! It burns! [runs off]

Captain Man: [laughs] Classic Jeff!

Dystopian Henry: Yeah, alright, we stopped the robbery, let's get back to the Man's Nest.

Captain Man: Wait, no, no, no, no, hey, man, c'mon, we gotta go chase Jeff!

Dystopian Henry: No, man, no, no, no, no, let's get back to the Man's Nest.

Captain Man: C'mon, it'll be fun! Just like old times! Punchin', quippin, takin' selfies...

Dystopian Henry: I don't want to take selfies.

Captain Man: Ooh, you know what we could do, we could steal some of these bubble gum burner phones and blame it on Jeff!

Dystopian Henry: That's just stealing.

Captain Man: It's kind of a grey area.

Dystopian Henry: Not really.

Captain Man: I do it all the time. Who's gonna know? Who's gonna know- [a mysterious blast pushes them both to the wall. They are suddenly covered in rope, trapped in the store and stuck on the wall. A drone flies inside and scans their faces, first Captain Man's, then Henry's.]

Drone: Henry Hart located. Sending bounty hunter.

[Captain Man looks at Henry]

Dystopian Henry: I can explain.

[Mika and Miles' Room. Chapa sits on the windowsill while Bose and Miles walk around. Mika enters]

Mika: Hey, I finally got Mom and Dad to fall asleep.

Miles: Finally!

Bose: You know what that means...

Mika, Bose, and Miles: Screen time!

Chapa: I wish I had a phone.

[they all pull out their devices, which have the SWAG logo on them, and lie down]

Mika: Ok, no talking, no tapping, no bugging, no nothing.

Miles: We know how screen time works, Mika.

Bose: Why are we still talking when we could be staring?

Mika and Chapa: Shhh!

Chapa: [reads a newspaper, sighs] This is great. [an alarm suddenly buzzes] NO, DUDE!

Mika: It's Ray, gotta answer it. [Mika answers]



Captain Man: Oh, snap, my bad, D-Force, just that, uh, me and the kid are in a little bit of a jammy-jam, but, uh, don't worry about it. we'll find another way outta this.

Dystopian Henry: No! No, no, no! We need them to help us get out of here A-S-A-Now! Please come help us!

Chapa: Sorry, Captain Man said you guys would handle this call.

Captain Man: She's right, kid. I did promise them we'd take this call. We gotta honor it, even if it kills you.

Dystopian Henry: Please come hep us! Wh- what do you want? Captain Man will give it to you!

Captain Man: What?

Dystopian Henry: You wanna fly the Man Copter?

Captain Man: Ohhh!

Dystopian Henry: You want a bunch of puppies? We'll give it to you! [the Danger Force all get up in awe after hearing the word "puppies"] Just please, please come help us!

Danger Force in unison: PUPPIES!

Mika: We're on our way.

Captain Man: Jeez, Kid, what's got your brisket in a basket?

Dystopian Henry: Ok, I gotta level with you, dude. Dystopia is really scary, and I kinda messed with some things that are so evil, that I can't even explain, including this bounty hunter named Blackout that literally eats people's souls, and he's hungry for mine, so I came to Swellview because I thought I'd be safe in the Man's Nest but he clearly found me and he's gonna eat our souls!

Captain Man: So you didn't come to Swellview to see me?

Dystopian Henry: What?

Captain Man: That's wha- that's what I'm hearing.

Dystopian Henry: No, no, no, I-

Captain Man: That's what you said.

Dystopian Henry: No, I did! I did, but I also didn't want my soul to get eaten, and I needed to do some laundry.

[the drone backs up and the lights go out]

Dystopian Henry: AH!

Captain Man: What?

Dystopian Henry: It's- it's Blackout, dude!

Captain Man: Yeah, it looks like someone forgot to pay the power bill, huh?

Dystopian Henry: No, no, no, it always goes dark before Blackout shows up.

Captain Man: Oh, this guy can turn off the lights? [fake screams] Oh, I'm so scared!

Dystopian Henry: WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!

Captain Man: What else can he do, unplug your amp when your playing guitar, and as I'm saying that I realize Schwoz might have done that on purpose, that little piece of-

[Blackout kicks the double doors open]

Dystopian Henry: I should have never have come here. I'm sorry for putting you in danger, dude.

Captain Man: Relax, this loser doesn't even have a weapon. [Blackout holds something that looks like a flashlight. He presses a button which makes electricity form around it as it grows much bigger, turning into a large grey stick] Ok, I'm taking that home after we're done with that guy.

Dystopian Henry: We're gonna die, dude.

Captain Man: Wait, wait, wait, I'm trying to thing of an opening quip. Ok, how about... knock knock! [Blackout uses his weapon to punch him through the wall] Typically... you'd say "who's there?"

Dystopian Henry: Look... I'm the one you want. Ok, eat my soul, do whatever you want to the body, just don't hurt my friend...

[Danger Force falls from the ceiling on Blackout thanks to AWOL, who teleported them there]

AWOL: Too high.

Brainstorm: I know.

[they talk over each other as they get up]

Volt: How did you miss the floor, AWOL?

AWOL: At least we're here! We could have been in another country! Ungrateful!

Volt: Hey, why are the lights off?

