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“SW.A.G is Haunted”
Season 1, Episode 23
SW.A.G is Haunted
Air Date

June 26, 2021

Prod. Code



Angela Yarbrough


Adam Weissman

Episode Chronology

Manlee Men


Family Lies

SW.A.G is Haunted is the twenty third episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on June 26, 2021 to an audience of 0.36 million viewers.


Schwoz appears to be dancing by himself in S.W.A.G. when the kids arrive back on Monday, but the kids ignore it. On Tuesday, Schwoz is painting the portrait of a woman sitting on a sofa, but there is no woman actually sitting there. On Wednesday, Schwoz is playing the piano while watching black and white movies. The kids come back from swimming, and Miles finally stops them and asks why Schwoz has been acting so weird. Schwoz says he hasn't been acting weird, but that he has a girlfriend and is doing the things she likes. He makes them promise not to tell Ray about her because he doesn't want Ray to steal her. On Thursday, the kids return to the Man's Nest after fishing and Bose accidentally reveals that Schwoz has a girlfriend. Ray is furious that Schwoz didn't tell him about this, so he goes down the tube to the classroom. The kids follow suit, and arrive downstairs where Ray is demanding Schwoz to show everyone his girlfriend. Schwoz explains that her name is Tilda, who happens to magically appear as he says that. Just then, everyone realizes that Tilda is actually a ghost (which explains Schwoz' weirdness the past week). This terrifies Miles, who teleports away.

Ray is angry that a ghost haunts S.W.A.G. and wants Tilda to leave. However, Schwoz says that Tilda had been living in the school since 1920. Ray asks how that's possible, because he specifically asked Schwoz to find a non-haunted school. In a flashback to the Man Cave, Ray tells Schwoz to find a good school that could convince Henry to stay in Swellview. Schwoz can't find one that isn't haunted, so he settles for S.W.A.G. Back in the present, Ray is angry at Schwoz and wants to get rid of her. Schwoz and Tilda explain that the only way for her to finally move on to the afterlife is to complete her bucket list of things she never got to do before she died. The kids offer to help her complete it, except for Miles who is still scared of Tilda.

Miles teleports to the Macklin House, scaring Herman. Almost being caught as AWOL, Miles comes up with an excuse really fast. Herman shakes it off and shows Miles his large carrot roast. He explains you have to turn it for a long time to really get out the carrot-meat flavor. He has Miles take his spot and turn the roast.

Chapa teaches Tilda to ride a bike, Mika teachers her math, and Tilda tells Bose jokes. Later on, the group comes back from chopping wood, which was supposed to be the last item on Tilda's list. Schwoz says that Tilda can finally go to the afterlife, but Tilda still wants to stay. Ray has had enough, so he uses a machine Schwoz built to temporarily turn into a ghost. Ray tries to fight her to get her to leave, but it turns out she is skilled. Ray loses the fight since he is not indestructible in ghost form.

Tilda explains that the reason she wanted to stay was because she wanted to have fun and feel alive again. She says the last thing she wants to do before transcending to the afterlife is eat a giant meat-carrot. However, since she is a ghost, food cannot pass through her. Fortunately, Mika has a plan that could allow her to eat food. They decide to use Miles as Tilda's host, but need to somehow coerce him into drinking Tilda's spiritual essence. After some failed attempts (due to Miles not even being thirsty for one of them), Miles finally gets possessed by Tilda. Tilda (in Miles' body) eats the carrot, which she loves. After she finishes eating, Miles burps out her essence and Tilda's ghost travels to the afterlife. Herman is shocked at what he has just seen, and runs inside, for he too is afraid of ghosts. The kids decided to go get temporary tattoos.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Courtney Hawkins as Tilda


  • It is revealed that Miles and Herman fear ghosts.
  • This is the second episode where Danger Force isn't in their superhero uniforms throughout the entire episode, with the first one being Mika in the Middle.
  • It is revealed that Schwoz and Jasper are Libra, meaning they were born somewhere between September 23 - October 22.
  • The Olsen twins are referenced by Ray.

Series continuity[]

  • Jasper Dunlop from Henry Danger is briefly mentioned by Ray.
  • Flashbacks to the Henry Danger episode The Beginning of the End are shown.
  • Tilda is Schwoz's fifth girlfriend that broke up with him, the first is Ray's unnamed ex-girlfriend, the second is Gina from the Henry Danger episode Too Much Game, the third is Gerta and the fourth is Halley from Love Bytes.


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