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[At the KLVY news center, Mary and Trent are breaking the news.]
Mary: -wool, cotton, and nylon are all up. But polyester is down. And that's the Sock Market Report.
Trent: Thank you, Mary. We now go to Captain Man, live from the Man's Nest, to explain exactly what happened last night at Swellview Prison.
[Captain is seen on a screen from the Man's Nest.]
Captain Man: Thanks for having me. Glad to be here. Thanks so much.
Trent: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule of letting hundreds of criminals out of jail.
Captain Man: Let's keep in mind, Trent, that if inspirational prison movies have taught us anything, it's that the vast majority of the people in that jail were innocent.
Mary: Are you saying that all the criminals you mistakenly freed were innocent? Criminals like Toddler, Dr. Minyak, Arson Boy, Frankini--
Captain Man: Well, not necessarily.
Mary: I'm not done. Mr. Nice Guy, Jeff, Lil' Mustache, Big Mustache, The Midnight Tickler, The Time Jerker, Trenchfoot--
Captain Man: Okay. Look, we can talk about who escaped all day long--
Trent: And we will: Sue Nami, The White Collar, Mr. Guilty--
Captain Man: Okay, we definitely have to catch Mr. Guilty and we will, I promise--
Mary: How? You don't have Kid Danger to help you anymore.
Captain Man: Don't you dare say his name. I have everything under control. Because I have a new team: Danger Force.
Trent: Yes, the ones who helped you free those very guilty criminals.
Captain Man: Well, as we speak, Danger Force is combing the streets of Swellview... to find those criminals.
Trent: Why aren't you out there helping them?
Captain Man: If you must know, I have a massage scheduled today...
Trent: I'm so sorry.
Mary: We didn't know.
Captain Man: I forgive you. So, after I have my massage and a nice glass of spicy milk--
Mary: Oooh! I love spicy milk.
Trent: Who doesn't? Fresh from Swellview's famous spicy cows.
Captain Man: Yeah, so I'll get out there and help Danger Force round up the criminals. If I even have to. 'Cuz any minute now I'll bet my team is gonna come walking in there and say, "Captain Man -- we got 'em."
AWOL: [comes in carrying a tray with wings] Captain Man -- we got 'em!
Captain Man: Oooh, right on time-- who'd you get?
AWOL: Not a who but a what. And that what is some wings.
Captain Man: You're supposed to be rounding up criminals.
Volt: [comes in also carrying a tray with wings] We were. No criminals at the wing store.
AWOL: Just these bad boys. Amirite?!
Volt: Hey-yo! Oh hey! Are we live?
Captain Man: Yes, yes we are.
AWOL: Whattup NEWSERS???
Captain Man: Okay, this is my interview.
Trent: It doesn't seem like you have everything under control.
[Volt begins to dance.]
Captain Man: No, no, I've got everything under control! We're taking this situation very seriously.
Mary: She's dancing.
Captain Man: She shouldn't be dancing, she's supposed to be looking for criminals-
ShoutOut: [comes in] I lost them at the wing store but I-- Are you doing an interview?
Captain Man: Yes! Live!
ShoutOut: Oopsie! [lies on the floor]
Mary: Now both of them are dancing.
Captain Man: Yeah. This is uh... this is their victory dance.
Volt: Which we'll do on our enemies' GRAVES.
Trent: Oh my!
Captain Man: [to ShoutOut] Get them outta here!
ShoutOut: I'm trying!
[The map of Swellview falls on AWOL, causing him to fall to the ground.]
Captain Man: Oh, come on! You knocked over the map!
ShoutOut: Oopsie!
Trent: Captain Man, it seems your team is embarrassing itself once again.
AWOL: You know what, Trent? Let me explain something to you about Danger Force. We don't play by your rules, old man. [eats a wing]
Trent: I don't see why you have to bring my age into this--
AWOL: Too hot! Too hot! It's burning my mouth.
Brainstorm: [comes in bringing a child] I got The Toddler!
AWOL: I need water!
Captain Man: What? You got The Toddler?!
Braintorm: Do I get a treat?
ShoutOut: [to AWOL] You need MILK!
Captain Man: That's not The Toddler. That's just a toddler.
AWOL: I need milk!
Braintorm: Do I still get a treat?
