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“Street Fightin'”
Season 2, Episode 19
Street Fightin'
Air Date

May 19, 2022

Prod. Code



Angela Yarbrough


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

Minyak Attack


Chapa's Phone Home

Street Fightin' is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on May 19, 2022 to an audience of 0.24 million viewers.


Bose and Chapa are eating lunch at the Hip Hop Purée. Bose is sampling different puréed foods and drinks at the counter in the restaurant, while Chapa is trying to rush him along because of a long line of impatient customers gathering behind them. All of a sudden, someone throws a pair of teeth dentures at the back of Bose's head, prompting Chapa to pick it up and ask who threw it. An elderly woman steps forward claiming the dentures are hers and that a group of kids who were bullying and antagonizing her are the ones who took and threw the dentures at him. When they turn around to see them, four delinquent-looking kids wearing gray and black striped jackets are standing in the doorway of the restaurant with their arms folded, scowling at them. The one in the front, a shorter, dark-ginger-haired boy, threatens Bose to hurry up and order something or else. Chapa angrily and sternly defends Bose against the kid, and then the kid takes a threatening step towards her challenging her to a fight. Chapa agrees to fight him and threatens to light him up, meaning she's about to zap him with her electricity bolts.

Before she can do so, however, Bose pulls Chapa aside and reminds her that they are not allowed to use their superpowers unless they are in uniform and fighting crime. While they're still talking, the delinquent group of kids then throw a wooden walking cane at her that they took from an elderly man beside them. Chapa then angrily puts her left hand behind her back and charges up the electricity in her hand ready to shoot it at him, before Bose calms her down and tells her to stop. The boy then takes a jar of puréed trout-potpie and pours it on Bose's head as he taunts him and makes fun of him. Bose, instead of getting angry, tastes the puree by swiping some of it off his forehead and hair with his finger and licking it, and then says he wants to try a sample of it.

Back at the Swellview Academy for the Gifted (SWAG) underneath the Man's Nest, Ray is in the SWAG school classroom with the Macklin twins waiting for Chapa and Bose to get back. The twins are arguing about whether or not you can charm a snake with a flute. Ray then says Chapa and Bose are three minutes late and that they shouldn't have been allowed to leave for their lunch break, to which Miles tells him its only three minutes and that he should chill out since it's not a huge amount of time. The SWAG school alert system then notifies them that Chapa and Bose are back and are on their way inside to which Ray tells the twins to pretend to laugh at a joke so they can make Bose and Chapa feel like they missed out on something really funny.

Ray and Mika laugh as Chapa and Bose come inside, but Chapa and Bose explain to them that the reason they were late was because some boy and his friends were picking on Bose and bullying them. Ray then angrily and compassionately asks who would do such a thing, prompting Chapa to describe him as a ginger haired boy who she says she thinks is the same boy the Danger Force once fought who tried to break his grandpa out of jail when his grandpa owed him money. Ray then identifies the boy as Crank and says Chapa should've used her electricity powers to fight him. Bose then says he stopped her from trying to do so because they're not allowed to use their powers when they're undercover as their regular selves.

Ray then says he'd rather go to the Hip Hop Purée and fight Crank himself, since he's naturally indestructible and doesn't need to be in his superhero uniform to fight someone. The Danger Force team remind him that just because Crank was bullying Bose, does not mean that they can just go find him and beat him up if he didn't actually commit a real crime. Miles then says they should take a pacifist approach and not engage Crank with retaliation or violence but put their energy into comforting Bose. Ray then comforts Bose and gives him a hug, but says he still wants to go fight Crank at the Hip Hop Puree. Miles then asks Mika to back him up, but to his surprise, Mika says she actually wants to go and fight and beat up Crank too, along with Ray and Chapa. Miles finally surrenders to their wishes and goes with them to the Hip Hop Puree.

