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Glass Store Robber


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Captain Man
Henry Hart

First Appearance

Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems

Last Appearance

Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems

Portrayed By

Hawk Walts

Shaft was a robber who appeared in Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems.

He is portrayed by Hawk Walts.


Shaft is an adult who has Strawberry-blond hair and brown eyes. He wears dark green and olive clothing with shades of black, black fingerless gloves, and wears a purple motorcycle helmet. He also wears an ear piercing on his left ear. Shaft is bald, but has a strawberry-blond beard. His personality is aggressive, and he carries a pipe for a weapon, as demonstrated when he destroys a shelf of glass bottles.


In Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems, Shaft was robbing the Glass From The Past store in Swellview and told the cashier to put a glass bottle in his motorcycle helmet. Before he can take it, Captain Man and Kid Danger show up. Shaft confronts Captain Man and whacks him two times with his metal pipe. Attempting to hit him again, Captain Man grabs his arm and forces Shaft to hit himself before flipping over a table with glass bottles.

He then gets back up and quickly deals with Kid Danger by putting his helmet backwards on his head. He then lunges for Captain Man, who decides to "Swordfight" Shaft with a golf club. Together, they destroy glass bottles in the process before Captain Man delivers a few beatings, then finally knocking out Shaft as he collapses with a shelf of bottles.


  • In a Thanksgiving picture promoting the show, Shaft was mistakenly holding a golfclub as his weapon instead of a pipe. Captain Man actually used the golf club when he was fighting Shaft.
  • He may be named after the character John Shaft, the protagonist of the Shaft series.
  • A thug who looks like Shaft appears in the episode The Rock Box Dump. There is no proof it is him, however, and he may simply be another character.