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I've been making dreams come true. Since humans first were made. And I always do it from the heart. As long as I get paid.
— Ricardo to Miles
Ricardo the Demon
Full Name




Resides in


Criminal Occupation

Abyss Demon

Eye Color


Hair Color



Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Captain Man
Schwoz Schwartz

First Appearance

Miles Sells His Soul

Last Appearance

Miles Sells His Soul

Portrayed By

James Tolbert

Ricardo is a minor villain in Danger Force. He is a demon from the abyss of the Man's Nest and is very persuasive in stealing souls.

He is portrayed by James Tolbert.

Description & Personality[]

He wears a red tuxedo with a scarf. Ricardo is very persuasive and uses a friendly demeanor to trick Miles into getting his soul, as well as using his singing skills to trick the other members of the Danger Force. Ricardo has a respect for people who don't need anything, like Miles. Beneath his friendly facade, he is dark and loves to take human souls, but he appears friendly when he challenges Captain Man to a ukulele duel.


In Miles Sells His Soul, he received three nacho balls from Schwoz and sold him a golden jacket from the abyss. When Miles went to take out the trash, Ricardo appears before him, offering him anything golden, but Miles refuses, an answer that Ricardo respects and manages to get Miles to say that he wants his sister, Mika, to beat Sissy Kranz in a singing contest without using her powers. Ricardo decided to help him, starting to sing and dance with him, explaining that to receive his help, Miles must sell his soul, a request he accepts, signing a contract. When Mika wins the contest, Ricardo observes from afar Miles's exhaustion due to the loss of his soul. To save Miles' soul, Chapa and Bose confront Ricardo, but after singing, they also sell their souls to have gold jackets.

Later, Captain Man confronts Ricardo to return the kids' souls and the demon challenges him to a contest, in which if he wins, he keeps his soul, but if Captain Man wins, he returns Danger Force's souls. Since Captain Man doesn't know how to play the ukulele while rolling a log, Ricardo challenges him to that contest in the Man's Nest. Ricardo watches the transmission of the duel to KLVY, where he greets Mary Gaperman, insinuating that she may have sold her soul to him. Ricardo and Captain Man have their ukulele duel, in which Ricardo has the advantage after summoning an extra leg, however, ShoutOut arrives in time and with his great voice, sings "Ave Maria", distracting Ricardo and causing him to lose the duel, falling back into the abyss, while the Danger Force recovered their souls.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Soul Stealing: He uses his persuasion skills to trick people into getting their souls, weakening them until they die.
  • Transmutation: He can add limbs as a third leg during his duel against Captain Man.


  • Persuasion: Ricardo is an expert, fooling people with his friendly appearance and singing, managing to trick the Danger Force kids into stealing their souls.
  • Singing: He has a great voice to sing catchy songs and fool his victims.
  • Dancing: Like his singing, Ricardo is a great dancer.
  • Musician: Ricardo is an expert at playing the ukulele.



  • Ricardo loves to sing just like Frankini.