Volt: [to AWOL] Here's some milk. [gives him the carton of milk]
Captain Man: No, that's spicy milk!
AWOL: [screams] Get away from me! [runs away]
Captain Man: [to Trent and Mary] It's under control.
[Volt and Brainstorm continue to dance behind Captain Man.]
[Ellis looks at the chicken wings and Captain Man looks at him over his shoulder, embarrassed.]


[At SWAG. In the classroom, the kids are practicing fighting, Ray is watching them while eating wings.]
Ray: Keep it goin'. Put your back into it.
Miles: We've been doing this for too long.
Chapa: Yeah, how much longer do we have to practice fighting?
Ray: As long as I say!
Bose: I feel like you're mad.
Ray: I am mad! You guys embarrassed me on the news.
Chapa: Why do we even have to practice fighting? We've got superpowers!
Ray: Yeah, and you're super-trash at using 'em.
[Mika and Chapa gasp.]
Bose: If you were trying to offend us-- congratulations, sir.
Mika: You know what, Danger Force? Let's show this guy what we can do.
Ray: Oh, here it comes.
[The kids try to use their powers against Ray, but their powers do not work.]
Ray: There it is everybody, strap in. What are you guys doing? Are you trying to use your powers right now? None of this is working. Miles, are you in a Journey concert? Bose, do you have to use the potty? Because it looks like you need to make a boom-boom.
[A pencil holder falls to the floor.]
Bose: I moved those with my mind!
Chapa: No, I zapped them over!
Mika: I knocked them over with my scream!
Miles: Actually, I teleported over, knocked them down, and teleported back. Points for Miles!
Mika: Okay, okay...
Chapa: I obviously did that. You guys saw me, right?
Ray: Hey, hey. Okay! Hey! Y'know what, guys? If we ever get into a fight with an army of angry pencils... I'll probably still have to do everything myself.
[Alarm tone rings.]
School Room Voice: Stranger approaching. School mode activated.
Ray: Let's go, let's go, let's go! Come on, come on. Pick it up. Come on.
[The kids remove things from fighting practice, their desks appear from the floor and they sit on them. Ray puts on his jacket.]
[Alarm tone continues to ring.]
Ray: [opens the door and meets a guy] Hey, hi, hello, yes, hello, hi. Can I help you? These kids are just learning.
Mika: Normal.
Chapa: Yeah, we're just-- normal stuff.
Bose: Yeah.
Miles: Four kids learning.
Mika: School.
Miles: Gifted children of world.
Ray: Yep.
Guy: What are you learning?
Mika: Biology.
Chapa: None of your business.
Bose: Books.
Ray: Who are you?
Guy: Just a guy.
Ray: Well, what are you doing here?
Guy: Just strollin'. Saw this school. Thought I'd stroll in and ask some questions.
[The guy tries to enter but Ray stops him.]
Ray: Oh! Slow your stroll, guy.
[Ellis runs through the classroom carrying giant scissors.]
Guy: Is that your kid?
Ellis: Scissors!!!
Ray: [kicking the guy out of the room] Get outta here! [to Bose] What is that toddler still doing here? I thought I told you to take him back where you found him.
Bose: And I thought I told you I can't remember where I found him.
Mika: We have bigger problems than the fact that Bose kidnapped a child and gave him giant scissors: I just got a GuGu alert. [swipes on her tablet and a video appears on the screen of the board] The video of Ray's interview earlier went viral. They gave us stupid names.
Chapa: What?!
Trent: [on video] Breaking news! A disastrous interview on KLVY and this time, it wasn't Mary's fault.
Mary: That's right, Trent. Mary did good. But you know who did bad? These kids who ruined an otherwise perfect interview.
Trent: Once known as Danger Force, these kids are now being called Oopsie Girl, The Wing Wimp, Spicy Milk, and Gorgeous Hair Boy.
[The kids all groan in frustration.]
Bose: Ugh, when will people stop talking about my gorgeous hair? It's like... my eyes are down here, people.
Chapa: I do not want my superhero name to be "Spicy Milk".
Miles: I object to The "Wing Wimp" in the strongest possible terms.
Ray: Well, have you thought about what you want your names to be?
Mika: Yes. I wanna be ShoutOut, 'cuz once I shout-- you're out.
Miles: And I'm AWOL, because just like that... I'm gone.