At the restaurant, the delinquent kids and Crank are still bullying and terrorizing the same elderly woman from before and are playing catch with her dentures, tossing it back and forth. Suddenly Ray and the Danger Force kids arrive at the restaurant and interrupt them. Ray catches the pair of dentures in his hand and accidentally crushes them and destroys them. He then apologizes to the elderly woman and says he'll get her a new one. Ray confronts Crank, prompting Crank to grab Ray's wrist and twist it, hurting Ray and causing Ray to almost fall to the floor. Crank's mom, a woman named Debbie, who is also wearing the same black and gray striped jacket that the delinquent kids and her son Crank are wearing, then comes inside the Hip Hop Purée, and reveals herself to be an old elementary school classmate and bully of Ray's. Debbie then explains that she used to bully Ray by calling him "Tickle Wazz" because she would tickle him and see if it would make him "wazz his pants". When they discover that Debbie and her son Crank run a school that teaches kids and teens the martial art of street fighting and that they call themselves the "Chain Gang", Ray and Bose retort back at her by saying Ray runs a school too, and that his S.W.A.G. school kids can fight just as good as her kids.

She then challenges Ray and the Danger Force team to a local street fighting tournament that is being held at the basement of the First Church of Swellview and supervised by the Swellview Police Department, the sister and pastor of the church, and by the parents of the participants. She then explains that she wants the terms of if they lose to be that they can never come back to the Hip Hop Purée ever again. Ray reluctantly agrees and then says they'll do it. They then back out of the Hip Hop Purée through the door in a "tough way without breaking eye contact," in order to try and show off their "toughness." However, Mika then accidentally backs up into someone sitting at a table near the door and frantically apologizes.

Back at the Man's Nest, the Danger Force kids stand on a large blue gym mat with fighting, and other athletic equipment lying around the Man's Nest. They also see a sign taped to a large traffic cone that tells them not to clean it up and that Ray and Schwoz put it there. Ray then comes in and says they don't even know the first thing about street fighting because they're so used to fighting with their superpowers, so therefore he wants to give them extensive training on purely martial arts street fighting without superpowers involved. He then says the first thing they need is a new look with new outfits and uniforms. Ray then introduces Schwoz as their street fighting teacher, to which they ask Schwoz if he still competes in street fighting. Schwoz emphatically says no and says he never had and never will compete again since the "Incident". Mika asks him and Ray what the incident was but they never tell them.

Ray says he'll get the street fighting costumes ready while Schwoz teaches them his street fighting techniques. They then go through a musical montage of them training with Schwoz while a cool street fighting montage song plays. When the montage is done, the Danger Force kids are on the floor groaning, exhausted and they complain that they don't even feel like training anymore. Ray then says to Schwoz seeing them like that is almost as bad as the "Incident." Mika then asks again what the Incident was, but again they never tell them.

A few days later, crowds and participating fighters are gathered in a gymnasium in the basement of the First Church of Swellview, bantering among themselves waiting for the tournament to start. A young nun, dressed in a black and white headdress and white blouse with a gray vest, and black skirt, then comes out to the middle of the gym mat in the middle of the ring, and announces that the tournament is about to begin. The pastor and priest of the church wears a black clergy shirt with a clergy collar and a scarf around his neck with black and white referee colors, and stands nearby as she introduces each of the contenders of the tournament. The Danger Force team are wearing black, blue, and green retro 1970s-disco-looking shiny costumes with fringes on the sleeves and pants, as she introduces them as the Disco Dragons. The nun then recognizes Schwoz as an old acquaintance and friend, and then says she hasn't seen him since "The Incident". For a third time, Mika asks what is the incident, to which they, for a third time, do not answer the question.

The nun then says there's a Bible study class she has to get to in one hour, so she then allows the tournament to officially begin. The priest of the church then explains the rules of the tournament to each of the fighting groups and explains that if anyone lands on their back on the floor, they lose. Ray then encourages them before they begin, but Debbie comes up behind him and tickles him to taunt him and tease him. The first fight begins with the Disco Dragons (Danger Force) fighting the Shirtless Cowboys. Bose easily takes their lassos from them and uses their lassos against them to knock them out on the floor, quickly and impressively. The Disco Dragons win, and then the next fight moves to the Chain Gang fighting the Bling Kings. The Chain Gang easily beats them and wins. The next fight, the Disco Dragons are fighting a group called the Left Behinds. Chapa then steps up and easily beats them up single-handedly, winning the match, but she accidentally beats up and slams the priest onto the floor when he comes up behind her to announce they won the fight.