Dystopian Henry: It's Blackout. He's a bounty hunter from Dysto-

Volt: I've already stopped listening.

[Captain Man gets up, we see that the wall that broke his fall is stuck on his back. Volt opens the breaker door and hits all the switches with electricity, which turns the lights on. Blackout gets up. Captain Man taps him on the shoulder]

Captain Man: Wasn't done with my quip. I said, knock kno- [Blackout kicks Captain Man again. Captain Man falls to the floor. AWOL and Brainstorm free Dystopian Henry]

Dystopian Henry: Thanks, I owe you one. Bye! [Danger Force runs to Henry and stops him]

AWOL: Stop it, man.

ShoutOut: Yeah, scary guy's that way.

Dystopian Henry: Looks like Captain Man is taking care of him. [Captain Man is losing the battle with Blackout]

Captain Man: Wait, wait, wait. After I say "knock knock", you say "who's there", and I say "my fist" and before you can say "my fist who?", that's when I say- AH! [Blackout hits him yet again with his weapon]

Dystopian Henry: Alright, I'll see you guys later. Tell Schwoz he can keep my dirty laundry. [Danger Force stops him, repeating "No! and "Hey!]

ShoutOut: Stay here, and help us fight this guy.

AWOL: Yeah, Captain Man says that you're the best superhero he's ever seen.

Dystopian Henry: That does not sound like him.

Brainstorm: He also says that you have a surprisingly good singing voice.

Dystopian Henry: [singing] I guess I'm alright!

Volt: Captain Man says that we're garbage and the four of us will never measure up to one of you.

Dystopian Henry: I'm sure you guys are pretty tough.

ShoutOut: Well, why don't you stay here and we can show you?

AWOL: Yeah. Let's take this guy down, together!

Volt: Ooh.

AWOL: Was that cheesy? That felt really cheesy.

Volt: Very cheesy.

Brainstorm: Little cheesy. Very very cheesy.

ShoutOut: No!

Dystopian Henry: Lil' bit.

ShoutOut: Yeah, a lil' bit. Just a lil' bit.

[Blackout keeps hitting Captain Man]

Blackout: Why won't you die?!

AWOL: You ready?

Dystopian Henry: Let's ride on this fool!

[AWOL teleports to Blackout and kicks his stick out of his hand. Volt does a cartwheel as Henry repeatedly punches Blackout. Volt hits Blackout with electricity]

ShoutOut: MOVE! [Dystopian Henry and Volt get out of the way as ShoutOut super-screams at Blackout. He falls to the ground. Brainstorm lifts Blackout with his telekinesis towards Dystopian Henry, who uses his forcefield to block him, which makes Blackout fall again. Henry and Brainstorm high-five. Volt and AWOL fist-bump. Captain Man frees himself from the rubble]

Captain Man: Hey, Blackout, what do you get when you cross a duck with a Shih Tzu? [Blackout doesn't respond] Blackout? [kicks him] Blackout! [kicks him again] Ok, that's your one for the year.

[Man's Nest. Day. Schwoz finishes up Henry's laundry. Henry watches]

Schwoz: Ok, laundry all done.

Henry: Thanks, Schwoz.

Schwoz: I left a little present in the pocket of one of your pairs of jeans.

Henry: Awww, thanks. What is it, like, uh, a little piece of candy?

Schwoz: All I can say is... it's alive.

Henry: What? Seriously? No, seriously?

Schwoz: It was nice to see you! I love your wig! [Ray enters with a bag of food. They bump feet like a handshake, then elbow bump]

Ray: [to Henry] Don't forget your Nacho Ball. [gives Henry the bag]

Henry: Whoever sits next to me on the plane is gonna hate me!

[they both laugh]

Ray: Because of the farts? [they start to talk over each other]

Henry: Because of the bowels, yeah.

Ray: You can't do dairy.

Henry: Yeah. [they stop talking]

Ray: Y'know, you don't have to go back to Dystopia.

Henry: No, I do. Running to Swellview just put you guys in danger.

Ray: Yeah, but they took care of it, right?

Henry: They sure did, dude. That's a tough group of kids you got there.

Ray: Yeah, it always surprises me how much grit and determination each one of them has- oh my God, they are baby-talking to puppies. [by the lockers, the team plays with puppies]

Miles: This was so worth it!

Henry: Later, Dangers!

Mika: [holding a puppy, talking in a baby voice] Buh-bye, Henry!

Chapa: [does the same] Bye!

Miles: [does the same] Have a safe trip!

Henry: [to Ray] Wanna hug it out?

Ray: Nah. [Henry starts to leave] Ok, maybe just one hug. [they both hug. Henry's phone dings] Oop, that's my Goober.

Ray: [still hugging Henry] Yeah.

Henry: I gotta go, Ray.

Ray: Mm-hmm.

Henry: Ray, I gotta go.

Ray: Yeah...

Henry: RAY, I GOTTA GO! [uses his forcefield]

Ray: Yeah, yeah, get outta here. Y'know, protect that Goober rating.

[Henry's phone dings again. Henry suddenly gets a pain in his back pocket as he reaches for his phone. It's the turtle that Schwoz hid in there]

Schwoz: [laughs] Gotcha!

[the turtle is stuck on Henry's finger, biting it as Henry leaves the Man's Nest]