Chapa: I'm Volt, because... [tries to show lightning bolts from her hands but fails] Okay hold on...
Ray: Right.
Bose: And I'm Gorgeous Hair Boy-- wait! No! I'm Brainstorm. Because I'm smart-- wait! No...
Mika: So... what do you think?
Ray: I think... those names are pretty swet.
Chapa: Yeah.
Mika: I know. They're swet. You know.
Guy: Well, then you're in trouble.
[Ray and the kids scream in unison.]
Guy: Because if the news says your superhero name three times, that's your superhero name for-ever.
Ray: How'd you even get in here, Guy?! Our security system's incredible.
Guy: I know. I built it.
Ray: Huh?
Chapa: You what?
[The guy takes off his mask and turns out to be Schwoz in disguise.]
Chapa: Schwoz?
Schwoz: Yes, it's me, Schwoz! I was just pretending to be Guy to make sure you all followed the security protocol.
Miles: Well, were you also just pretending that if the news says our dumb names three times, they become our real superhero names?
Schwoz: [laughs] Ohhhh, no. No, I don't joke about names. Only faces.
Ray: Schwoz is right. Back before I was known as Captain Man, I was almost known as Angry Punch Guy.
Mika: Why would you call yourself that?
Ray: I didn't! Trent Overunder did. Twice! And he was almost said it a third time.
Miles: Well, what stopped him?
Ray: He got a liiittle visit from Angry Punch Guy. [using a control plays a video on the screen of the board]
Young Trent: [on video] Dozens of protesters flooded the streets, but their free speech was thwarted by pro-war activist and Swellview's newest superhero, Angry Punch-- [gets a punch]
Young Captain Man: That's not my name, dig? [to Young Mary] Now let's disco, baby.
[Young Captain Man and Young Mary dance while disco music plays. Ray dances in the real world.]
Song: ♪ Ahhhhh! ♪ ♪ Ahhhhh! ♪ ♪ Ahhhhhhh! ♪ ♪ AAAAHHHH! ♪ ♪ If you do not know my name just call me Captain Man ♪ ♪ You never saw me coming now you'll be my biggest fan ♪
Miles: How old are you?
Ray: [stops video] Next person who asks me how old I am is going to get a little visit from Angry Punch Guy. Who is thirty-s... thirty. Thirty.
Mika: So... how did you get people to start calling you Captain Man?
Ray: I just got the most popular person in Swellview to say my name on the radio.
Mika: [laughs] The radio? How old are youuu... ...nicorns when they get their horns? Oh, I just remembered it's seven.
Chapa: Who did you get to say your name on the radio?
Ray: A DJ named Coyote Jake. [plays an audio in the screen]
Coyote Jake: [on audio] Ah-oooooooo! Yeah, baby it's Coyote Jake comin' at ya. In the studio with me right now is the hero who's fixin' to high-five Nixon, Captain Mannnnnnn!
Captain Man: That's right-- I hate commies, but I love mommies.
Coyote Jake: Ah-oooooooo!
Captain Man and Coyote Jake: Ah-ooooooooooooo!
Mika: Oh my god!
Ray: Yeah. That happened.
Mika: No, it's Ellis!
[Ellis is in one of the chairs and presses a button that takes him to the Man's Nest.]
Ray: We should probably go get him.
Chapa: Yeah.
[Mika and Chapa go to the Man's Nest in their chairs.]
Bose: [sitting on Miles] Ah-oooooooooo!
[The scene goes to the Man's Nest. There the kids arrive and see Ellis, who is running around the place holding the scissors.]
Bose: [trying to catch up to Ellis] Ellis, you shouldn't run with giant scissors! Run with these normal sized ones!
[Ray and Schowz arrive.]
Ray: We gotta get that kid back to his parents.
Chapa: After I stop Trent and Mary from ever saying those names again.
Mika: You'd better hurry-- the two thirty-eight news starts in twelve minutes.
Miles: It's two twenty-six already?!
[Chapa chews her gum and changes into her hero costume.]
Volt: Alright, I'm out.
Miles: I'll drop you off. With my super power. [grabs Chapa and uses his power]
[Miles and Volt appear between Ray and Schwoz.]
Ray: Yaaaahhh!
Miles: [to Volt] Maybe you should walk.
[Volt goes to the tube.]
Volt: Down the tube!