The next fight ensues with the Chain Gang fighting the Grade Skippers. The Chain Gang uses their chains to pull them down to the floor with their feet, beating them. After they win, the finals are about to begin. The final fight is between the Disco Dragons (Danger Force) and the Chain Gang. The priest then explains the terms of the final fight, re-emphasizing that the losers can never show their face in the Hip Hop Puree ever again, and that all fighters on whatever team must have their backs touch the floor for them to lose.

The Chain Gang almost easily take out Mika but Bose gets on the floor underneath her to keep her back from touching the floor. After Mika gets back up to fight, Miles tries to pick up a big rock he sees near the ring and tries to use it to throw it at the Chain Gang, but when it dawns on him that it's too heavy, he falls to the floor with the rock on top of his chest. Miles then loses because his back touched the floor and is told to leave the ring. Chapa, Mika, and Bose remain in the fight, holding their own, until Chapa finally has a burst of rage and beats up some of the members of the Chain Gang to get them out of their way. Mika and Bose step out of the way, as they see Chapa furiously charging up her electrical powers in her hand. Ray tries to call for a timeout to see if he can calm her down and dissuade her from using her superpowers and blowing their cover, but the priest of the church prohibits it.

Schwoz then comes over to Ray and interrupts him and the Danger Force kids to tell them that they have an emergency call they need to respond to. Ray initially thinks the emergency call is fake, but Schwoz explains the call is actually real and that they need to forfeit the match and go respond to it. Ray then stops Chapa and tells her about the emergency call, but she won't listen as she's infuriated and determined to win. Ray then grabs Chapa and lifts her up over his shoulder and tries to leave with Schwoz and the Danger Force kids. Debbie then adds insult to injury and teases and taunts Ray. Ray finally has had his last straw with her teasing, and in a furious rage slams Chapa to the floor and tries to rush across the mat to fight Debbie, until the Danger Force and Schwoz stop him and hold him back. They finally leave the gymnasium as the Chain Gang laughs at them and teases them on their way out the door.

The next day, the Chain Gang are inside the Hip Hop Puree, talking about the tournament with Crank exaggerating the story of how he won in order to boast and brag to his friends of his win against Chapa. Chapa and Ray are outside the Hip Hop Puree looking inside at them, complaining about the emergency call that made them forfeit the match. Chapa then says she wishes she could go inside of there and beat him up to get revenge on him for being mean to Bose. Ray reminds her being mean isn't a crime and that they can't use their powers unless they're fighting crime. Chapa then gets up and looks through the window at them. Chapa and Ray then notice the Chain Gang are eating multiple mints out of the bowl on the counter inside the Hip Hop Puree, and notice the sign next to the bowl says "only one mint per customer." She and Ray then say that is technically a crime and use that an excuse to go in there and fight Crank and the Chain Gang. Chapa then transforms into her Volt superhero uniform and goes inside and zaps and electrocutes the Chain Gang and Crank as Ray stands outside looking at the commotion. Ray then realizes she's going a little too far with the excessive force and then pops one of his Captain Man bubblegum balls to go inside to stop her.


Main Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Riley Webb as Crank
  • Christine Renaud as Debbie
  • Melanie Haynes as Leslie
  • Melissa Greenspan as Sister Ally McCall
  • Hayden Hishaw as Jodi
  • Dakota Bailey as Shawndee


  • The episode title is a play on the popular video game franchise Street Fighter.
  • Ray, Bose, and the Macklin twins don't wear their hero uniforms in this episode.
    • Chapa is the only one who wears her hero uniform, but only at the very end of the episode.
    • This is the sixth time where Ray is not seen as Captain Man for the entirety of the episode.

Series continuity[]


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