Ronald Bilius "Redwing" Weasley (born March 1, 1980) is a pureblood wizard, member of the Pride and boyfriend to Hermione Granger-Lupin.


Early YearsEdit

Ron was born to Arthur and Molly Weasley on March 1, 1980. As the youngest son of the Weasleys, he was often lonely growing up (his next older brothers, Fred and George, were twins and therefore much preoccupied with one another, and the only child younger than him was his sister Ginny). One January day when he was not quite eight, however, Ron went outside to his family's orchard, and his life changed forever...

Vital statisticsEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Ron has the usual Weasley red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. He is built on the "tall" Weasley profile, like his brothers Bill and Percy, and is the tallest of the Pride, though at age almost-seventeen he is finally starting to look less gangling. In certain lights, his eyes may glow red due to his current mode of sight.

Magical abilitiesEdit

After a bad encounter with Death Eater Antonin Dolohov which left him blind, Ron regained a form of sight through Aletha Black's Ravenclaw magic, but what he now sees is not normally-visible light but infrared. This allows him, among other things, to see in the dark and to be able to tell if someone is lying by the way the blood flow changes in their face, but he cannot see colors and must work a spell on written materials before he can read them. He is also an Animagus, a brown and red hawk, from whence derives his nickname and form name of "Redwing". It is worth noting that, as per his stated goal, he was the third of the Pride to accomplish a full Animagus transformation.

Ron's wand is fourteen inches long, made from willow and unicorn hair. He sometimes struggles with his school lessons in magic, but has been able to master most of his lessons with some help from his Pride. His confidence has been boosted significantly by his successes in Animagus, Quidditch, and other areas, which helps to bolster his abilities in wanded spellwork.

Other abilitiesEdit

Ron is both an excellent strategist, as shown by his skill at chess, and good with his hands. He was able to disassemble Harry's Omnioculars and rebuild most of their special abilities into Harry's glasses, and Fred and George employ him as a troubleshooter for some of their more complicated items. He took music lessons from Aletha along with his sister from the age of eight, and ended up as both a singer and a drummer, which he thoroughly enjoys.