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Season 5, Episode 33
Rumblr Poster
Air Date

January 25, 2020

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Joe Sullivan


Adam Weissman

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Theranos Boot


Cave the Date

Rumblr is the thirty-third episode of the fifth season of Henry Danger. It premiered on January 25, 2020 to an audience of 0.96 million viewers.


Ray is sloppily eating cereal in Junk-N-Stuff. An older woman offers Ray two dollars for his robe, and Ray agrees. She then steals it, but Ray doesn't care, saying he’ll steal another robe. Henry, Charlotte, and Piper arrive in Junk-N-Stuff and tell him that the Toddler just escaped from prison. Ray doesn't care, saying that he was tired of fighting the same villains over and over. Piper then recommends that Ray start using Rumblr, an app that was like a dating app, but it was designed to match heroes with villains. Ray decides to try it out; in the Man Cave, Schwoz takes Captain Man's profile picture, and they publish his profile on Rumblr. Pretty soon, Captain Man starts getting matched with a bunch of villains who want to fight him.

Ray starts to look through the villain profiles with Piper and Henry. He swipes left on all of them until he finds the Lawn Ranger, a villain who he had a 97% match with. Ray swipes right, and they set up plans to fight at TBD: The Beatin' Dungeon. Henry makes a profile for himself and decides to swipe right on the first one: a villain named Kyle. Captain Man and Kid Danger go to TBD, and they see the Lawn Ranger, who looks nothing like his picture. After realizing that a loser villain had catfished him, Captain Man is upset and wants to go home. Just then, Kyle arrives, and he starts fighting Kid Danger. Captain Man calls Charlotte and asks if Piper can come to pick him up, as Kid Danger was having too much fun fighting Kyle. Jasper takes the Man Pad and starts swiping right on all of the villain profiles, but he doesn't change the fight time. As a result, all the villains in TBD attack Captain Man at once.

Captain Man crawls out of the pile, and the villains start fighting each other, as Kid Danger fights Kyle. Captain Man, alone, goes to the bar, and the bartender gives him a drink, saying the man at the end gave it to him. Captain Man looks up and sees it's the Toddler. They begin to talk, and Toddler reveals that he had gotten tired of fighting the same heroes, so he signed up for Rumblr and got matched with Kicky McGee, who didn't look like his picture. Captain Man and the Toddler both say they prefer meeting their adversaries the old-fashioned way. The Toddler says he won't go out and hijack a cargo plane, and no one would stop him, and Captain Man thanks him for the drink. Kid Danger goes up to Captain Man and tells him that the Toddler wanted Captain Man to chase him. He tells Captain Man to go stop the plane. Captain Man realizes he and The Toddler are meant to be, and he goes out to fight him as Kid Danger stays behind to have another fight with Kyle.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Christopher Mychael Watson as Bartender
  • AJ Dunn as Rock Sampson
  • Avianna Mynhier as Girl Lizard
  • Zach Zagoria as Boy Lizard
  • Jason Gibbs as The Lawn Ranger
  • Nancy B. Berggren as Crannie
  • Girvan "Swirv" Bramble as Kyle (Dead Bull)
  • Jake Huang as Tyler Mayhem
  • Jessie Graff as Ethel Monroe
  • Jeri Habberstad as Skela-Torrie
  • Matthew Miscione as Villain #5
  • Kelly Roisin as Mama Fratelli
  • Gene Freeman as Mop Man
  • Andrea Vanepps as Villain #8

After-Credit Cast[]


You can't rush art!
— Schwoz to Henry
Okay, uh. It's midnight I'm on top of a blimp... and suddenly there's this bad guy. Sparks fly and so do our fists. I defeat him --obviously-- and I jump off the blimp right as it explodes.
— Captain Man describing the "perfect fight"
Y'know it's funny, I feel like ten minutes ago I told you I wanted to see my matches, but you're still talking and I haven't seen any.
— Ray to Charlotte


  • The title and the app is a spoof of the social media platform, Tumblr.
    • The app is also a parody of the popular dating app Tinder.
  • This is the Toddler's first appearance since Toddler Invasion in Season 4, which makes Season 3 the only season to not feature the Toddler.
    • Toddler mentions that he has a brother named the Newborn in this episode.
  • Henry Danger: The Musical was mentioned when Henry sang "Remember when you took the toddler bro?" expecting Ray to sing the next line.
  • Christopher J. Nowak, who is the Showrunner of the series, appeared as one of the villains named "The Writer”
  • Rock Sampson is a parody of Brock Samson from The Venture Bros adult animated Television series on Adult Swim. Even wearing a very similar outfit. Additionally the actor's make-up gives his face some outlines making him resemble a cartoon character.
  • In the after-credit scene, Bigfoot reappears since My Dinner With Bigfoot, claiming that he now lives on Mount Swellview, rather than in the forest.
    • This comes as ironic since it is said in real (supposed) accounts the Yeti (Bigfoot's cousin) is believed to reside in the snowy, cold region.
  • Ray references the song "Circle of Life" from the 1994 film The Lion King.
  • Henry breaks the fourth wall by saying they fight crime on Saturdays which is when episodes air.
  • It is revealed that Captain Man has his own cereal called "HEROhs", like any superhero would with a big fanbase.
  • Mama Fratelli also happens to be a character in the 1985 film The Goonies.
  • Photos depicting Drex, Frankini, and the Time Jerker with Rumblr profiles are shown despite not appearing in the episode.
  • Kyle's nickname, Dead Bull, is a parody of Red Bull.
  • Tyler Mayhem's Rumblr profile reads: "First rule of Rumblr. You don't talk about Rumblr". The phrase is an alternate version of the one from the movie Fight Club, which is: "The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club".

International Premieres[]

  • March 18, 2020 (United Kingdom)
  • April 18, 2020 (Latin America)


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