Mika: So while Chapa takes care of Trent and Mary, Miles and I will go find the most popular person in Swellview.
Ray: Lucky you. 'Cuz you're lookin' at him.
Schwoz: You're not the most popular person in Swellview.
Schwoz: No, look!
[On the screen of the Man's Nest, the most popular people in Swellview list appears.]
Ray: Who is Natalie Mazdah?
Miles: Ohhhh, she's the girl who was recently on the same flight as Emma Watson.
Mika: That's riiiight.
Ray: Oh, her?! Ooooh. Can't compete with that.
Schwoz: No.
Mika: Not even a little-- She's probably at that new restaurant that only serves foods that are blended.
Miles: Hip Hop Purée?
Mika: Mm-hmm. She holds court there every day starting at two forty-two.
Schwoz: But that's only fourteen minutes from now!
Miles: It's two twenty-eight already?!
Ray: Yes! Go! Go go go!
[Mika and Mile go to the tube.]
Bose: [bringing Ellis] I got him!
Miles and Mika: Down the tube!
Ray: Okay, you and Bose go find this kid's parents.
Schwoz: That won't be hard. I entered his genetic information into the Man's Nest computer and created an image of exactly what his mom looks like. [showing Ray a picture of a woman] We'll use this and go find her.
Ray: Okay. Like I said, me and Bose are going to find this kid's mom.
Schwoz: But you just said--
Ray: [disgruntled gibberish]

[At the KLVY news center, Trent and Mary are reporting.]
Mary: -and that's how Swellview's beloved Officer Jamz keeps popping, and locking, up criminals.
Trent: He sure does, Mary. Swellview loves Bennie, that dog with a hat. But Swellview also loves laughing at that terrible interview with Captain Man that was rooned by the members of Danger Force.
Mary: That's right Trent, and their names are--
Trent: Oh, look it's Spicy Milk!
Volt: [trying to throw electricity with her hands] Shut up!
Mary: Where's Oopsie Girl?!
Trent: [trying to throw electricity] Stop talking!
Volt: And The Wing Wimp and Gorgeous Hair Boy. He's my favorite!
[Volt throws electricity and it falls to Mary.]
Mary: Hey! That almost hurt.
Trent: Security!
Fran: Flyin' in! Sorry. I got caught grazing in the donut fields over in crafty. [grabs Volt by the arm]
Trent: [chuckles] Oh, I've been there.
Fran: Plus I thought this was all just part of rehearsal.
Volt: Wait. This was just a rehearsal?
Mary: Of course it was. You don't just do the two thirty-eight news without a rehearsal.
[Mary and Trent laugh.]
Fran: That's funny.
Trent: We're definitely gonna say your names again, but for realsies next time.
[Volt tries to move, but Fran stops her.]
Fran: [mumbles through donut] Uh-oh. No, no, no.
Volt: [struggling with Fran] Those aren't our names, ya dig?!
[Fran takes Volt out of the room.]

[In Hip Hop Purée, Natalie is speaking to a group of people gathered around her.]
Natalie: ...so I'm boarding the plane. As I walk down the aisle toward my seat, who do I see?
Girl: This is my favorite part.
Natalie: Emma Watson.
[Natalie's fans gasp and applaud.]
Mika: [comes in with Miles] Okay, where's Natalie Mazdah?
Miles: I'm pretty sure she's right there.
Natalie: [to her fans] Emma had an aisle seat, not a window, and I'll bet you're asking yourself why. If you ask me, I think it's because Emma Watson has already seen it all.
Mika: [approaching Natalie with Miles] Hi! Hi! Hello. Hi!
Miles: We need you to say our names.
Natalie: Why do you want me to say your names?
Miles: Because we're super--
Mika: --fans of yours. And of Emma Watson's. Excuse us.
Miles: What are you doing? We need her to say our names.
Mika: We forgot to change into our uniforms. We can't look like this and tell her our superhero names.
Miles: Okay, [to Natalie] we'll be right back!
Mika: Uhhh, no we won't! But... some other people might come back in!
Miles: And you should really say their names! On vide-- [Mika takes him by the arm]
Natalie: Okay, that was weird. Almost as weird as the time...
Girl: Oh my god...
Natalie: I found myself...
Girl: Where...?
Natalie: On the same flight...
Girl: As?
