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Sage De Silva
Sage De Silva
Full Name

Sage De Silva



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Alejandro De Silva (father)
Alejandra De Silva (mother)
Chapa De Silva (older sister)
Unnamed grandfather


Uncle Hambone (imaginary friend; deceased)
Captain Man

First Appearance

Uncle Hambone

Last Appearance

Uncle Hambone

Portrayed By

Kayla Corral

Sage De Silva is the daughter of Alejandro and Alejandra De Silva, the younger sister of Chapa De Silva and a minor character in Danger Force.

She is portrayed by Kayla Corral.

Description and Personality[]

She is a sweet girl with black hair. Sage is childish and has a great imagination when she raises her imaginary friend, Uncle Hambone until he dies, devastating Sage for her friend and understanding her pain with Captain Man. After the "ghost" of Uncle Hambone tells her to move on, Sage became optimistic and overcame Uncle Hambone's death.


In Uncle Hambone, she visits SW.A.G in tears to see Chapa, hugging her and telling her that her imaginary friend, Uncle Hambone, died when a space tiger ate him. To be helped, Sage asks Chapa to come with her to hold a funeral in honor of Uncle Hambone. When Chapa's friends asked for her help, Sage kept asking her sister to stay behind to grieve the loss of Uncle Hambone during the blackout in Swellview. Sage and her family see Captain Man arrive to ask Chapa for help on a mission and Sage continued to suffer until she heard from Captain Man that he also lost his imaginary friend, Bubbles, who died against an electric shark, moving Sage, who hugged him while they cried for their imaginary friends.

Sage and her family listened to Captain Man's words of wisdom about the love Uncle Hambone gave Sage before Chapa's friend, Mika Macklin, introduced "Beans Tambourins", who offered to sell Sage new imaginary friends to give her offered a Mini Moose, but Captain Man convinced her not to forget Uncle Hambone and expelled "Tambourins". After Mika, Miles and Bose O'Brian arrived with a gummy pizza, Sage continued paying tribute until Alejandro and Alejandra left for a burning trash can and to Sage's surprise, the "ghost" of Uncle Hambone appeared next to her, inspiring Sage to move forward and remember him forever. Inspired, Sage decided to move on with her life, offering more gummy pizza and went to look for chopsticks, now happy to overcome the death of her imaginary friend.



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