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Sissy Kranz
Sissy Kranz
Full Name

Sissy Kranz



Resides in




Eye Color


Hair Color



Miles Macklin (boyfriend)


Mika Macklin (best friend)
Bose O'Brian
Chapa De Silva
Buddy Fudgers
Blayne Kirkpatrick


Mika Macklin (former rival)


Swellview High School

First Appearance

Miles Sells His Soul

Last Appearance

Bose's Birthday Party

Portrayed By

Teshi Thomas

Sissy Kranz is a minor character in Danger Force. She is a student at Swellview High School and Miles Macklin's girlfriend.

She is portrayed by Teshi Thomas.

Description and Personality[]

She has black hair. Initially, Sissy had a huge rivalry with Mika, being able to humiliate her in a riff-off and brag about her victory, humiliating her in front of several students, but during Mika's rematch, Sissy is defeated and humiliated.

After her humiliation, Sissy attended therapy and was able to turn a leaf, wanting to make peace with the people she hurt, falling in love with Mika's brother, Miles. Sissy is shown to have changed when she helps clean Buddy's house and forms a genuine friendship with Mika after making amends.


In Miles Sells His Soul, she competes against her rival, Mika Macklin, in a riff-off at Swellview High School, where all the students watch the musical match, in which, Sissy gave a great chant, unlike Mika, who lost to Sissy. and left humiliated, while Sissy enjoyed her triumph with the golden microphone. The next day, Sissy is challenged to a rematch by Mika, but to her surprise, Mika managed to beat Sissy with a big scream and humiliating her, causing her to run away in shame. Because she lost, Sissy had to take Mika's books for a week and sing as a backup singer with her.

In Bose's Birthday Party, she began attending therapy after her humiliation and was able to turn a lead. After demonstrating her change, Sissy began a relationship with Mika's brother, Miles, and was invited to Miles' friend Bose's birthday party at Buddy Fudgers' house. During the party, Sissy felt uncomfortable because Mika was making fun of her for not believing that she had changed and Sissy was looking for Miles throughout the party due to his supposed disappearance. When she found out that Buddy's mother, Credenza, would be coming to the house in 27 minutes, Sissy set out to clean the house, making a plan to do it in time with the help of her friends and Mika still didn't trust her arch-enemy.

However, Sissy and Mika suggested the same plan of splitting up to clean the house faster, surprising the duo with their same plans, causing Mika to forgive Sissy, making them both best friends. Sissy and her friends managed to clean the house in time, although Credenza discovered the sunflower seeds on a shelf, scolding Buddy for the party and believing the bad influence of her friends, but after seeing Schwoz's device, she apologized to her son. With the lights from the device, Sissy and her friends started dancing while she danced happily with Miles.



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