Natalie: As Emma Watson.
Girl: She said it!
[Bose enters with Ray, carrying Ellis on his back with a belt bag.]
Bose: Well, if you had brought baby food like I asked you, we wouldn't have to stop here to feed Ellis.
Ray: You know what, you have been critical since the moment we left.
Bose: Don't fight in front of our boy.
[Ellis starts crying.]
Bose: Well, I hope you're happy.

[At the KLVY news center.]
Trent: Swellview loves Bennie, that dog with a hat. But Swellview also loves laughing at that terrible interview with Captain Man that was rooned by the members of Danger Force.
Mary: That's right, Trent. And their names are Oopsie Girl, The Wing Wimp, Spicy Milk, and Gorgeous Hair Boy.
Trent: He's my favorite.
Volt: [with a donut in her mouth, watching Trent and Mary] Aww, [annoyed mumbling]
Fran: Yeah, that jelly surprise'll git'ya every dang time.

[At Hip Hop Purée, Bose and Ray are sitting with Ellis at a table.]
Ray: You didn't say that. You said you packed it. When we left the house--
Bose: I never said that.
Courtney: Hi, I got your blended cheeseburger, blended Thanksgiving Dinner, and an entire blended chocolate cake!
Ray: Thank you.
Bose: Thank you.
Courtney: Oh, and here's some spicy milk to wash it down!
Ray: Okay, thank you very much.
Courtney: No worries.
Ray: [to Ellis] You wanna lil' sip of chocolate cake?
Bose: Hey, don't let him drink his chocolate cake until he drinks all of his cheeseburger.
Ray: He's had a long day.
Bose: I've had a long day.
Ray: Oh, let's make it about you! Let's make it about you!
Bose: Oh, it's never about me!
Ray: Will you just--
[The jar spills onto Ray's shirt.]
Ray: Ahhh! Great! Here. Take him. [makes Bose carry Ellis]
Bose: You're giving him to me?
Ray: Yes.
Bose: You had him for like five minutes.
Ray: I have to go wash this off. [whispers] This is my "hot mom" shirt! [leaves]
Bose: [to Ellis] He loves you buddy. He just doesn't know how to show it.
ShoutOut: [comes in with AWOL] Okay, hurry, hurry.
AWOL: Don't tell me my pace.
Bose: Hey, what are you guys doing here?
ShoutOut: What are you doing here?
Bose: Honestly? I forget. Dad brain.
ShoutOut: You're supposed to be looking for Ellis' parents. He's missing!
Bose: He's not missing, he's right here.
ShoutOut: Errr-aaaahhhh!
AWOL: Let's go get Natalie Mazdah to say our names before someone says--
Girl: Hey, it's Wing Wimp and Oopsie Girl!
AWOL: That.
Bose: Right our super hero names! Wait for me, I'll transform and be right back.
ShoutOut: No, no, no...
AWOL: We're in a hurry...
[Volt comes in.]
Bose: [to Volt] Hey, lady!
ShoutOut: Did you get the news to stop saying our names?
Volt: Technically? No. But actually... also, no.
AWOL: So, the news has said our names twice?!
Volt: Technically? Yes.
ShoutOut: [making a call] Hi, I'm calling about your missing child? We've got him at Hip Hop Purée. No, I didn't kidnap him!
Brainstorm: [comes in with Ellis] Alright.
ShoutOut: I found him.
Brainstorm: Drink some cheese burger. Don't move. [to Volt, AWOL and ShoutOut] Let's make it quick. If this kid misses his nap, then there goes my day.
ShoutOut: Natalie Mazdah!
Natalie: Hi.
ShoutOut: We are Danger Force!
AWOL: Yeah. And my name's not Wing Wimp, it's--
The Toddler: [comes in with his two henchmen] Well, well, well...
Girl: It's The Toddler! Someone save Natalie Mazdah!
The Toddler: Who cares about Natalie Mazdah?!
Girl: But she once was on a plane with Emma Watson!
The Toddler: Okay, let's put a pin in that because I really want to hear that story later. But first! Toddie's hungry. [goes up to the restaurant counter, using his henchman as a step]
ShoutOut: Not on our watch, Toddler.
The Toddler: Who are you?
Volt: We're Danger Force.
Natalie: Yeah, that's Spicy Milk and she's Oopsie Girl...
