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Season 3, Episode 6
Air Date

May 25, 2023

Prod. Code



Sam Becker


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

Miles Sells His Soul


Hey, Where's Schwoz?

SwellMelonFest is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on May 25, 2023 to an audience of 0.19 viewers.


At Swellview High School, Bose talks to a girl, Kennedy, while through a microphone, Mika, Miles and Chapa help him from the dumpster so that Bose invites Kennedy to the SwellMelonFest. His friends are disgusted by a gas from Miles and they realize that Buddy is also there, who is upset because Credenza is asking him out on a date with a cringe girl. Bose repeats everything his friends said in front of Kennedy. Using a '70s montage, the boys introduce their dates to Buddy: Stacey Leonard is with Miles, Jordan Perez-Worthington is with Mika, and Scar is with Chapa. Kennedy agrees to be Bose's date and Mika, Miles, and Chapa congratulate Bose on dating, stating that nothing would stop them, however, Ray tells them that they will have to work as security guards at SwellMelonFest, angering Chapa, who destroys Ray's large cup which reads "You Heard Me", and the boys claim Ray because they had hot dates for the festival. Miles and Chapa remind Ray that the festival only happens every 20 years when Mars aligns with Uranus. Mika opens a melon, which gives birth to butterflies. Recognizing that there would be threats at the festival, Ray comments on the dangers that would happen, even though the boys want to go to their dates and kiss them. Schwoz brings Ray diamonds from the Man's Nest mining to make a diamond necklace for Credenza. Ray doesn't think any of them are nice, much to the dismay of Danger Force, and throws the bucket away. Ray explains how acts of love are material objects, looking for a perfect diamond for her. Miles teleports to the bucket just before it lands on the ground, saving it from being damaged, and brings it back to the Man's Nest, only for Ray to throw the bucket back out the window. During SwellMelonFest, the Danger Force patrols the area while expressing their anger that their dates are with others, communicating with each other in frustration, unaware that Number 18 of The Cell infiltrated, reporting the situation to Number 1.

DJ Melonhead celebrates with the guests while Number 18 watches the Danger Force in a sinister way before disappearing. The Danger Force dates have fun together as they look on jealously and Buddy talks to the Danger Force, who ask for his help to take his place, though Buddy apologizes because his mom set him up with the cringe girl, who turned out to be a beautiful girl, though Buddy didn't see her like that. ShoutOut tries to leave, but Captain Man stops them before receiving a call from Schwoz, asking if he got the diamond, but Schwoz denies it, telling him that he found a mysterious cave drawing, information Ray is not interested in. Captain Man continues to deny them that they should keep watching as they leave and the boys make a plan to switch places with Ray and thus kiss their dates, deciding to stop several people who break the rules of the SwellMelonFest, which they manage to do, locking up several people in a room. Alone with Credenza, Ray is called by Volt, who informs him that the SwellMelonFest is safe from danger, demanding that they should be with their dates and despite making excuses of hero duty, Ray is discovered by the Danger Force when he is out with Credenza, being reprimanded for dating her. Brainstorm asks Credenza what she thinks Ray's job is, and she thinks Ray is a fighter pilot brain surgeon who also runs a school where injured pets learn to surf. The Danger Force scolds Ray for cheating on them, despite Ray claiming to be in love. After AWOL frees the innocent, Ray and Credenza are put in the SwellMelonFest jail as punishment since they couldn't wear festival shirts. They use their time being locked up to flirt with each other. Meanwhile, the Danger Force decides to go with their dates. Outside the Man's Nest, Number 19 activates the nest's alarm.

In the jail, Ray and Credenza argue about being in prison while demanding to be released. The Danger Force receives an alarm from the Nest, so they order AWOL to find out what's going on, which he accepts in frustration, though upon teleporting away, Number 1 follows him and injects him with a knockout serum, allowing Number 19 to pass. AWOL warns Danger Force of the intruders, while Danger Force encounter three members of The Cell, who take down ShoutOut as the civilians flee. Brainstorm uses several melons to attack Number 17, managing to knock him down. AWOL manages to recover, hearing a scream coming from Schwoz, who defends himself from Number 19. AWOL manages to rescue Schwoz, but for showing off his flexibility, he is put to sleep by Number 1, who suffers from Schwoz's horn. Credenza became concerned for Buddy and Ray, presumed that with his presumed abilities, he would break her out of her cell and use his phone to watch Paddington 2 with her, stating that if they have children, they would have a son named Paddington Manchester. Volt fires lightning at Number 18 and melees him, defeating him against the table. The trio regroup to face The Cell as they search for a way to defeat him. Numbers 19 and 1 tie up Schwoz and take the painting from the mysterious cave, which confirms a prophecy and states that "he" is coming. Volt uses a hammer to knock down the members of The Cell until they disappear when the SwellMelon Fest melon explodes, leaving their uniforms, confusing the Danger Force. AWOL returns to them, saying they didn't know anything. Their dates reunite with them, noting that their fight was great. Using the melons as mistletoe, the Danger Force share a romantic kiss with their respective dates. Shocked for the kisses, the Danger Force celebrate without caring about The Cell and jump into the sky. However, Schwoz and the painting are taken inside a van while a member of The Cell watches him.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Cheryl Texiera as Credenza Fudgers
  • Jasmin Tatyana Brown as Stacey
  • Josephine Valentina Clark as Simone
  • Shanae Cole as Sheila
  • Rhyan Hill as Jordan
  • Dane Jamieson Price as Scar
  • Ashley Puzemis as Kennedy
  • Anthony Manough as DJ Melonhead
  • Robert Dill / Todd Haberkorn as Cell Member (V.O.)
    • Erik Aude as Number 17
    • Joe Foley as Number 1 / Number 18
    • C.C. Taylor as Number 19
    • Lamar Washington as Number 16


  • This episode ends on a cliffhanger
  • This is the last episode to premiere on a Thursday.
  • A long hiatus occurred after this episode.
  • The DJ Melonhead is a parody of the famous DJ Marshmello.
  • When Volt picked up the hammer, it was a reference to the same position Hulk does in the Marvel universe.
  • It is revealed that there is a diamond mine and a yogurt river in the Man’s Nest.
  • Ray breaks the fourth wall by saying that his "You heard me" mug would be an "absolutely stunning visual gag."
  • Chapa’s date has the exact same name as “The Lion King” main antagonist, Scar.

Series continuity[]


  • When AWOL jumped into the air with his fist in the air, he should’ve teleported.
  • In Chapa's Crush, Miles revealed he has a fear of butterflies, but in this episode, he did not get scared when said butterflies came out of the melon that Mika cracked open.
  • In one shot, when Ray threw the bucket of diamonds out the window a second time, Chapa is shown standing between Bose and Mika, but in the shot after Ray skips happily out of the Man's Nest doors, Chapa is shown on the far right, standing next to Miles.


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