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Swellview Academy for the Gifted


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The Fate of Danger: Part 2

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New School Who Dis?

The Swellview Academy for the Gifted (also known as SW.A.G) is the school that Captain Man bought to train his four new sidekicks, to become superheroes.

Swellview Academy for the Gifted

SW.A.G Logo


Schwoz built the school one year before the first episode. After all 10 of the Man Caves and Junk N' Stuff were destroyed during the final battle with Drex, they moved here to train the four kids of their new superpowers. SW.A.G's chairs have portable tubes that take the Danger Force to the Man's Nest.


In his first attempt to get Henry to stay in Swellview, Ray asked Schwoz to buy a school to educate him, however, Schwoz bought a haunted school, without telling Ray. Accepting Henry's departure, Ray and Schwoz took over the school, naming it Swellview Academy for the Gifted (SW.A.G), to teach Mika, Miles, Chapa and Bose to be superheroes, teaching them to control their powers.

While studying at SW.A.G, the Danger Force dealt with several problems such as becoming an official school, getting rid of other students like Percy, Miriam and Mitch Bilsky, doing a play and a photo with the parents of the four kids, and help ascend SW.A.G's ghost, Tilda, to the afterlife. Due to an infestation of wood-eating termites, SW.A.G was forced to close by order of Sharona Shapen, which caused the Danger Force to begin studying at Swellview High School, where they began to get used to and have a real school.

Known Rooms

  • Man's Nest - The Man's Nest is the main room above the academy.
  • Classroom - The room where Ray and Schwoz teach the four sidekicks about being a superhero. It is equipped with four desks for the kids and an electronic board for presentations.
  • Storage Closet - Seen in the Pilot when Bose opens its door.
  • Front Porch - Seen in the Pilot, with a lot of plants and the SW.A.G logo on the wall.


  • Tube - Tube that can take Captain Man and Schwoz upstairs to the Man's Nest.
  • Sidekick Chair Tubes - Four chairs that can take the four sidekicks from their classroom to the Man's Nest by tube.
  • School Mode - When a stranger is nearby or outside, the school mode activates and makes the academy look real.
Say My Name (88)

Alarm system seen in Say My Name

  • Emergency Protocol - An alarm system built to announce when anyone is coming near the school.
  • Advanced Security System - A security system built by Schwoz to protect the Man's Nest and SW.A.G in case Danger Force and Captain Man have to go somewhere. Its also known that the security system can talk and understand human speech.
  • Lasers - When the security system is activated, lasers are activated to prevent villains from breaking into S.W.A.G.
  • Smart Board - An electronic board that shows all of the missions and agenda for the Danger Force.
  • Weapon Shelf - Shelfs full of highly dangerous blasters and weapons.
  • Chute - A way to dispose of any training gear in case a stranger is nearby or outside.
  • Computer Desk - A desk with a screen on it and buttons. This desk is portable and can be used to control the Smart Board as seen in the episode Say My Name.



  • Ray bought this school solely to teach the four kids how to be superheroes.
  • The school does not return in Season 3 though it appears in a flashback in The Battle for Swellview.
  • The set for the school would later be used for Credenza's house in Season 3.


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