[Danger Force all shout at once to Natalie.]
The Toddler: Okay, alright, enough! I don't care what your names are, just stay outta my way.
ShoutOut: [tries to use her mighty shout] Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-- okay lemme try again--
The Toddler: What are you doing?
ShoutOut: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Okay this usually works--waaaaaaaaaaaa! [throws a pencil holder with his scream]
Brainstorm: You did it!
AWOL: I got this. Special delivery-- [approaches The Toddler and his henchman] to jail.
The Toddler: Uh, what?
[AWOL teleports with The Toddler and his henchman. They appear behind the counter.]
The Toddler: Oh, great! We're right next to the blended cake. [pushes AWOL]
AWOL: Ahhhh!
The Toddler: C'mon, hurry up.
Volt: [trying to throw electricity] Yaaah! Yaaah!
[Volt throws a lightning bolt and it falls on Natalie's shoulder.]
Natalie: Ow!
Girl: Noooooooooo!!!
The Toddler: Fill them up. Let's get some blended cake.
[Brainstorm is moving a blender with his power. Volt throws a lightning bolt, but it falls into the cash register causing the money inside to spill out.]
The Toddler: Aww yeah! Free money!
Courtney: What are you kids doing?!
Brainstorm: Saving... the day! [the blender falls on his head]
Courtney: I don't think you are!
ShoutOut: Forget our powers, let's just get 'em!
[ShoutOut, AWOL and Volt scream. They are trying to stop The Toddler's henchmen.]
ShoutOut: Spicy... milk...
Volt: That's... not my name!
AWOL: No! Use... the spicy milk!
[Volt throws spicy milk in the face of The Toddler's henchmen.]
Henchman #1: [in pain] Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
Henchman #2: [also in pain] Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhh!
The Toddler: Hey! No fair! Those were my best goo-- [Volt throws spicy milk in his face] [cries] Moooooooommmmmmyyyyyy...! Ahhh... spicy milk. [leaves]
[Cheers from everyone in the restaurant.]
Ray: [comes out of the bathroom, shirtless] Well, I couldn't get the stain out. Thank you, thank you I know... I'm huge.
ShoutOut: We just beat our first bad guys!
Ray: Don't care, gettin' claps...
[Cheers continue. Two guys come in.]
Dustan: Ellis!
Ellis: Daddies!
Ray: Ummm, excuse me? Who are you guys?
Dustan: We're Ellis' dads.
Ray: Okaaaaaay... where are Ellis' moms?
Justin: I'm sorry?
Ray: [shows the photo of Ellis' mom] Where is this lady? I'm looking for this lady.
Justin: That's Ellis' birth mother, Samantha. We adopted him. She lives in Nova Scotia.
Ray: What a colossal waste of time... [leaves]
Brainstorm: Well, buddy... I guess this is goodbye.
Ellis: Goodbye, Brainstorm.
[Brainstorm gasps.]
Ellis: Goodbye, ShoutOut. Goodbye, AWOL. Goodbye, Volt.
Volt: Adios.
AWOL: See ya.
ShoutOut: Byeee...
Brainstorm: Love you, son.
Natalie: [recording with her phone] And that... is the best thing I've seen... since I saw... Emma Watson... on a plane.
[The scene passes to KLVY news center, where Trent and Mary are showing Natalie's video at the restaurant.]
Trent: What a sweet moment for ShoutOut, AWOL, Volt, and Brainstorm.
Mary: You can say that again.
Trent: And I will... What a sweet moment for ShoutOut, AWOL, Volt, and Brainstorm.
Mary: Let's do it together!
Trent and Mary: What a sweet moment for ShoutOut, AWOL, Volt, and Brainstorm.
[The scene passes to the Man's Nest, where the kids are watching the news sitting from the couch.]
Mika: Yay!!
Bose: Now I kinda' miss Gorgeous Hair Boy.
Mika: I miss when Ray wasn't obsessed with finding Ellis' mom.
Ray: [making a call] Yeah, hi, Samantha Aaronsen? Yeah, yeah yeah... let me ask you a question: are you hot? Hello? [calls again] Yeah, I guess we got cut off. So, Air-bear, talk to me. You like a 9? A 10?-- Hello? Hello? Signal up here is terrible.
[Ray calls again, the kids just watch him from the couch.]